Friday, November 30, 2007

Cool Creative Thrifty Craft Find!

This is truly "thrifty and creative!"

I found this great project on Thrifty Fun!

It is directions on how to make a necklace out of POTATOES! A Potato BEAD necklace! Very easy and sounds like great fun! I am going to try this with my students! They love to make jewelry....hey, handmade gift from students to their mommies for the Holidays! Yeah! I am going to do this! You can paint them and everything when they are dry!

Here is the link:

Potato Bead Necklace

Haiku Friday!

"Days of the Week"
Friday is super
Saturday is much better
Monday whatever

Haiku Friday

P.S. Apologies to my readers! I have had a busy busy week this week and have been exhausted each day when I get home. The result of this is lack of Thrifty Tips...sooo sorry! I will work hard this weekend to get some Thriftiness going!

Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Wordless Wednesday

Still Walking, No Running Yet!

Before he could run! :-)
My son when he was not yet One.

Monday, November 26, 2007

Give the Gift of GREEN: Not $$$ kind: Monday Mommy Tip

Yep, that is what I said! Give the Gift of "GREEN!" I guess I should actually say: "Give a GREEN Gift!"

Here is a great idea (well I think so of course, because I am going to actually do this for a couple people or more and have already started these gifts):

Start by getting a Reusable Grocery Bag (Lowes Foods has them in green for $.99)...this is your GIFT BAG! :-)

Fill your bag with some or all of the following items, depending on your budget for that person(s):

  • Compact Fluorescent Bulbs (the spiral bulbs you should be seeing everywhere!)
  • Method Brand Cleaning Products (found at Target: Not tested on Animals, non-toxic, earth friendly, recyclable and minimal may know a better brand? Share! This brand is very cost-friendly and works well!)
  • Clothes Pins
  • Retractable Clothes Line
  • Organic Chips or other foods that are Organic
  • Another Reusable Grocery bag tucked in the "gift bag"
  • Recycled Paper Products
  • Solar Energy Magazine (to really advocate)
  • Use your imagination!
  • Got anything to add...I am working on my gifts, would love to "hear" your ideas! Isn't it fun and useful?

Happy Monday and have a Great Week!

Sunday, November 25, 2007

Make your own Pet food and other items! Cool site find: ThriftyFun!

I just stumbled upon this great "Thrifty" site!

Thrifty Fun

I found it when surfing Pet Food sites (don't ask why...sometimes I just surf! Don't we all? Isn't that how you found me?) :-)

Here is the link for the Make your own Pet food and Other items on Thrify Fun!

I just love accidentally finding great sites like this! I use them as well! I would love to make my pet toy poodle some treats! She would love it! Doesn't all pets secretly love being spoiled? :-) I always say (like my Mother does) "Pets are People too!"

P.S. Thrifty Fun has a place to Ask Questions! The site gives tips on many things people are wondering about, as well as, fun Thrifty Craft ideas! I was like wow! Where was that Turkey idea weeks ago? At least I know where to look for Christmas and other Holidays of the Season ideas for my classes and son!

One other cool thing I found on Thrifty Fun I wanted to point out is very cool "Photo Ideas!" When you just can't think of another creative picture...they have some things for you to try! Sooo neat and useful!

30 Days Til Christmas!

Alrighty everyone!

Now it is time to do some serious shopping! If you didn't start early, then at least start now so you can buy your gifts with ease and not wait to the very last minute and stress yourself out. It is far more fun to take your time and Enjoy the gift-buying.

I know I went out Friday (Yes, Black Friday) and got a lot of my Christmas List knocked out! Only a few more to go and I can do this least I hope so!

Happy Sunday Everyone!

And of course:
Happy Holidays!
30 Days Til Christmas!

Get stress-free and start now, if you haven't already!

Friday, November 23, 2007

Black Friday Shopping!

Now, I do NOT get out at 4am (not against it, just can't force myself and two year old out of bed), but I still like to go out when it is a bit quieter and "see what is left" that is still a sale!

Today I got a ton of great is just too sad I can't tell you about all of them because my friends and family might just read this!

I will tell you where I went however:

Michael's (Love this store, had a great $10 off of any $40 items included!): This was my best store today oddly enough!

Target (Got many items here as well! We even got to watch a thief flee on foot from a cop...not to worry no one was hurt and he was caught! He ran right passed us as we were walking in and through the parking lot!)

Dollar Tree (Got some great decorating items and a few this and that items for stockings.)

