Thursday, August 30, 2007

Thriftiness! Labor Day Sales! Creative/Artists!

For all you Crafters and Artisans out there...Labor Day Sales Galore coming up!

My personal favorite is Michael's and their 50% off Coupon for Sunday and Monday! AND an additional (the usual) coupon of 40% off for the remainder of the week! So two coupons in one week for Michael's! So, plan up a Craft for yourself and buy two of the most expensive tools with these coupons! Check your local newspapers!

Also, for you Fine Artists out there: Check Jerry's Artarama! That is my absolute FAVORITE Art Supplier Store! They really do have the best prices (that I have found) on Visual Fine Art Supplies!

Check them out:
Jerry's Artarama

Thrifty Tip Thursday!


Got a "Thrifty" Tip! Leave it in the Comments Jar! :-)

Leave a Tip on anything from saving money, recycling, deals, bargains, etc...How you stretch a Penny!


My Thrifty Tip for Thursday:
Reminder that is a great place to shop locally for Large Hard-Plastic Toys! We bought one of those slide/gym things for $50 on there from someone five minutes away and in Toy Stores they are $180! Worth the savings as my son will outgrow it before we know it! It is a todder sized toy slide with ladder etc...

P.S. Craigslist is also great for advertising (FREE) your Yard and Garage Sales! Tons of people check these listings before they venture out on Saturday Mornings! I know when we go, I do that!

Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Magic Erasers are Awesome!

If you have never invested in a pack of Magic Erasers by Mister Clean then you need to!

Buy them one time! Get that annoying mark off the wall, table, cabinet, counter top, permanent marker off something and do that once! You will be Hooked and Cleaning will never be the same and never be boring again! (well, not sure about the boring part, but it does entertain in the fact it is unbelievable what you can clean with it!

I consider it a Thrifty purchase as you will save yourself time when cleaning!

Wordless Wednesday! NOW I get it!

It's wordless because you post Pictures! I know, I know! DUH!

Took me visiting quite a few blogs to get it, now I get it and I love it!

Here is mine:


Wordless Wednesday!

Man for a Word"less" Wednesday, people have Plenty of words to post on Blogs all over the place!

If it is wordless, I am not sure what to say! I am "wordless!"

Well, my dog is getting groomed this Saturday! That is good news!

Wild Wednesday!

Man, I am already confused on my days of the week! I thought today was Thursday again, Thank goodness I can check my little time/date thing on my computer! I had already typed up a post for Thrifty Tip Thursday and now have since erased it since it is Wednesday!

This is my second week back to work, first week for the kids this week, and I am already confused on my days! Wow wee! :-) Going to be a great year nonetheless!

If you have a Thrifty Tip, I welcome those Every day!!! Leave your tip in the "Comment Jar" please!

Alrighty, let me get back to my a.m. coffee must have!

Have a great WEDNESDAY! :-)

Monday, August 27, 2007

Monday Mommy Tip!

This Monday's Monday Mommy Tip is...

Check out your local home improvement store's "yard sale" tables on a regular basis! You will be so surprised what they sell so cheap, and nothing is wrong with it! I have bought $70 set of "Waverly" curtains for $15 and Blinds for $1-$10 Regular prices ranging from $27-$40! I got one for my mother yesterday for one dollar! Regular $27!!! That was awesome! Also, if you want to paint something outdoors and color specifics don't matter as much, check the returned paints! You can get a $20+ cans for $3-$5 a can! I bought some years ago for my art room to redo my tables in a different color! Worked just fine and looked awesome!

That is my tip for the day! Mommy Community is the host of this!

Saturday, August 25, 2007

Thank you to Moms Gadgets Blog!

Great Blog! MomsGadgets!

This blog has given me the "kick in the pants" I needed to get searching for ways to save money on the old electric bill...and also raise value to my home and help the environment. Not to mention an interesting way to teach your child about the Earth, Science and being kind to nature!

Now, I will be honest, right now we can't afford the Solar or Wind Turbine alternatives, but that doesn't mean we can't plan and give it serious consideration and do all the necessary math! We are thinking that when we refinance our house, on the next apr downturn (probably within the next ten years at least), then would be a great time to roll in a solar panel system into the mortgage! Well, again, it is all on the table right now and we just have to do our research!

Visit MomsGadgets! Very cool Blog!

The Best Diapers to use for night time and shopping!

