Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Bought One Pack of Diapers!

I know...odd post title.

I am proud to say we started to make a move early in order to be ready for second child in March. We bought One Pack of Size Newborn Diapers. I remember that being the ONLY size we did not have with my son. We will probably buy a pack each week in different sizes up until the baby is born. This least we'll have diapers! :-) I am excited to finally make a purchase.

The 20 week ultrasound...I chose to have at 21 weeks on November 11th! I will share if it is a boy or girl at that point. I'll be happy, of course, with either...but kinda think it would be nice to have a girl because we already have a boy. One of each! If it is a boy...that will be great also as my son with have a little brother to grow up with. Either way...we are talking "win win!"

Have a terrific rest of the week!

Monday, October 12, 2009

Zoo Trip went well and Under Budget!

I had a budget that I wanted to spend at the Zoo with my son and Mom! It was $120.00. I know...maybe a lot..but I wanted all three of us to have fun and not be too restricted. I planned for the food and snacks to be around $40.00 total...we came in at $22.00 (that is for all three of us). We had a cool day but not cold. We stayed for four hours so I think we did awesome and this was all we needed to spend and we ate what we wanted. I planned for souvenirs (aka: toys for my son) to be around $40 also in the event it was expensive. I came in at $14.00 for that which is awesome. He picked out a little farm playset that turns into a box that stores the animals that came with it. He chose Rock Candy Suckers and donated a Dollar to the Wildlife fund and got an Owl Button. He also wanted to ride on one of those 50 cents things outside the store and 51 cents for turning a penny into a polar bear keepsake. Not bad and everyone was happy! My Mom enjoyed the day out with her daughter (me) and grandson (my son). :-) We paid $33.00 for entrance and that included two tickets for extras for each of us. We used our combined six tickets for three carosel rides for my son and a 4-D movie for all of us. A great day and under budget! One can't beat that!


So the total day mentioned above came out to $69.00! $51.00 under budget! You have to love that! It is priceless of course to spend time with my mother and son!

This is week #2 of Fall Break...and so far the plan is enjoying being at home!

Monday, October 5, 2009

Fall Break! Yay! 16 weeks tomorrow!

Just thought I would type up fast update.

The pregnancy is going well...tomorrow I will hit 16 weeks! Pretty exciting as I finally feel like getting off the sofa and just in time for Fall Break! I get a nice two weeks off...Thanks to our new school calendar this year. We went to the International Festival on Saturday and all had a great time. My son and I along with my mom, his "Nanny" will be going to the Zoo sometime this week. I'm excited about that as well. Finally my son is at an age that he knows to stay with us, can remember trips, etc...and can simply enjoy everything more. I am looking forward to seeing his reactions to the animals. The Zoo is very inexpensive to get into the park and only 30 minutes from where my mother lives. Should turn up to be a nice day. We are eyeing the weather to know which day to go since I have that luxury these two weeks.

I went to my 15 week appointment last week...heard the heartbeat. It was strong and everything is doing well. Next appointment is three weeks from my 15 week.

Have a great week!