Best Buy (Didn't get what I was looking for...sold out!)

Japanese Restaurant (Tasty Meal, we all enjoyed)

Linens N' Things (No gifts here, but found these volcanic rocks or something that supposedly removes odors from the air...figured...give it a shot for $9! Gift for me!)

I think that was everywhere, well there might be another store or two that can't be mentioned due to folks reading this may figure out their gifts!

Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Wordless Wednesday

An Old Favorite Photo! My son wasn't even One yet!
Now Phoebe (pet toy poodle) is the smallest again!

Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Christmas Giveaway Contests: 5 Minutes for Mom

What is thriftier (word?) than winning something for FREE? Now, you can argue, well...I MAY not win! True! But what do you have to lose other than a few minutes of your time for some comments and a link or so! Costs you Nothing! Now that is MY price range for possibly winning something for free! Hey, if I win any of their great prizes...they will definitely become great gifts and save me money in the end! Or, the prizes could be an ADD on gift to make your current gift Even Better!

Okay, you say: "Enough Melanie...tell us how to get there!" Request Granted:

Here it is:

Christmas Giveaway 2007 Sweepstakes

HURRY UP! You have FIVE (5) days left to enter!

Let me know if you win!

Have a Happy and Safe Thanksgiving!

Happy Holidays!!!!

Monday, November 19, 2007

Monday Mommy Tip: Winter Heating Tip!

While surfing for ways to save money on our heating (electric) bill, I found a very cool site/pdf document online with 100 ways to save energy!

My Monday Mommy Tip that I took from this site/pdf that I will be using is about using a humidifier in order to "trick" the body into thinking it is a degree or so warmer. The reason this works (according to the site) is the fact that in the Winter there is no humidity and that is a "disadvantage" to the body as your body needs more heat which causes us to turn up the thermostat. With this tip in mind, we will be using a humidfier at night, and we can all breath better as well!

What will you take away from this site/pdf document?

Sunday, November 18, 2007

Thrifty Hooray!


Before I give the Hooray, I want to say my son's Child Care Center has been wonderful and I do love it there; however, as most of you would know...Centers are expensive! This was is a great; however, we just haven't dug enough out of debt to be able to afford such a has been quite the struggle the past couple of months. I love the fact they give a daily sheet, do Art, Circle time among Many Many other cool things every day not to mention they are 50 seconds from my house! Very cool!

Now for the Hooray! I wanted this one lady to watch my son for a Very long time because if someone has to watch your kids, she is simply fabulous and Thrifty Minded herself with four kids (All in school except one who is 3, near my son's age he is almost 2 1/2)! She only charges by the DAY and will hold my spot over the summer without charging me. My summer months are the time I get to be a SAHM (it isn't all year long but it is something and I am glad to have those two months with my son). Even better, keep my son and my money! :-) Double Hooray!
I called this lady over two months ago and told her that if she ever got a spot, I wanted it but would have to put a two weeks notice into the center. She and the Center has been awesome! My son will start going to the lady December 3rd. Very excited and so is her son to have another little boy around. She also keeps one other toddler (10 1/2 months, girl) that is another teacher's child. She will even bring the kids to any school events as one of her children goes to our school. It is a great set up for a teacher and cost-effective. She deserves more money, but this is what she charges and the way she does. Very nice lady! Her children all have very high IQs as well. She believes in reading and teaching early, etc...

I am just so happy, this is the best gift I could ask for this Holiday Season!
The savings are sure to be in our favor and help us with things we need to do around the house, and help out family members!

Friday, November 16, 2007

Survive the Holidays with "Holiday Season Kick Off!"

Marie Ynami of Mommy Community and many other great well-known "mommy sites and businesses" has just launched a new site dedicated to the Holiday Season! The site is titled appropriately "Holiday Season Kick Off!"

You have to bookmark this site to visit during the Kick Off which is a huge two day event starting November 19th and will run through November 20th!

Get a ton of information to get you through the Holiday Season....Examples are:
Interviews about...
  • Saving money on your Holiday Grocery Shopping
  • Homemade Gifts for the Holidays
  • How to Boost your Direct Sales Business for the Holidays
  • How to save money shopping online for Holiday presents
  • How to capture your Holiday Memories using Photos and Videos
  • an Interview with ME (Melanie) about How to Have a Thrifty Holiday Season
  • and so much more! Bookmark today and come back in a few days when all the interviews are live according to the hourly schedule!