I know when we go shopping, I do not want to have to change a wet diaper every 30 minutes to an hour. Also, at night time, it stinks to have to change a diaper in the middle of the night and a sheet too! We discovered that it is best (for us) to buy the Huggies Overnites! These things are AWESOME! You will not have a leak! You can go shopping and only if you are out a LONG time will you have to change a diaper! Everyone is happy with these diapers! Also, when we go to my Mom's house (two hours away from where we live); I always put one of these diapers on, and we are all happy the whole way!

The only thing I hate is I didn't know they had them in size 4's! We (husband and I) discovered them when he was in a size 5 already! I highly recommend these diapers! You are looking to spend around $9.99 for 28 or so in a pack! But each one is like buying THREE to the One! Well worth it, and it IS a savings in the long run, as we only invest in two bags (at best) per month...they just last! I love these diapers. Off times, during the day at home, etc...we use the Aldi's Brand diapers...only $5.99 a pack for 36 (same size I am comparing). We love these too, just not for overnight or trips!

I hope I help someone discover these! They are so worth it! Also, they are real streatchy, easy to put on, and looks comfortable on my son! They come in a Purple Packaging!

Have a Super Saturday!

Thursday, August 23, 2007

Thrifty Tip Thursday!

Hello all!

Thrifty Tip Thursday Tip:

It's Back To School time:
Donate to your child's school's (or local school's) Art Room! Recycle for "Art's Sake!" Items that are great to donate and cost you nothing: Magazines, Toilet Tissue Tubes, Paper Towel Tubes, Empty clean plastic containers, and anything you can think might be useful. What I say to my kids is "think before you toss, could the Art Room use this in some way?" I almost say yes to everything. Trash collector of the school, if you will! :-) But it makes for great art projects!

Thanks for reading!
Leave YOUR Thrifty Thursday Tip in the "Comment Jar!"
I love comments!


Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Welcome to Wednesday!

Wednesday = Waffles! That is what I am making myself right now, as I blog! I am also having coffee, of course! I am celebrating Wednesday, as I feel I have officially made it half way through my first work week back to work, after being out for the summer! Whew! I believe it is going to be an awesome year!

Thriftiness-Shame on me, I have ate out two days in a row with colleagues and plan to today also. This is the only time of year I splurge on eating out like many days in a week like that. Once the students return, we can't do that anymore, so we all make the most of the week we have and enjoy each other's company while being off campus! (I believe I mentioned I am an Elementary Art Teacher. If not, now you know!)

Okay, waffle is Done! Blog to ya' later!


Monday, August 20, 2007

Bill Plan: Monday Mommy Tip with Mommy Community

My Monday Mommy Tip this week is...

Again about balancing your finances! Afterall, this is the "Thrifty and Creative" blog!
Five Month Bill Plan
Anywho, this is a follow-up of my last week's Mommy Tip about getting a hard-back "cash" book to balance your checkbook and deductions.
What I also do is, have a grid of our bills typed up (I have a template made on my computer for easy updating for the next "bill plan"), the first column is what the bill is; the second column is the amount to be paid; the third-seventh columns are Five Months (April, May, June, July, August).
I make sure the grid or "bill plan" as I call it, is the same size as my cash book! I tape it on the cover and remove when the five month plan is up. It is easy to see what is still owed for that month. You can check off as you pay. If I have a "quarterly" bill, I just black out the blocks on the computer on the months that bill is NOT due! So easy to see what is left, and where you can get ahead. Have "extra" cash left...simply look at the month ahead and pay an easy bill! This really helps us not overspend in other areas by seeing what is still owed or the next month, etc...

I just love what I do with my Bill Plan!

Til Next Time!
Comments are always welcome!

Special Note about My Posts: From now on my Monday Mommy Tip and Friday Favs for Mommy Community will be posted either Early Morning or Late Afternoon or Evening! Reason: I am a teacher, and I started back to work today. It is going to be a great year! My son was shy at daycare today; however, I hope and feel he will warm up soon. He wasn't sad or anything, just really shy. Naturally, I still hate it though, I wanted to be there to play with him if the other kids wouldn't. Breaks my heart to see him standing there not knowing what to do and the other kids are playing. Again, it was a good day still, as it was his first day ever at a real daycare. He has only ever been around me, family, and in-home daycares where there is no more than 3-4 kids! This is an adjustment for all of us (including the dog, as she is by herself during the day.) I called twice to the daycare today, and tomorrow, I am going to call even more times. I might even spend my lunch driving over there to look in the one way mirror to see if he is adjusting. I can't stand it, if he isn't. Okay, I didn't mean to vent, I had to. Guilt talking. I would love to stay home, but at this point in time, we can't afford me to. I am hoping in a few years, that maybe I can (that will be when, hopefully, we have a second child).

