Monday, February 22, 2010

3 weeks exactly until baby is due to arrive!

I can't believe it! Seriously exactly 3 weeks from today (or less) we will have our new little baby girl!

The name so far we seem to be set on is:
(drum roll please...............................................)
Anabelle Presley (first middle)

Our second in line:
Teodora Presley (first middle)

I am kinda liking the second better but my husband is set on the first selection. I named our I believe it is time to let him have this one as it is a pretty name still yet! :-)
I tend to like "cool" names rather than "pretty." :-)

We bought our hand sanitizers, dish pan, and nasal aspirator. (I want to look into the suggestion a commentor, Corinne, mentioned that she swears by: Cleanoz)

Really, typical things you have to buy non-stop is all we still need to get like: Diapers and Wipes....we have enough to get started but that will always be a need until she is potty trained. :-)

Have a great week!

Thursday, February 18, 2010

With only weeks away...only a few things left to purchase!

We are only 3 1/2 weeks from baby's debut in March! I am getting excited about the end of the pregnancy and the beginning with a new little girl! We all are!

Thanks to us saving a lot of our items from our son, there was little to purchase for this one which is great and a money saver.
What we still need to purchase, really isn't necessarily a need but here it goes:
  • Dish pan (to hand wash all baby is what we did with our son...we didn't like using the dishwasher for anything baby)
  • Hand Sanitizers
  • More diapers and wipes
  • Gift for our son (from baby...good suggestion from a book)
  • Gift for our pet Phoebe (toy poodle...what we did with our son for her and it really helped a lot...she as never jealous!)
  • Nasal Aspirator (hoping to get one from the hospital so we won't purchase this)

The most important above are the gifts for transition and hand sanitizers. Everything else could be gotten after the baby is born. Or, that is how we see it! :-)

Nice to be set!

I still feel like (at times) there are items I forgot to put on the master list. We'll see!

Have a great upcoming weekend everyone!

Sunday, February 14, 2010

4 weeks until the baby is due!

I am counting down! Forgive me if I am taking a small break from the blogging here...I will try to get in some posts here and there between now and then. Currently we are in major preparation in the house setting up for a new baby and having already a four year old.

Also, at work I am having to prep for my Maternity Leave! I am looking forward to it and want to make sure my substitute has an easy time when I am gone for a little while. I have already gotten so much done but still more to do. :-)

Everyone take care...I will try to keep posting but in the event you notice me missing you will understand!

Happy Valentine's Day!
Happy first day of Chinese New Year today also!

Monday, February 1, 2010

Vanity Seat: Side-by-side Comparison

AFTER and BEFORE: I'm very excited about how it looks now! Not bad for a $12 Vanity Seat from a thrift store!

Vanity Seat Update: Finished!

Below is my husband and son attaching the seat and the rest as you see are the finished results!

Side by side comparison in next post!

Vanity Seat Update: Paint Choice and Frame Painted

Before and After of the Frame Painting. My husband did an awesome job. Looks beautiful!

Vanity Seat Update: Fabric Chosen and Upholstered

The first two pictures are of the fabric my husband and I decided on. Isn't it beautiful? I love it!
The lower two pictures are of my husband modeling the act of upholstering the seat cushion (actually that was my job and I did it...didn't I do a good job?). :-) My husband's part is coming up in the next post (painting the metal frame).

I love it!