Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Tuesday Toot: Back into Blogging Regularly!

It has been sometime since I last participated in a Mommy Community "Tuesday Toot!"

My Tuesday Toot:

I believe I have taken a VERY long break from regular blogging. I hadn't stopped completely, but it felt like I did. I finally feel back into the "swing of things" with blogging. It feels good to have had a break and to be "back on board" with blogging as well. I have a renewed interest in my blogging and feel energized as a result of the "break."

What is your Tuesday Toot? Join in!

Monday, September 29, 2008

Got a Baby/Babies on your Christmas Shopping List? Try FREE shipping...

The Baby Outlet is offering FREE Shipping on purchase totaling over $99! Easy when you are putting together a great basket of needs for that Baby on your list! I will be checking this out for my Sister's 5 month old baby (My Niece!) :-) Babies are always in need of MORE diapers, wipes, formula, jarred foods, rattles, teething toys, socks and the list goes on...why not make a care basket with these things and even better: Save on Gas and get it all at once and save on Shipping! Awesome! I love that idea: No gas to go get the items and no shipping either! :-)


Have a wonderful Monday and week to come!

Thursday, September 25, 2008

Testing Shareapic!

Does anyone else out there use Shareapic?

Here is my first gallery with Shareapic:

Join me in giving this a go:

It is cool because you can benefit from your own BidVertiser ads as well! That is kinda cool! They make it easy to set up. I am in test mode to see how it all works...again, join me by visiting the above link.

I am all in for making even minimal money for something I love to do.

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Spoil your guy! Skincare for Men! Great gift idea!

In the spirit of getting an early start on the Christmas Shopping, I ran across ZIRH...apparently, this is a well-known brand of skincare products for men. Men like to spoil themselves like we do. I feel like they just don't always ask for such but as a gift...who says "no thanks!" Okay, don't answer that...some men might say they don't want to try a new product, but I know my husband would try new products and I am considering one of ZIRH's gift packs as a stocking stuffer or add-on gift. He won't say what he wants for Christmas this year...so why no go with something nice and practical.

ZIRH Leader of Men's Shaving and Skin care products

ZIRH Leader of Men's Shaving and Skin care products

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Thank you for the Award!

Visit It's OK to be WEIRD!

This is a great Christian/Family-Friendly site. She is my buddy on Posh Mama and is a big part of our EntreCard PMs group on Posh Mama. I appreciate that she has given me this wonderful award! Thank you! She also designed our logo for EntreCard PMs!

Thank you again! I love your blog also! :-)

Monday, September 22, 2008

Be Greener "Green Tip" when Disposing of CFL Bulbs!

You may or may not have heard by now that CFL (Compact Fluorescent) Bulbs contain a small amount of mercury in them, which you know that is dangerous if broken or disposed of improperly. I wanted to tell you where you can easily, conveniently dispose of your used CFL bulbs (Thanks to NPR...National Public Radio): Home Depot (nationwide) has a CFL disposal. I, personally was relieved to hear that as I knew the bulbs had to be disposed of as BioHazard material but had no idea where to take them...so we just saved them in a bag until accidentally I caught that information on NPR. Thanks NPR for sharing and Thank you Home Depot for being environmentally responsible in two ways: Selling the Bulbs AND taking the extra step to make sure everyone can dispose of those same bulbs. Psst...also you do not have to have bought the bulbs there...ANY CFLs, they will gladly dispose of for you. Now, if you are uncertain of my information...it never hurts to Ask your local Home Depot if they take them, but according to NPR it is nationwide Home Depot stores.

Have a wonderful Fall Weather Monday! Get out and enjoy the day (before or after work for many of us)! :-)

Saturday, September 20, 2008

A couple of good Thrifty and GREEN sites to take in...

I thought I would share a couple of sites that I think are pretty cool with keeping "Green" and "Savings" in mind:

The first is from Nickalodeon...good for these guys for teaching kids early about being "green" and not wasting. On this link you will have to turn on your computer sound. They give a "Green Tip of the Day" and it is audio. They tell it in a way that is educational...some facts...adults may not even know. Good stuff: Nick: Big Green Help

The second is for all of us adults and yes I have blogged this one before...but I just love this site and can just read it for hours and hours (if I had hours and hours)... WalletPop You will find an interesting topic on nearly anything financial you are looking for. You will find topics on finances that never crossed your mind and make you take notice. So give this site a glance or two or favorite it for yourself and others: WalletPop (I have this linked to their "Reduce, Reuse, Recycle" page...they have other topics on Bargains, Taxes, and so so so much more!)

Have a Beautiful Weekend! I intend to get out and grab a Christmas gift or two and soak in the Fall-like weather! I LOVE it! It is totally a Front Porch Swing kinda day! :-)

Thursday, September 18, 2008

I love Shutterfly! Very cool SCHOOL Photobooks!

