Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Save $ Money $ and the Environment! SWAP!

Yep, that is right! You can Swap items on the internet for items you really want by "swapping" what you don't want, or tired of.

Swap Tree is an awesome site where you can Swap Books, Music CDs, DVDs, and Video Games! All of these items have either an ISBN or UPC code. This way you just type that code in for what you "have" to swap and the site does the rest...listing what item it is that you have (hardback/paper or widescreen/fullscreen). The site is set up to "search" for a partner to swap with looking for what you have and you have what they want. You should go to Swap Tree to check out the details and have any of your questions answered. It is really not a complicated site whatsoever and apparently they have Thousands of items ready to be swapped!

This will save you money because you get what you are looking for and for free at that! Also, you are being environmentally conscience as you are not tossing what you don't want into the trash! Good for you! Now sign up and swap! I know I am going to search for items the first chance I get!

I found this site on Green-Talk.com (I love this site too!).

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