How exciting! Check it out! Happy Holidays and Happy Shopping!

Haiku Friday! Yay!

Haiku Friday

I love Haiku day
Something to look forward to
Yay! Haiku Friday

Thanksgiving is near
Wake up! Black Friday is here!
Registers ringing

shopping continued
be debt-free this Holiday
use no credit cards

My Haikus this week are first about Haikus and the others are about shopping! What better Friday, than the Friday before THE Biggest Shopping Friday Ever each year: Black Friday!
Get a Good Night's is nearing! Have a great weekend everyone!

Thursday, November 15, 2007

Thrifty Tip Thursday: Thrifty Thinking!

A bunch of "T's" in this Title!

Thursday's Thrifty Tip:

Take care of what you have. Don't be quick to replace things, as this can become costly and wasteful. Example: Instead of tossing out an old table in a hurry to replace...repaint it and use it outside or in a kid's room, bonus room, garage, craft room, etc... (Different sized tables for different type rooms or uses of course.) I am not talking just about tables here...think of nearly anything that you want to "replace" because you want something new. it necessary for me to replace at this time? Is there a bill that needs to be paid, or activity I want to do that I could use the money for instead of purchasing something I already have? Just some thrifty thinking for you all.

I experienced this when I first got married years ago to my husband. He wanted to "throw away" a "TRASH" container! I was like...why? He didn't like the color (white) he wanted a fancy silver one. I said...well...I would rather buy something we don't already have (At the time that was a LOT of things...newly married and all and he from Romania). Guess what? We still have that same white trash container and he loves all the things we have bought in between and now thinks like I do. Sometimes he out-thrifty thinks me. :-) He likes to make, repair and build things. This is money saver for sure. DIYing! (DIY-Do It Yourself) We save a lot DIYing, thanks to my husband being a go-getter when it comes to wanting to learn how to do things. He has installed irrigation, built raised garden beds, sandbox, working on a swing for my son (still buying piece by piece), and he has even added an extra outlet box (In our old house) out to a pond he built. Friends and Family are always blown away by what he has done and continues to do. Hard worker...he says he can't sit still...geez, I believe it. He has painted nearly every room in our new house, installed knobs on the kitchen cabinets...I could keep going. My point, other than my husband is awesome, DIYing can also save you some money. There have been instances where it didn't but for the most part it does because you can spread out your spending. A piece of wood here, mulch there, plants, at a time, when you are done...whamoo...

Challenge yourself not to toss out items before needed and try to DIY here and there! Happy Thursday! Tomorrow FRIDAY! Yippie!!!

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Save $ Money $ and the Environment! SWAP!

Yep, that is right! You can Swap items on the internet for items you really want by "swapping" what you don't want, or tired of.

Swap Tree is an awesome site where you can Swap Books, Music CDs, DVDs, and Video Games! All of these items have either an ISBN or UPC code. This way you just type that code in for what you "have" to swap and the site does the rest...listing what item it is that you have (hardback/paper or widescreen/fullscreen). The site is set up to "search" for a partner to swap with looking for what you have and you have what they want. You should go to Swap Tree to check out the details and have any of your questions answered. It is really not a complicated site whatsoever and apparently they have Thousands of items ready to be swapped!

This will save you money because you get what you are looking for and for free at that! Also, you are being environmentally conscience as you are not tossing what you don't want into the trash! Good for you! Now sign up and swap! I know I am going to search for items the first chance I get!

I found this site on (I love this site too!).

Sunday, November 11, 2007

Unique Gift for My Mom: found on Ebay! You have to read!

It was several months ago, but I must blog about this because there may be someone out there that would love to do something very unique and heart-felt for their parents, grandparents or loved ones in general! Now, this can be thrifty, can be expensive, and it can be possible NOT to find! Just wanted to add those fair warnings before going further!

