Sunday, November 4, 2007

Baby $$ Money $$ Saving Tips

It has been a while since my little one was a baby it seems. He is two years and four months almost now. He seems like a little boy now, not even a toddler anymore. :-( But they have to grow up sometime! He is a wonderful little boy! Okay, sorry didn't mean to get all sappy, but I just love my son, he is the greatest!

Now on with the Baby Saving Tips that I can remember (Time flies that fast!):

*Take anything anyone gives you in their effort to help out! It is first of all a nice gesture on that person's part...don't offend. Second, you may need it and don't realize it yet, but you will! If all else fails, donate to a thrift store, etc...get a tax write-off or to another mother, or save it for a yard sale, etc... I just hung on to everything nearly until I was sure of what I didn't use then redirected to others that were having children and still!

*Make sure your Baby Registry isn't a bunch of junk you really don't need! I personally don't think you need to ask for clothes or outfits as most will give you that anyway! Ask for useful items...strollers, car seats, diapers, etc...things you really need! I personally again wouldn't ask for any kind of toy! People will give you that also without a registry. Trust me, babies and toddlers, all the world is a toy! No need to spend boucoups on that large plastic stuff unless you just have the money for it!

*Start buying diapers early (when you are in the so-called "safety zone, after three months")! CVS Pharmacy has great deals every now and then running a special buy one get one free of their brand. They are nice, stretchy. I bought good ones also, those were for night and going out! Trust me, you can't buy enough diapers! My husband thought I was, and boy did he learn FAST! LOL He thought you only changed a baby ONCE a day! And he was serious! I was like, no no 10-15 times a day to start with! He was like "Geez, lets get more diapers!" LOL

*Breastfeed! It's best for baby, saves $$ on formula, and DOCTOR Bills!!! How about that!? It is medicine for the baby! For more information check out: La Leche League International I frequented this site before I had my son and while he was a baby! Very informative! I was more of a EP mom I believe is what it was called. (You can visit the site and find out what that means!)

*Use non-disposable diapers! Now you knew I was going to say that one; however, you didn't know I was going to say...didn't do this! My husband and I know it is best for environment; however, we don't have the stomach for it! I DO highly recommend it if you can do it! Save money and help the Environment and guaranteed your baby will be more comfortable!

Okay, in order to not write too much here and bore you to death...I will write a part two on baby saving tips coming soon! I was inspired to do this for my sister whom is pregnant! I will be an AUNT for the first time! Pretty exciting!

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SAHMmy Says said...

Great advice! My baby is just starting to walk--guess that makes her a toddler...I'm a little sad! I totally agree on the toys--when my first child was ten months old, every toy he had fit in a gallon-size container. Then that first Christmas came around and Oh. My. Gosh. And who knew stuffed animals multiply while you sleep? Making your own baby food can save a ton of money as well. You can buy one jar of sweet potatoes for about 50 cents, or buy a whole sweet potato for $1 that will make about 6 servings. Unless you have an apple tree, though, prepared unsweetened applesauce is cheaper than making it from scratch.