Sunday, November 18, 2007

Thrifty Hooray!


Before I give the Hooray, I want to say my son's Child Care Center has been wonderful and I do love it there; however, as most of you would know...Centers are expensive! This was is a great; however, we just haven't dug enough out of debt to be able to afford such a has been quite the struggle the past couple of months. I love the fact they give a daily sheet, do Art, Circle time among Many Many other cool things every day not to mention they are 50 seconds from my house! Very cool!

Now for the Hooray! I wanted this one lady to watch my son for a Very long time because if someone has to watch your kids, she is simply fabulous and Thrifty Minded herself with four kids (All in school except one who is 3, near my son's age he is almost 2 1/2)! She only charges by the DAY and will hold my spot over the summer without charging me. My summer months are the time I get to be a SAHM (it isn't all year long but it is something and I am glad to have those two months with my son). Even better, keep my son and my money! :-) Double Hooray!
I called this lady over two months ago and told her that if she ever got a spot, I wanted it but would have to put a two weeks notice into the center. She and the Center has been awesome! My son will start going to the lady December 3rd. Very excited and so is her son to have another little boy around. She also keeps one other toddler (10 1/2 months, girl) that is another teacher's child. She will even bring the kids to any school events as one of her children goes to our school. It is a great set up for a teacher and cost-effective. She deserves more money, but this is what she charges and the way she does. Very nice lady! Her children all have very high IQs as well. She believes in reading and teaching early, etc...

I am just so happy, this is the best gift I could ask for this Holiday Season!
The savings are sure to be in our favor and help us with things we need to do around the house, and help out family members!

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Anonymous said...

What a blessing!

I know your mother's heart must be so thrilled. If I had to work, I hope I could find a similar childcare situation.