Years ago, I remember thinking, I sure do hope one day I stumble upon my Mom a yearbook. Reason: growing up she was one of ten children in her family. This translates into...not so many yearbooks IF any for each. My Mom in all her years, Elementary-High School only ever got ONE yearbook (her Senior book)! She treasures that book as it was her only one. Well, I had stumbled upon other people's yearbooks over the most recent years on Ebay and then began more actively searching for one of Mom's! I thought, hmmmm...Maybe? No luck...took several years (not so active then) and then one day at Mom's house on a normal visit..I was bragging about the fact that Ebay has just any and everything you can think of. And to prove it...I said...Look I will type in the name of your high school and see what comes up. This was also my High School so really many things could have popped up. Well a yearbook from the 50's popped up. I was like..."Mom, are you in that one?" She said I am not sure. So I emailed the seller (who lives where Mom does, not far) to ask him if she was in it. He said Yes! (I had told him her name to look for and grade according to what Mom remembered.) He wrote back and said he had some other books that she might be in as well as he bought all of them from one Estate! Sure enough...I ended up buying NINE (9) books with her in 8 of the 9. Her deceased sister was in the one she wasn't sure of..but how awesome is that, she found out her sister was on the Homecoming court. So that book will be equally treasured! He later found her SENIOR book for me and I bought that one too! Why? Because her only book was cut up, etc...over the years by younger siblings!

Isn't that great? Now, maybe that will inspire someone out there to take a search through Ebay for something Truly amazing and memorable for that REALLY Special someone! I know my Mom was without words, and if you knew my wouldn't think it possible! :-)

Creative Gift Idea: Shop the Alzheimer's Foundation eStore

Before I tell you about the Alzheimer's Foundation eStore, let me remind you what Alzheimer's is and what the Alzheimer's Foundation of America (AFA) is all about.

What is Alzheimer's? Click the following for the Definition, Warning Signs and Diagnosis

What is AFA? Here is the Mission Statement of AFA:

"To provide optimal care and services to individuals confronting dementia, and to their caregivers and families—through member organizations dedicated to improving quality of life."

AFA stresses that while they seek a cure and it is so important to do so they agree...they also want everyone to recognize there must be quality care for those who suffer from the disease as well (they have a great DVD Training Program in the eStore). You should know that during the holiday season, this is a great time to give a donation or simply shop their awesome eStore for a fabulous holiday gift! Give a gift that can make someone's day and make someone else's life!

When you shop the Alzheimer's Foundation eStore you are purchasing TWO things which is a "deal" if you asked me!

#1 You are buying a creative/unique gift for someone.
#2 You are helping the Alzheimer's Foundation with your kind and thoughtful purchase.

Now, you are wondering...well, what can I buy from a Foundation eStore exactly? Great is my answer:

Quite a few things that are very nice and stylish as well!

*They have Sterling Silver Necklaces, Bracelets (with leather band) and Lapel Pins! All with the "Heart of Care" pendant on them. Price Range: $21.95-$39.95

*You will also find items with the AFA "Quilty to Remember" logo in their Quilt Store! From keychains to teddy bears, shirts, and calendars; Ranging in price from: $2.00-$14.00

*Also, you will find a very useful DVD that explains the Alzheimer's Disease, Personal Care Principles, Management of Behavior and Safe Home Care. A great product to educate people on Alzheimer's. The price is $34.95 for this DVD Training Program. This product is so important in ensuring safe care for those with this disease.

These prices are quite the deal and so unique for that special person on your Christmas List! All the proceeds go to benefit the Alzheimer's Foundation of America (AFA). What a great gift, stocking stuffer and Cause most importantly!

Have a wonderful Holiday Season and Happy Shopping!

Saturday, November 10, 2007

Great tip for getting pet odors out of Carpet!!!

I took my son to his child care center one morning and was telling them of my frusteration with our toy poodle making some "mistakes" if you will. I am glad I did because one of the teachers piped up and said "I used work with carpet cleaning, I will tell you how to get the odor out!!" The other teacher and myself were "all ears!"

This is great, we did it and it WORKS!!!!

1-get a towel (wet it, wring it out til it is not dripping)....
2-microwave it and get it HOT (like 4-5 minutes...stay with it to be on the safe side)...
3-get something to pick up the towel not to burn yourself...
4-lay the towel over the odor (you aren't trying to soak up anything, just laying it over the odor)...
5-the heat from the towel draws the odor into the towel!

It really works. She also was getting ready to tell us how to remove pet stains; however, I had to go, running late for work that morning! LOL I will find out and inform you all, if interested!

Have a great Saturday!

Friday, November 9, 2007

Haiku Friday First!

This is my first time participating in "Haiku Friday!"

I found this on A Mommy Story and wanted to also participate and see if this is something I want to participate in weekly.

I became particularly interested because oddly enough...about the time I found this, I was finishing up a lesson on "Haikus" with my Third Grade students. We made an abstract painting and they had to write a Haiku on their finished masterpieces to connect poetry with Art!

