Monday, December 31, 2007

Get your new year started off right with Method products!

Method Cleaning Products can be found at Target Stores! I love Target and we LOVE Method products! We gave them as Christmas Gifts, along with a reusable grocery bag and clothespins for fun and eco-friendliness (sp? word?)! :-)

I just finished looking over Method's website and it is not only great eco-friendly ("green") products and Inexpensive to boot, but also great products AND fun to read about the products? Don't believe me? I guess you have to go read about some products for yourself! :-)

I want to get their mops for wood floors and regular floors! They have kits for $30 with the mop, cleaners, etc... in it. I want it!

Method Home

P.S. I didn't know Method even had a site until I visited Building Green TV's blog, which I have now added to my blog roll for easy access for myself and my readers! Enjoy! Have a GREEN '08!

Happy New Year's Eve! Are you ready?

Happy New Year's EVE! LAST DAY OF THE YEAR!!!

Don't forget if you want to get tax benefits from nearly anything: Donations (monetary or items), Additional House Payment, Payment on Medical Bills, etc.... You need to have it in today before Midnight for Most. You should check with each company to see if you will benefit in '07 or '08. Either is worthwhile of course; however, would be nice to get in on it in '07!

For my New Year, I like to start off with cleaned up paper work. I have cleaned out my handbag, cash book (where I balance everything and seemingly stuff everything), and my calendar with all important dates and bills, etc... I have also put away some receipts that I had (shame on me) left lying around. I know, not smart. But you know, by the end of the year and right after are like WOW>>>WHAT NOW? LOL

Have a safe and Happy New Year!

Friday, December 28, 2007

Excited about an Energy Saving Purchase!

Yesterday I used a gift card I received for Christmas to purchase a $37.00 oscillating heater from Walmart! I love it! It uses only 900watts/hr to run and easy to tote into whatever room we are in! Electric, no oil, etc... You can use up to 1.5kw / hr and use the high mode which so far hasn't been necessary. The use of this allows us to keep the house temperature lower on the heating. We can only be in one room at a time anyhow.

Now after this exciting purchase, I am really wanting one of those nice looking "vent free electric" fireplaces for our bonus room. It would be so nice looking and definitely be a help in that room. Our bonus is above the garage, and if anyone has the same set know what I am talking about, it just seems impossible to heat that room with the regular heating system. So this is a great solution, at least it seems like it.

If anyone has had the above problem with their bonus room/bedroom, etc...above a share what you have done to heat it or cut down on turning up the thermostat to be in that room during the winter. Currently we just shut the door and don't use the room all that much in the winter or especially cold days. There are 5 vents in that room even. I just gave up on it, til I found out about electric (non-oil) heaters.

Happy Almost New Year Everyone!

Thursday, December 27, 2007

Tax Tip: Donations....few days left!

Just a Tax Tip Reminder on Donations:

You have a few days left to get your donations in to your nearest donation center! Don't forget to be DETAILED on your slip for your tax deductions. Tell EACH item and condition. Some donation centers have a check box for you to check that says something like: I verify all items are in very good (good, etc...) condition! On your taxes (well according to ours last year); in order to get the deduction, it has to be in AT Least Good Condition: No Fair Conditions or lower! Just some friendly tax reminders!

I love doing our own taxes, I like to use Turbo Tax! Everyone should use what he/she is most comfortable and confident with! Save money and do your own! Not hard if you read and follow directions with great taxing programs online and bought software in stores!

Happy Tax Season!

Monday, December 24, 2007

Merry Christmas!

Just wanted to wish everyone out there in the blogging world a "Merry Christmas!"

It is Christmas Eve; however, I am preparing to go to my Mom's house soon and will not be next to a computer til tomorrow evening.

Merry Christmas!
Have a safe and Thrifty Christmas!
Or maybe not so thrifty! :-)
~Thrifty and Creative~

Saturday, December 22, 2007

Awarded a "Poshie" from

Thank you for this award!