Now that school has started back...why not make the most of those first day to school memories? Especially those of you with Kindergarteners and Pre-schoolers off for the first time! Did you grab a photo of the kids getting on the bus, walking into their classrooms, meeting their new teachers? Smiling with Friends? Didn't? Well, you can go have lunch with your kids today and take some of those photos and make a book at Shutterfly! They are running great deals right now, and here they are:


Tuesday, September 16, 2008

ArtsCow Free 400 + 800 Prints throughout the Year Now!

It is Unbelievable! ArtsCow is offering old and new members an additional 800 prints (half 4X6's and half 5X7's) to last through the year. It is their Anniversary and they are sharing it with their current and new members with the additional 800 prints. New sign-ups will still get the 400 AND the 800!!!! You get to redeem 50 4X6's and 50 5X7's each month! Not a bad deal, I must say! I have redeemed a free book from these guys and 100 pictures already. Great quality...can't complain about free! (You do pay shipping but seriously..excellent deal...stock up and make a scrapbook for someone for Christmas!) If you are a current member, then log in to your account and read the first page, it will give you the code for the free 800 prints and how to add them to your account. It is EASY. New folks...when you sign up, I am certain the site will explain. You have an "Overview" page that explains any current deals and what to do to redeem. Just read it and follow directions and it is easy!

Go get those prints now everyone! Go! :-) Have a great day! Have I ever mentioned how much I LOVE Pictures? I do!

100 Days Til Christmas today!!!! Wow!

How exciting? Christmas is 100 days away! I plan to "plan" out these days and try to get a gift each week, so by Christmas...I can just enjoy the decorations, music, family, well Everything but the shopping! Well actually, let me Clarify...I will still enjoy the "shopping" but it won't be the stressful kind...it will be the "add-on" gift and "stocking stuffer" kind of shopping that is enjoyable.

I am just so excited about Christmas this year. My son is 3 years old and can say so much and really enjoy everything and talk about it. Last year he enjoyed everything but I had to stay right with him for fear of pulling down the tree and things like that. He ended up not doing any of the things I stressed over but at least this year...I am really not concerned and I feel he will really really enjoy himself and know more of what is going on.

I also love Christmas time, as I finally make use of our Dining Room and turn it into the "Christmas Room!" This is where we collapse the table (It folds down narrow and looks like a console when done) and push against the wall and cover with a nice table cloth. We set the tree up in the middle and scatter the dining chairs about and in each one put a stocking or stuffed Christmas animal, etc... On the table I get to display all my Christmas knick knacks and it looks good that way. I really have fun decorating that room and it feels like Christmas is the only time it is used. We like to go in there and sit with the tree and decor. My son loved it also. He would just stare at the tree. So cute. We also had (last year) scented pine cones from Lowe's Foods. Awww..smells so Christmasy (sp?). :-) If that is a word, then you know what I am talking about. Last year was the first time we set the dining room up that way as we just finished our second year in this house. We love it.

Sorry to reminisce on everyone...but I am excited! I will hope to post Christmas shopping ideas and deals, etc... through the season.

Happy 100 Days Til Christmas!

Christmas countdown banner

Monday, September 15, 2008

Do you have your Costume yet?

I just love surfing for costume ideas...especially for the littliest ones!

I thought this one was really cute...a Sock Monkey! How Cute! :-)

They have many to choose from at this costume site:

Saturday, September 13, 2008

Free Shipping and Clinique Happy! Fresh Scent!

I used to buy Clinique Happy and had switched for a while to another fragrance. I am ready to change back and at a good time...the Clinique site is running a deal as usual! Yay!

Clinique Online (ELC)

Be sure to check out all of Clinique's deals! I love their products! My favs are: Clinique Happy, Lipsticks, Moisture Surge and Advanced Concealor!!!! Love these products! Stock up and take advantage of the free shipping and mini Clinique Happy Fragrance.

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Cool Gift Idea for a little girl!

If I had a little girl, I believe I would have to splurge and create one of these dolls for her! They are the neatest thing and you can (of course) buy accessories and fashions for the dolls as well. It would be a great keepsake for a little girl to pass down some day.

Mytwinn.com (eToys Direct, Inc.)

This company does host the 90 day "Bill Me" feature.

Very neat doll for the upcoming Holiday Season!

Happy Tuesday! (Already Tuesday? Wow!)

Monday, September 8, 2008

Spending Our Rebates Wisely!

This past Saturday we received our two $50 Visa Rebate Cards. We received them from AllTel for our two cell phones we recently upgraded when we returned from Romania. We decided to get rid of our other embarrassing phones to something nicer and were able to get a $50 rebate on each phone. Awesome!

I am not such a fan of Rebate CARDS necessarily but I thought up exactly what I would do with them to make sure I get Every CENT of both cards. I am going to use both of them to pay on a Credit Card bill we have. I know, I am so against Credit Cards, and it is true. If I forgot to mention though, this credit card is with Lowe's Home Improvement and is 12 months no interest/no payment/ etc...as long as it is paid off by the 12th month. That is exactly what we have budgeted to do, so no worries. :-) Also, having the addition of $100 in rebate cards to apply to this card is very cool, as I will not skip my own montly scheduled payment to this card, this will just be additional to help pay it off faster. Very exciting.

Have a wonderful Monday and Week to come!