Now I am into the Haikus is my participating Poem for this Friday (although a bit past midnight on into Monday...forgive me!)

stressful day is done
weekend is certainly here
shopping time is here

Haiku Friday

Join us in Haiku Friday!

It is fun and relaxing! And, no better day: FRIDAY!

Friday Faves: Favorite Candle Scent!

Friday Faves with Mommy Community:

This week the "fave" is your Favorite Candle Scent!

Mine is Brown Sugar & Fig from Bath and Body Works!

I also like an apple scent as well!

Now, your turn! What is your favorite Candle Scent?

Happy Friday!

Thursday, November 8, 2007

Love Unique Gifts? Try a NY CityPass!

If you are like me...I LOVE giving Unique gifts that are Affordable!

A New York CityPass may be the answer to your gift-giving needs. It is a booklet loaded with Tickets to Fabulous NY Attractions! (Check out the list of attractions below) The lucky recipient just takes out the ticket to the "attraction" they want to attend and they can bypass long lines, not to mention save a ton of money thanks to your thoughtfulness. Not to mention, you save money buying the booklet as the regular price with all the tickets bought separately would be a whopping $130! You pay ONLY $65 for adult booklets and $49 for children.

What a deal!? Man, you should just buy one for yourself also! Save yourself money as well! Act fast, the booklets are available as a Winter Special from December 15th to March 15th. The recipient can start using the tickets December 15th to March 15th.

Here is a list of the Attraction Tickets you will find in your New York CityPass booklet:
*The Metropolitan Museum of Art
*The NEW Greek and Roman Galleries
*Museum of Modern Art (MoMA)
*Guggenheim Museum
*The American Museum of Natural History
*Trip to the Top of the Empire State Building Observatory
*Tour of the Manhattan skyline from the water aboard a Circle Line Sightseeing Cruise

Also located in your booklet you will have a map with public transportation information. They even include "insider tips" on the "best time" to visit the attractions that are in the booklet.

Now, I don't know about you, but I know this is a GREAT gift for any of your New York friends or anyone you know that is going to be traveling that area between December 15th through March 15th!

I love Art Museums and this is chocked full of Art Museums. As an Art Teacher and lover of the Arts, this gift "makes my mouth water!" If you know anyone like me, then this gift is for them! Also, I can't express enough, what a deal at just $65.00! Wow-wee!

I should also mention that CityPass is offering overnight delivery options and inexpensive gift wrapping for your gift along with a personalized gift card. This is a nice bonus to top off your great gift and wonderful savings.

New York CityPass

Thrifty Tip Thursday! FREE SAMPLES!

Yep! FREE Samples folks! Kick back, relax and let the free samples "roll in" your mailbox!

I have a friend on Posh Mama (a Mom Social Network) in my Thrifty and Creative "Group" and she shared the information I am giving you in this post:

She said that you can go to ... click on "In Stores Now" and find different samples on a regular basis. I checked several times myself and there is always SOMETHING there! She also said she can gather enough samples for items like toothpaste, deoderant and other regular products that your rarely have to go out and buy some yourself. Stick with the great samples! Keep a check regularly and bingo!

I thanked her for this awesome tip, I wish I had a blog or something to send you to for her; however, currently she doesn't have one. When she gets a site or blog rolling, I will definitely introduce her to you all!

Meanwhile, go grab some samples! I know I will!

Monday, November 5, 2007

Great GREEN Site by NBC! Very Cool!

I am currently watching "Chuck" and will be "Heroes!" This is my Monday Night line-up as usual! While watching the show "Chuck" just now, a "tip" on how to be "Green" just popped up and beside it was a website! You KNOW I had to check it out! GREEN IS UNIVERSAL

Check it out for Tips on being Green and what the Network NBC and its other affiliates are doing to be "Green!" Apparently it is "Green Week" on NBC!

I am with it! Going to go check out the site more thoroughly for tips I can use myself! Have a "Green" Week!

One more time: Green Is Universal

Sunday, November 4, 2007

Baby $$ Money $$ Saving Tips

It has been a while since my little one was a baby it seems. He is two years and four months almost now. He seems like a little boy now, not even a toddler anymore. :-( But they have to grow up sometime! He is a wonderful little boy! Okay, sorry didn't mean to get all sappy, but I just love my son, he is the greatest!

