Saturday, February 28, 2009

Amazon's New Kindle2! I want one! Save Paper! :-)

I was watching the Jon Stewart's Daily Show and he had the guy from Amazon on talking about their new portable reading device. I listened because Jon Stewart makes the news funny and then I became interested. Hmmm...curious...I looked it up on Amazon and watched their video demonstration on the Kindle2 and now I am very impressed...I really want one! It is way more than books on a really have to watch the video demo on this amazing device. Soooo cool! Where in the world was this thing when I was in school and college? This would have totally helped me out, seriously. It allows you to even bookmark pages, highlight passages, etc... You can read blogs, magazines, and newspapers. It has an anti-glare feature if you are outside and the sun is shining. It also has a feature where it prevents eye-strain that normally computers and phones would give you if you read from them. You can even have the book read to you while you are driving or something like that if you wish (think of it like LeapPad(c) for adults). Also, if you have poor eyesight (like for my Mom this would be awesome) you can enlarge the font! Incredible device! I think the price is fair for such: $349.00 You need to visit the site and watch the video...I left out a ton of information on this one because you just have to see it for yourself. The books are $9.99 a piece once you have the device, but that is way cheaper than spending gas and paying upward $30 and up for books. I still believe there is a need for traditional books but this device is great for being on the go! Think about traveling...Wow! You have anything you want with you! You can even put pdf files of your own on this amazing gadget. Okay...I will have to take a look, even if you aren't interested in owning will still be impressed.

Friday, February 27, 2009

BillPay and Paying Bills!

This is the second month I have used BillPay through my bank! It is AWESOME! I don't know if everyone's banks have this or not...but let me tell you the benefits I see in it.

First of all...for those of us who procrastinate when it is a written bill (paper check) that you mail...this service is totally for us. You go into your bank account...and follow the instructions...and even if your company doesn't accept electronic can still set it up and your bank (using BillPay somehow) prints out the paper check and Mails it when you tell them to when you plug in the payment information.

Of course, if you pay electronically...BillPay does that too. I enjoy the service because it is inside my online banking page as a tab. It is great also because you can set up 50 or so payments...schedule the pay dates and amounts. You can set them as one time payments or recurring. Once all that is set up...log in once or so a month and press a button and what account you want the payments to come out of! Very cool!

I have one bill that, for whatever reason, doesn't have online payments but through BillPay and my bank will take Electronic payments..this keeps me from worrying everyone month to write out the payment and put a stamp on it and mail it.

I just thought I would share my experience with BillPay. Very pleased.

Oh extra note:
My friend has been using this service longer than myself and she said she had one paper payment where they print out the check and mail it...and for some reason the check was unreadable due to the printing. The place that the payment was sent to sent it back and charged a late fee. BillPay PAID the late fee and sent another check and it didn't affect my friend at all and she didn't pay the late fee or anything. Awesome! They handled it all.

Monday, February 23, 2009

Taxes Complete...Finally!

If anyone out there follows me on know that I have been working forever on this year's taxes. I help several people with their taxes and then end with my own. I am excited to report I have assisted four people and finished our taxes as of last night at 9:30pm after working 13 1/2 hours on them all day Sunday. I had pinkeye, so I stayed home from Church and it worked in my favor to finish all the taxes.

If it wasn't for Turbo Tax...I tell you ...I would never finish! I love that program...especially the roll over from one year to the next feature. Makes it so much easier. If you have never used them...the first year takes a while because you have to enter more information on yourself and then the next year you will be set to rock and roll!

TurboTax - Do your taxes for Free

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Tuesday Toot: Praise for PayPal!

My Tuesday Toot this week is going to start off sounding kinda negative; however, read in its entirety.

A month or so ago, we bought a tool on ebay. The description said great working condition, no broken or missing pieces. Great! We received the tool and my husband tried it and immediately it did not work at all. It was a bad purchase and we will not ever buy a precision tool on ebay again due to our horrible experience. The seller never answer the question of refund but kept insisting it worked. Anywho, it was a huge battle for getting a response from the seller after a bit. Basically, I just wanted an answer: "Yes or No I do or do not offer a refund." The seller chose to ignore me instead. So I went through paypal's resolution center to try to get him to speak to me again. The seller ignored PayPal's emails. They gave the seller 10 days to respond. No PayPal did refund our money. Thank goodness...I would hate to have a non working tool and out over $100. My Tuesday Toot is the fact PayPal Does hold up to their word! Thank you PayPal!

Monday, February 16, 2009

Beautorium: Organic and Natural Products! From Make-up to Baby Products! Go green! Pregnancy & Baby 120x90

Check out Beautorium today for the most Natural and Organic Products for:

  • make up
  • hair cair
  • face care
  • bath
  • anti-aging
  • baby
  • aroma-therapy

Their products are hand-picked from the best of the best around the world products! Go Green and check them out today! They even use recycled materials for their packaging!

I am personally interested in the anti-aging, make up and face care. If my son were younger (he is 3 1/2 ... no longer a baby)...I would check into their baby products!

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Happy Valentine's Day!

Thrifty and Creative would like to wish everyone a

Happy Valentine's Day!

Monday, February 9, 2009

Great Read: A book on Green Cleaning!

I just bought the book "green clean" an "eco-friendly cleaning for the home!" It is loaded with all kinds of information about cleaning your home, clothes, you name it! It also give health and beauty advice using basic items such as vinegar, citrus fruits, baking soda, peroxide and so much more! This book will teach you how to clean and live healthier by using non-toxic products and another great part is...simply for pennies rather than purchasing and unimaginable amount of products from the store!

What are you waiting for? Get "Green Cleaning" today! Amazon has an awesome deal below on this book!

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Tuesday Toot! Anniversary Today!

I thought that I would use my "Tuesday Toot" to mention today is my husband and self's 8 year annivesary today! I am looking forward to the next 8 as well! I am a lucky lady! Life is good and I have an excellent husband...I am truly blessed.

Also, an additional "Toot"...It might snow tonight! Wow! Two snows in one Winter in NC...Whoa. We are doing awesome this year!

Sunday, February 1, 2009

Breaking Good News on the CPSIA Law

I found out on Etsy, Today, that there has been a 1 year suspension of the law that was to take effect on February 10th, 2009 and you can read the details right here on Etsy's Site.

If you are a reseller or toy handmaker, you should still read all about the parts of the law that are still to take place on certain dates.

YAY! Voices CAN be heard! Keep working on everyone, it isn't completely over! Only for a year for most of it!