Okay, sorry about all the blogging!


Sunday, August 19, 2007

Mis-Cut Blinds!

Just a Mis-Cut Blinds Update!

My husband has learned well! Yesterday, while I was at my Mom's house, he calls me to say that Lowe's has a Mis-cut blind that may fit one of our windows, and what size was it we needed!!!??? I was like...alright (told my friend who was with me) look in my purse, get out the bright orange notebook (it is small bright orange with a soccer ball, EASY to find, hardback, will hold up and small!) and turn to the back page for me! I was able to look w/in 30 seconds to tell my husband the size while he was standing at the Mis-Cuts table! It was a WINNER! A $40 blind for $10 bucks!!! AWESOME! It is a big blind too...Levelor, metal privacy! Excellent! A Match! Only two more blinds to replace left in the house!

Great way to save money on your blinds and outfit your house's windows with style and quality for a low price!

One reason I believe these tables aren't raided, is because I think(think) people don't realize the blinds can be cut again (smaller of course) to your size! Just read the size it says it has been cut too, and then figure if yours can be cut a tad smaller or is it the size you need already!?

Anywho, had to share! I love a bargain, and so happy my husband looks on his own for such things! He told me he went yesterday, just to check the tables! Where we live, they put the tables out on Friday nights near closing and if you go on Saturday Morning, you will see them, he was there later and still got a winner!

Til next time!
Stay Thrifty!
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Saturday, August 18, 2007

Saturday Morning Coffee Thoughts

Yep, mainly thinking about my coffee! :-) LOL

Anywho, if you want to learn about Squidoo, please visit my other blog Melanie's World to find out about Squidoo and also check out my Squidoo Lens! It is cool site, you can make money and donate it to charity or take it for yourself or split in half. Same concepts (mostly) as blogs!

Check it out at:
Melanie's World

I am getting ready for a little road trip today, going to my Mom's House! Always saving by going there (two hours away) because, it never fails, she feeds me and my son, she gives us things, toys, whatever! She is Mom and always will be! Best Thrifty Person I know! I learn everything from her! :-)

Have a Thrifty Saturday!

Friday, August 17, 2007

Friday Faves at Mommy Community!

I found their Friday Fave for Candy, and commented on that Friday's Fav! :-) I wanted to share that I love Mike n' Ikes Candies! Those things are addictive and make you feel like you are at the movies! Pick 'em up at Target real cheap (not like at the movies) for like a dollar (as opposed to $5-$6 a box!!!)! They are awesome and fruity!

Find more at Mommy Community!

Thursday, August 16, 2007

Let's Call it Thrifty Tip Thursday! :-)

If you have a Thrifty Tip, Leave it in the "Comment Jar!"

My Thrifty Thursday Tip will be to wash your clothes in Cold Water! Some may not like this, but it does save you on your energy bill! According to my company, saves you .40 cents a wash! Doesn't sound like much? Start counting how many loads you do a month!!! Anywho, we do that! I don't think we stink or anything!

That is all for now with Thrifty Tip Thursday!
Back to you!

Thankful Thursday Mr. Linky

Thankful Thursday Mister Linky

Hello All!

Tell what you are Thankful for (yes, you can be silly)! And add a linky, it is in the left hand bar upper side! Add a Comment to your blog with your Thankfulness and you are done!

My Thankful Thursday!

I am Thankful for Thursdays in general! I love Thursdays because it isn't Friday yet; however you are anticipating it! Payday the next day, broke no more! :-)


Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Word Filled Wednesday is Today with Mister Linky

Word Filled Wednesdays is Today with Mister Linky here at Thrifty and Creative!

Please give it a try, so I can understand it! :-)


I do believe you just fill it in, to add your link, and then you make a comment somewhere on my blog!?

I do this with Mommy Community!

How and/or What do you recycle?

I was just thinking about items to recycle. I thought, hmm, that would be a good thought on Thrifty and Creative and would love to see what you think?

So think about it, what do you recycle that might not be ordinarily thought of?

For example: Printer Cartridges (buying your own ink and reusing it! Yes, you can also buy from folks who reuse cartridges as well! Thought about this because the other day my son got into the ink, and yes, it is still on me and him and the floor! :-)

I know a lot of people do the above, but what do you do? Maybe you can help us all out to be better and greener folks!

Thanks for reading and stopping by!

