Wednesday, August 1, 2007

Just a wild thought on Televisions!

Well, not sure if you would call it a thought, ponder, or it is:

Have you ever wondered what people with some newer homes (past five years or so) what people are going to do with that HOLE in the wall for "old fashioned" giant backed TVs are going to do with that space? I naturally ask and ponder because I am looking and we have a nice HD TV but it is NOT a Plasma and lets get real...that is what we are going to ALL have (according to the major stores' shelves in the electronics section) in the next few years! I know we would have one now if we could afford it!!! It's getting closer though, prices dropping dramatically on these televisions! So what are we going to do with that hole in the wall when we get a nice FLAT TV? It should not be wasted!!! Any ideas out there?

"Something to think about!"


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