Thursday, November 8, 2007

Thrifty Tip Thursday! FREE SAMPLES!

Yep! FREE Samples folks! Kick back, relax and let the free samples "roll in" your mailbox!

I have a friend on Posh Mama (a Mom Social Network) in my Thrifty and Creative "Group" and she shared the information I am giving you in this post:

She said that you can go to ... click on "In Stores Now" and find different samples on a regular basis. I checked several times myself and there is always SOMETHING there! She also said she can gather enough samples for items like toothpaste, deoderant and other regular products that your rarely have to go out and buy some yourself. Stick with the great samples! Keep a check regularly and bingo!

I thanked her for this awesome tip, I wish I had a blog or something to send you to for her; however, currently she doesn't have one. When she gets a site or blog rolling, I will definitely introduce her to you all!

Meanwhile, go grab some samples! I know I will!

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