Saturday, November 3, 2007

Pictures today! NEA Members 50% off!

Yep, that is right, if you are a teacher and are a NEA member. I am actually a member through my local and state wide teacher organizations NCAE and JCAE. If you are a teacher and have not taken advantage of NEA/NCAE's discounts...what are you waiting for?

I had been a member for YEARS until a teacher at our school sat us down and explained the other benefits besides professional insurance that the membership held. As soon as I heard 50% off on Pictures... I was like SOLD! I LOVE pictures, most mothers do! In my region I can get 50% off of JCPenney Portraits. Whatever the total at the end, here comes the 50% off! I am telling you, I need this discount badly because I haven't had my son's pictures taken since he was One! Besides the ones you take yourself that is. So I am excited to find this out and take him today for his pictures with his Elvis Costume..only a few days after Halloween! Not so bad!

I have to have a large one for my kitchen! (Kitchen is decorated in the 50s...down to the retro table from the 50s I acquired at an Antique store!)

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