Sunday, June 24, 2007

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Saturday, June 23, 2007

How we save on Long Distance Calling, even out of Country Calls!!!

We have tried many different ways to save money when we want to call our families. My husband's family is in Romania! My family is two hours away! So, if we called long distance the "old fashioned" way, we would have no money!!!! Here is how we save, at one time for the International calls, we used a special international company and truly saved a ton of money versus our phone company. NOW we pay ZERO, for even the International Calls! Many already know about this, but in case you don't:

For International (FREE or Cheap): Use Skype! Skype is an internet phone. Basically it is a site that lets you call people and you can hear them and even SEE them if you have and camera and they do!!! It is FREE when the other person downloads skype also. You DO need to have a High Speed connection. Chances are, if you are here reading on Blogger, you have all this and you know how to use a computer! You may be thinking; hmmm, but maybe other countries aren't as advanced. In some cases that may be true; however, I think you will be surprised that even some poorer countries are more advanced, electronically than US!!! Romania is a poor country; however, lately, more and more, the regular person there has High Speed! Funny enough, a few of our family members there had it BEFORE US!!!!
Special note on Skype: If the other person you are calling doesn't have Skype, you will have to add money to your account. Luckily everyone we know has it!!!! Before my husband's family got it, we did use Skype even then. They have LOW LOW Long Distance Internation Rates!!!! So you still save, even if they don't have it!

For calling my family, just two hours away (however can be expensive with a regular land line phone) is FREE as well: Simply, I only use my Cell Phone that has a wide range of service!!! And it costs me nothing to call mom and my sis. I can call their house phone and cells and it cost NOTHING! So we no longer have long distance bills, and this is how we do it! Hope someone benefits from it!

Wednesday, June 20, 2007

A site I forgot to mention!

I love to check Goodwill's Auction site every now and then! You can get some pretty good deals!

The Site is:

I have found collector plates, dolls, you name it on this site! They are pretty quick about the shipping also. The listers are the different Goodwill Shops around the nation, not individual people like on Ebay. Although, I am a huge Ebay fan, don't get me wrong, but this site will work for the skiddish about shopping on auction sites, at least I think so!

Tuesday, June 19, 2007


Now, as far as savings and being thrifty about pets, I am not the expert; however, I can say tips from others!

I have a pet toy poodle. I know a friend of mine has recommended and ! If for some reason, anyone believes this is not a good idea, please speak up and let me know and I will in turn update this post to your information!

But anyways, I hear these sites are great for your heartworm pills etc... Anyone who has a pet knows these once a month things can get pricey!

As far as pet food, Grooming, pet care, etc...I believe in the best and spending on my toy poodle! She is another baby!

If I can think of any pet saving tips, I will post them. This is an area, I could use help!

If you don't HAVE a pet already but are looking for a new family member, might I suggest adopting from your local animal rescue or animal shelter! Save a Life, and yes you do save money as they get the shots, etc...a little cheaper or already done in some cases. You only pay for the shots or something like that! I know my friend got her animal that way. My husband bought my toy poodle from a breeder! Nothing wrong with that either! Animal lovers: Foster a pet until it gets a home!

Favorite Stores

Some of my favorite stores for saving are: (always remember, our best savings are for us, it may or may not work for you and your family, but it doesn't hurt to collect ideas from others, right?)

Wal-Mart super center

Thrift Stores
Yard Sales
Consignment Stores

Other things like clothes, etc...:
Much more than I can list but here are a few:
My mother helps out a lot with this stuff (so take advantage of your parents, they want to buy you stuff, LET THEM, so No to NOTHING!)
Really, about any store for clothes items, just scan the clearance sections REALLY well and often when you are there. Don't go out and waste gas driving back and forth!

Paper Products (like TP, Paper Towels, etc...):
Warehouse stores like BJS and Sam's Club is where we get the Best Products at the Best Prices in BULK because who wants to buy toilet paper every week? We get Bounty and Scott at BJs and it lasts anywhere from 3-6 months before we have to purchase again!

Unique Collectibles, Housewares, etc..:
I love EBAY, Thrift Stores, Antique Stores, and Yard Sales for the Unusal in decorating our home. NO I do not decorate the entire house this way, I mix it with full priced new items as well and this makes my home HARD for someone to copy and duplicate! Always get compliments and comments like: i love that, where did you get it? i have had people try to get some of the same things, and of course not able! So find your style, have patience and go shopping!

I have more favorite places for this and that; however, it is time for me to get ready for the day as my son is stepping on my feet, (he just woke up!)

Monday, June 18, 2007

Shopping for Groceries!

My favorite place to shop for Groceries and SAVE money is:


I believe the site is to see if you have one near you!

It is such a cool store and concept! You save money because it is very minimalist. You take back your own cart by putting in a Quarter to use one and you get your Quarter back when YOU return it. If you don't, then someone else will and will get your quarter! Also, you can bring your own grocery bags OR simply purchase one there, OR pick up a box that is empty and use that. These are all ways of recycling and less waste. Also, there aren't fancy shelves, items are in Boxes! I can get a whole grocery cart FULL of groceries for around $40!!! And that will last the whole week for three and some items two weeks! Some weeks we only spend $30-$35!!! Keep in mind we have to buy DIAPERS also weekly! I love this store and almost have "fun" shopping for groceries because of it, instead of dreading it!!!!

My Almost Two-Year Old

One way we save money and pinch pennies is the way we buy for our son! Don't worry, I won't let the little guy do without...if anything, this kid has too much! Of course, as a Mom, I want him to have everything and then some! Soo, here are a few examples:

TOYS!!! Now we all know, they want something and play with it twice if you are lucky and toss it down. Toys are NOT cheap!!!! So what I do to save money without skimping on the toys is:

1) Go to the Thrift Stores! I don't buy anything that is meant to chew on etc... of course...but I do get Giant Toys like little outdoor cars, table and chairs, desks, you get the idea! For example I got a table and two chairs that were "Little Tikes." I paid $4.00 and they looked BRAND NEW! I did, of course, disinfect (always) and take a "Magic Eraser" to it. To my surprise I looked in a Popular Toy Store and this SAME set was $34.99!!! Geez! What a bargain!!!! Saved $30.99!!!

2) Check also! One of my MOST favorite Sites!!!! Mainly for large things again; however, they have much much more than that! Great local resource wherever you are! Also, if YOU wish to sell on there, NO FEES!!! More money in YOUR pocket and not in someone else's! We got a Little Tikes toddler slide, etc... toy for outside for $50...retails for $180 in the stores! Huge savings again! And, glad I didn't pay full price as he has used it very little; however, does like it. But not $180 worth of liking it!

3) YARD SALES YARD SALES YARD SALES!!!! Check Yard Sales for other toys etc...! I avoid stuffed animals and chewable type toys! I get great deals like that as well!

I could go on and on; however, this is my blog and I can check in anytime and add even more. My Dinner is ready! Husband home! Blog to ya later!


I love being Thrifty!

I love saving money or finding a way to not WASTE something! I feel terrible if I throw away anything, except of actual trash of course! I always try to figure out a way to use, sell, or do something creative with things. Although, I am all for being "Green," My motivation is more on the creative and sometimes saving or making money...and the great thing on the side is, it ends up (a lot of the times) being the "Green" way to go!