The "Poshie" is awarded based on the following criteria:

The Poshies are awarded to Outstanding Posh Mamas who:
1. Have had a Positive Impact on our community.
2. Greet New Posh Mamas and help them get comfortable.
3. Help other Posh Mamas promote their businesses or other interests.
4. Have received praise from other Posh Mamas for their kindness and helpfulness.
5. Referred their Posh Mama friends to join us.

Thank you once again for this recognition! Posh Mama is a fun social network, that I recommend to all "Mamas" out there!

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to come!

Friday, December 21, 2007

Creative ways to give Gift Cards and CASH!

Can you believe it!? Friday? Not to mention ONLY 4 days til Christmas! Whoa!

I hope this post greets all my fellow "thrifties" with completed shopping lists! If not, I always like to get gift cards and allow my receivers to enjoy buying their own gift with the AFTER Christmas SALES! You are helping others to maximize your gift with a gift card for the after Holiday sales! Just think of it that way!

Couple ideas for giving CASH in a "less-boring" way:

Here is a couple of ways I have seen cash given, in a way it was exciting!

1) Whatever the amount, go to the bank and get it in ones!!! One year, my sister's secret santa in the family gave her $50 in ONES, and put in a large box with crumpled up shreds of newspaper! On the box, the label said: "CAREFUL SMALL PARTS!" All the family watched to see what the gift was in all that paper! LOL Then, we all got it, as she pulled out one crumpled dollar bill after another!

2) My mother, one year, gave my father-in-law money and again in ONES and filled up a little Christmas tree with the ones as "ornaments!" Had to stare at it to figure out it was money on the tree! She gave a "Money Tree!" Sometimes money does come on trees, still not growing on them! LOL

For gift cards and gift certificates:

One year I bought my Mom an Aigner Credit Card Holder, and filled it up with $20 gift cards for many things, from grocery store to the movies, to a manicure! Loads of fun in a wallet!

Merry Christmas to all and Happy Holidays!

Monday, December 17, 2007

Quick Tip...

Hey there! I am once again posting an apology for not updating more often lately. For almost a month now I have been suffering from a severe case of mouth ulcers. Very don't feel like doing much of anything. I have basically, and still am, been in "survival mode" to just "make it through the day!" I am counting down the days til I am out for Christmas Break! 3 more days! Yippie! I can only pray that my mouth is fully healed by Christmas! That is all I want for Christmas!!!

Merry Christmas to all my readers and all the ones that stumble upon Thrifty and Creative!

Quick Tip: You have heard it before, but it is a friendly reminder: You can use your old Christmas and Holiday Cards as "Gift Tags!" Just use the decorative side that doesn't have a personal message written on the back. Cut down and fold in half! Great looking little gift tag and it is Recycling too!

Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Wordless Wednesday: Nanny's House!

Fun at Nanny's House!
He loves Nanny's blue car!
He, of course, LOVES Nanny too!
Just a couple more weeks, and back to Nanny's for Christmas!

Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Slowly but surely.

Yep, slowly but surely recovering from the mouth ulcers. I hope to regain motivation, etc...within the next few days. I wanted to post an update and didn't want anyone to think I am not blogging anymore. Mouth ulcers, yes prevent you from talking, eating, etc...; however, this recent case, were so painful, I just didn't want to do ANYTHING, including blogging. I am finally starting to see some actual improvement. Whew, right in time for the Holidays. I missed a week of Christmas Shopping due to these things too. Boooooo! LOL

Anywho, I am working on one of Potato Bead Necklaces that I blogged about in an earlier post. I will be posting pictures of the adventure.

Hopefully sooner than later!

Saturday, December 8, 2007

Thrifty Lesson aka: Thrifty Shame on Me!

Yes, that is titled correctly! Shame on ME, I learned a Thrifty Lesson!!!!

You are going to say to yourself, well DUH, I knew that! But apparently I need to learn some lessons in Thrift the hard way!