Ready for your comments!
P.S. I added a "mister linky" Not sure how it works, but if you do, please use it so we can all see! :-)

Cost Effective Daycare!

I was just blogging in "Melanie's World", my other blog; and realized when my son starts doesn't get more cost effective than taking your kid to work with you! I teach elementary art, and he will be going to and from school WITH me! I get to teach him for six years! (Not sure how he will take it LOL)! Just had to share that idea for teachers, like myself, who may be in the "dumps" of having to return to work very soon, if not already. Once your child is in school, they are with you! I love that! That is the REASON I started teaching, besides loving art and children! (Don't judge me on my typos! LOL)

Til next time!
Be Thrifty and Creative!

Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Thrifty Idea

Hey all you magazine readers out there!!!

Do you toss your mags when you are done? What do you do with them? Let them sit around and collect dust until they do get tossed? Anywho, I am an Art Teacher (they call us "trash collectors" at times) and we Art Teachers love to get items like Magazines for collage work, etc... for our classrooms! So get out there and donate your old magazines to your child's school or local school! The Art Teacher will love you for it! One thing to remember, Tear Out your Address and Name! I know, when I receive magazines and they have the person's name/address on them, I do tear them off and shred. In the event the person you donate your mags to doesn't do this, do it for yourself!

Also, anything else you have, an Art Teacher would love! People laugh at me all the time, because I say No to nothing anyone offers it seems!

It's recycling, It's "Green", It could be a masterpiece!!!! So donate to your local school or Art Room!

Interesting Code Found! Wish every blog used it!

Mingle2 - Toronto Singles

Monday, August 13, 2007

Monday Mommy Tip

Mommy Community each week hosts "Monday Mommy Tip!" If you post a Mommy Tip in your blog, simply login to Mommy Community Site and link to them by following the instructions!

My Monday Mommy Tip is:
Instead of using the check register that comes with your bank issued checks, invest a few dollars into a "cash" book from WalMart! I like to save up receipts, etc....and put them in the book. It is easier later to go back and flip through pages to see what I paid for something. I also have a spot where my husbands drops his receipts for the day so I can deduct his receipts too. Also, it is nice to leave the left side pages empty, using only the right. That way you can write notes on the left like Confirmation #s etc...for online bill paying or anything for that matter that relates to some item on the right side! I have been doing this probably for 7+ years! I can go back to the previous year to see what I paid for something, or to see what my paycheck was at the same time as the current year, but the past, etc.... Because they are hard back books, it stores nicely and looks good on your home office desk!

I hope someone finds this useful. It really is easier and less messy!
Let me know if you do the same thing, just curious if anyone else out there, crazy like me! LOL


Best way to save money; Don't spend what you don't have!

Seriously, the best way to save money (well at least have money and not debt) is to not spend what you don't have. Examples are: no Credit Cards, no Unnecessary Loans (like for furniture or something). Save up your money instead for the big items! Also, SAVE your credit for those tough times that are bound to pop up. For example, we had to buy a new fridge because the one that came with our house, broke down completely. So we had to (in that event) put it on a card. We opted for the Lowe's card, 6 months, no payments, no interest, and have a plan to have it paid off by the end of the 6 months and then CLOSE the card! You have to be disciplined to make something like this work. Took us years to get this way, but it has worked so far and we don't have a mountain of card debt etc...we just have our mortgage and my college loans (and we are paying off my husband's truck in two weeks!)!

Sunday, August 12, 2007

How much do you really watch TV?

I ask this because, this is a way we also save money in our house, No Cable, Dish, Nothing! We have Regular Channels. We do have a High Definition TV and with the HD Antenna, you get a few extra channels. This is great for our household, because rarely do we sit down to watch TV anyways!

Something to think about!

Blogging Moms and Podcasting Moms!

Moms Blogging

Added My Google Group

This morning, I have added my Google Group that I started well over a year ago. I had thought about shutting it down, as I no longer have the website that it was based on. Then I saw I have active members and plenty of posts in it, so I will leave it alone. I just changed the site to this one! No this is not technically a WAHM blog, although I have the MOST appreciation and respect for WAHMs I would love to be one myself! WAHM=Work At Home Mom!

It is a pretty open group, post your site, ad whatever! The only time it alerts me, if it suspects spam posting, mailing. Take advantage of it, it seems to be well used! At least I started something that kept going, whether I did or not! HMMM>>>HOW BOUT THAT!

Thanks for your stopping by today, please feel free to comment!


Moving my other Blog to Blogger!?

