Thursday, August 20, 2009

The Picture People does good work!

Hi all!

My son had his 4 year old pictures done at The Picture People! They did a great job and I love the pictures! I highly recommend their work! Check their site regularly for coupons!

Have a great Friday!

I hope to check in more regularly...but no promises for right now. I have been feeling bad lately.


Sunday, August 9, 2009

Update: DIY project and a couple Hot Days..staying cool!

I just wanted to send an update as I haven't in a while. Everything will get better once I am settled into my new school schedule.

What is going on currently:

My husband is DIYing by putting up some crown molding in our home. He paid $145 for a nice skil saw to cut angles and he studied up quite a bit on how to do crown molding. He also consulted with a friend that built his own very immaculate house to be sure he is doing things right. I like this ongoing project as it increases value in our home and the fact that this year we have not done anything big to the house to increase the value until this. Each year (this is the third in this house) we try to do some big things to add value to the house so I am excited that the main purchase is the saw and the molding itself is not all that expensive when buying a few pieces at a time. I like the fact that also, it is a project that if he needs to stop, it isn't an eyesore, etc...everything is in the garage that he uses for the cutting not much mess to clean up.

We just had a very hot day today near triple digits and tomorrow it is expected to reach 101 degrees. Yikes! What I noticed today when I had the blinds open even with it directing upward...the house was getting I simply shut all the curtains and made sure all blinds were directed upward to not allow direct light and the temperature dropped 2 degrees in the house which brought it back to normal. Amazing what a few curtains can do! I want to try some solar shades that my friend is trying out that she bought at JCPenney and she loves them already and says it has cooled down her kitchen dramatically. We may have to get some of those throughout the house. I am really big into lowering bills and being comfortable!

Have a great day and week to come!