This past week (and currently even) I have been plagued with a mouth full of "stress-ulcers" (according to the doctor). They have a fancier name that starts with an "a" but forget me remembering that. All I can recall is the severe pain of the mouth ulcers and having to spend a co-pay of $50 at the Urgent Care, as I have not yet signed on for a regular family physician for myself! I have one for my son and husband, but not me! I do have my regular dentist and a wonderful OB-GYN Dr; however, failed to get myself a regular family doctor. I guess you can read between the lines and figure out what my lesson was/is. I could have received a better prescription, care and lower co-pay (only $20 rather than $50) with a family doctor, if I had one. My next task is going to be finding me a family doctor, so this doesn't happen again. The doctor prescribed me with the "magic mouth rinse," in which I did not want, because I knew it was going to prolong the recovery and not as effective on me. I have had this same thing five years ago, and the doc at that time gave me a prednisone (sp?) and cleared it up within nearly 24 hours! Whew! Relief...It has been almost 5 days since I went to the doctor and still don't have that relief. I am hoping to feel better in a few days. I can tell it is starting to clear a little, but major pain is still being dealt with. I hate mouth ulcers!!!!!

Okay, I will try to be more positive in my next post. This is what I have dealt with for a week now, I am ready to get better and smile, laugh, talk and eat!

Thursday, December 6, 2007

Thrifty Tip Thursday! Coupon sites!

I wanted to find some interesting Coupon sites to direct you all to that I found to be interesting. I found two I had not seen before. One is a "mom" type of site that has an area in the top left devoted to tons and tons of coupons (of all kinds, stores, online, and not!):
This one is called Moms View

And then I found another for strictly online shopping but the entire site is loaded with coupons for nearly any store or item you can imagine! This site is called Only Coupons!

2/21/08: I would like to add another coupon site that is quite impressive from one of our visitors here to Thrifty and Creative:
Rather Be Shopping

Check them out...let me know if you know of another coupon site that I should let others know about!

Have a wonderful Thursday!

Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Wordless Wednesday: Son and Grandpa!

Hanging out with Romanian Grandpa! "Ta Taia!"
Uncertain of my Romanian Spelling! (pronounced "ta-taiya")

Monday, December 3, 2007

Thrifty Celebrations!

I have two "Thrifty Celebrations" to share with you all!

#1) I am excited to share that my new sitter for my son (he started today) went very very well! I am so excited he is staying with this new sitter. She is awesome! My son took right to her and the other two kids and when I picked him up, he wasn't yet ready to go! That is a fantastic sign! He loved the Child Care Center too; however, was always ready to go when I got there! This is a "Thrifty Celebration" because as I mentioned in an earlier post, it is pay by the day, not the week and it is less expensive even if I had to pay for the entire week. It is a huge blessing!
You can read my original post here about this: Thrifty Hooray

#2) Not as big as the first; however, still a celebration "Thrifty Style!" I received my first "FREE SAMPLE" from I also had blogged earlier about the coupons you can find on under "In Stores Now!"
Read this post again at: Thrifty Tip Thursday: Free Samples!

Have a wonderful rest of your Monday!

Sunday, December 2, 2007

Storm Door: Great addition for heating and cooling savings!

This is my newest suggestion on saving money on your electric bill (however, can not speak from personal experience but from a neighbors!)

This is something I really want and wanted before talking to the neighbors; however, didn't realize the great effect it can have on heating and cooling!

*Get Storm Door for your doors. (We do not have one on the front of the house and you can feel a tiny draft in the bottom corner)...our back door has one already but not the front when we bought this house a little over a year ago. Our friends/neighbors down the street didn't have one either but just bought a storm door recently (nice thick pretty glass one on the front) and said that their house felt like it was getting 80 degrees due to having the storm door...simply heat escaping and no tiny little drafts coming through a crack around the door anywhere!

Summer time..these doors also insulate (keep them closed off with your other door as you don't want a "green house" effect in the summer..yikes). On the flip side in the winter: you could during peak sun hours (brightest and hottest) leave the other door open using only your all thick glassed storm door allowing the "green house" effect to take place and then shut off when the sun is no longer shining through.

The storm door is in addition to all the other items you can do to winterize your home. There are many other suggestions (that we personally do or know someone that does) throughout this blog! Take time to surf here!

Have a Happy Holidays!