Monday, June 18, 2007

My Almost Two-Year Old

One way we save money and pinch pennies is the way we buy for our son! Don't worry, I won't let the little guy do without...if anything, this kid has too much! Of course, as a Mom, I want him to have everything and then some! Soo, here are a few examples:

TOYS!!! Now we all know, they want something and play with it twice if you are lucky and toss it down. Toys are NOT cheap!!!! So what I do to save money without skimping on the toys is:

1) Go to the Thrift Stores! I don't buy anything that is meant to chew on etc... of course...but I do get Giant Toys like little outdoor cars, table and chairs, desks, you get the idea! For example I got a table and two chairs that were "Little Tikes." I paid $4.00 and they looked BRAND NEW! I did, of course, disinfect (always) and take a "Magic Eraser" to it. To my surprise I looked in a Popular Toy Store and this SAME set was $34.99!!! Geez! What a bargain!!!! Saved $30.99!!!

2) Check also! One of my MOST favorite Sites!!!! Mainly for large things again; however, they have much much more than that! Great local resource wherever you are! Also, if YOU wish to sell on there, NO FEES!!! More money in YOUR pocket and not in someone else's! We got a Little Tikes toddler slide, etc... toy for outside for $50...retails for $180 in the stores! Huge savings again! And, glad I didn't pay full price as he has used it very little; however, does like it. But not $180 worth of liking it!

3) YARD SALES YARD SALES YARD SALES!!!! Check Yard Sales for other toys etc...! I avoid stuffed animals and chewable type toys! I get great deals like that as well!

I could go on and on; however, this is my blog and I can check in anytime and add even more. My Dinner is ready! Husband home! Blog to ya later!


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