Now on with the Baby Saving Tips that I can remember (Time flies that fast!):

*Take anything anyone gives you in their effort to help out! It is first of all a nice gesture on that person's part...don't offend. Second, you may need it and don't realize it yet, but you will! If all else fails, donate to a thrift store, etc...get a tax write-off or to another mother, or save it for a yard sale, etc... I just hung on to everything nearly until I was sure of what I didn't use then redirected to others that were having children and still!

*Make sure your Baby Registry isn't a bunch of junk you really don't need! I personally don't think you need to ask for clothes or outfits as most will give you that anyway! Ask for useful items...strollers, car seats, diapers, etc...things you really need! I personally again wouldn't ask for any kind of toy! People will give you that also without a registry. Trust me, babies and toddlers, all the world is a toy! No need to spend boucoups on that large plastic stuff unless you just have the money for it!

*Start buying diapers early (when you are in the so-called "safety zone, after three months")! CVS Pharmacy has great deals every now and then running a special buy one get one free of their brand. They are nice, stretchy. I bought good ones also, those were for night and going out! Trust me, you can't buy enough diapers! My husband thought I was, and boy did he learn FAST! LOL He thought you only changed a baby ONCE a day! And he was serious! I was like, no no 10-15 times a day to start with! He was like "Geez, lets get more diapers!" LOL

*Breastfeed! It's best for baby, saves $$ on formula, and DOCTOR Bills!!! How about that!? It is medicine for the baby! For more information check out: La Leche League International I frequented this site before I had my son and while he was a baby! Very informative! I was more of a EP mom I believe is what it was called. (You can visit the site and find out what that means!)

*Use non-disposable diapers! Now you knew I was going to say that one; however, you didn't know I was going to say...didn't do this! My husband and I know it is best for environment; however, we don't have the stomach for it! I DO highly recommend it if you can do it! Save money and help the Environment and guaranteed your baby will be more comfortable!

Okay, in order to not write too much here and bore you to death...I will write a part two on baby saving tips coming soon! I was inspired to do this for my sister whom is pregnant! I will be an AUNT for the first time! Pretty exciting!

Outlet Smarts! Save on your electric bill!

Now, what I am getting ready to "blog" about here isn't going to save you tons and tons of money; however, if you add up all the electric savings tips from here and other sources, trust me, it will make a difference. If nothing else, feel good you are helping the environment.

So on with the "Outlet Smarts!"

I have heard a couple of tidbits that might be of interest to you frugal folks out there...I know I found it interesting:

*Cover your outlets with the childproofing covers! Apparently air gets in through them. This is most noticeable in the winter. I was amazed by the "breeze" coming through the tiny spaces. Also, if you have animals or children, you are probably and should already be doing this! Pick up a box at your local Target or Walmart for like $1-$2!

*I saw on an episode of Ellen (over the summer)and heard from my Mother...that you can save money on your electric bill just by UNplugging appliances, etc..when not in use. EVEN if the item is OFF, it is STILL on Standby "Ready" to be turned on, which is actually taking power to do this!!! I was like...hmmm...makes sense to me. On the Ellen show they particularly pointed out the fact the little lights and led time are always on and do take power! Aha-AAA! Something we KNOW but don't necessarily concern ourselves with!

So here is a couple of "Outlet Smarts!" Have any to add? Drop them in the Comment Jar! Thanks for visiting! Have a wonderful upcoming week! Don't forget to check the Christmas Countdown banner at the bottom of this blog! Yippees!

Saturday, November 3, 2007

Set your clocks back one hour tonight!


Well, if it is going to get darker anyways, might as well look on the "bright" side!

One hour extra of Sleep tonight, or Hour Extra to stay up!

Pictures today! NEA Members 50% off!

Yep, that is right, if you are a teacher and are a NEA member. I am actually a member through my local and state wide teacher organizations NCAE and JCAE. If you are a teacher and have not taken advantage of NEA/NCAE's discounts...what are you waiting for?

I had been a member for YEARS until a teacher at our school sat us down and explained the other benefits besides professional insurance that the membership held. As soon as I heard 50% off on Pictures... I was like SOLD! I LOVE pictures, most mothers do! In my region I can get 50% off of JCPenney Portraits. Whatever the total at the end, here comes the 50% off! I am telling you, I need this discount badly because I haven't had my son's pictures taken since he was One! Besides the ones you take yourself that is. So I am excited to find this out and take him today for his pictures with his Elvis Costume..only a few days after Halloween! Not so bad!

I have to have a large one for my kitchen! (Kitchen is decorated in the 50s...down to the retro table from the 50s I acquired at an Antique store!)