Hey out there in Blogger-land!!!! :-) I am curious if anyone has ever MOVED a blog? If so, how do you do that? I have a blog on another site, that I believe would do better and get more visibility here on Blogger! I believe my other blog is a good one and is getting trampled on by other blogs that don't use their own thoughts, etc....taking the easy way out without typing just to get ahead! Enough of my whining! LOL Let me know how to move a blog. What does that mean? Can you keep the same dates that is on the original blog? Etc....??? Or is it just simply copying and pasting?


Saturday, August 11, 2007

Work At Home Mom: Affiliate Marketing Programs

I found the following link/blog very useful for anyone trying to make money on their blog, etc...This person has made a TON of money (in my opinion) on things we all try to use everyday and not as successful! I will be reading further for myself! I found this person on, a great resource for anyone wanting to stay home with their kids. I wanted to, still do, but nothing quite worked out for me, doesn't mean it won't for you!

Work At Home Mom: Affiliate Marketing Programs

Great Day for Bargains!

Today started off great! We woke up early (my husband, son, and self) and got ready to go to a yard sale I saw advertised on Craigslist! We got there ON TIME, at the scheduled start time of the yard sale!!! Something I never do! I just can't wake up early to go out like that very well. So anyways, got there, and NOTHING was set up! I can not believe someone advertised a time and everything and had NOTHING out and NOTHING ready! What on Earth! I saw an Empty Table and some bags on the front porch, I told my husband, forget it...just drive on home and we'll have coffee. We'll stop if we see anything that looks good. So in a neighborhood near ours...we stopped in and I purchased some binoculars ($5) and a bracelet ($1) and a rhinestone necklace, beautiful ($1)...both jewelry items still had original boxes which is always nice! The Bracelet is broken, but can be fixed. It is 925 silver with gold plating! I thought, hey its a buck! Not bad.
Then I went to Great Clips (had a coupon for $7.99...hee hee)! I feel so much better! My hair was too long and getting too heavy! Thank goodness I finally broke down and got it cut! And I had a coupon at that! What a thrifty day! Oh yeah, then we went to Lowe's Home Improvement and we checked the infamous "mis-cuts" table and found one that we can use and it was marked down to $5.00!!!! Awesome deal, the regular price is $24.95! I love the "mis-cuts!" P.S. They will recut the mis-cuts to the size you need! We don't always get all of our blinds that way, but it sure is nice when we do! I look at the mis-cuts for my mom's house too! She is changing hers out for new! We are still trying to replace all of ours from the previous owner of our house to nicer ones! Only three more to go!!!!

Have a thrifty day and a Great Weekend!

Friday, August 10, 2007

Friday Favs with Mommy Community!

This Friday's Fav Topic is PIZZA! What is your favorite topping?

Well, mine is simple: Cheese with Mushrooms, and Jalapenos and Onions, and and and, Everything! Can't choose a Fav!

Join us next Friday for the next topic for "Friday Favs!"

Thursday, August 9, 2007

Old-School BLOGGER! SCARY!!!!! WHEW!

I have to let everyone know what a close call it was to change to old blogger! I nearly cried when all of my codes were gone! Wiped out! Nothing left on my blog but the posts!

I freaked out when I tried a new custom "classic" blogger template! I thought, hmm...I will get cute with my blog! Well, no more of that! I thought I lost all of my codes, etc.... I was very concerned! So how did I get it back to the way it was? Geez, I honestly don't know! LOL But so glad I did! I just hit a few buttons and luckily they were the correct ones!

Anywho, glad to be back to the dots template! LOL


Tuesday, August 7, 2007

Another Fun Way to Save Money!

Another way to save money and get some nature is to Grow your Own Veggie Garden!

I had the idea last year before we moved into our now house. Funny enough, my husband jumped right in building the raised garden bed (at our new house) and added irrigation and everything! Of course, it is his obsession! I am totally okay with that! He loves it! We have our own (don't have to buy in the store):

Cantaloupes; Onions; Okra; Cucumbers; Tomatoes; Watermelon; Radish; and Peppers
Next year we hope to add: Squash and Zucchini

It is great to not have to buy these veggies in the grocery store! A Cantaloupe alone is around $1.50 each! It is also a nice healthy thing to do for your family to have fresh veggies available all the time! You are also popular with your friends and neighbors when you have an excess of your veggies!

Get your green thumb going next year! Grow a garden!

Child Modeling: Money for College?

Has anyone ever had their child when they were young do some child modeling for like catalogs or something similar? I, of course, believe my son is beautiful. He is so well behaved (and he is two years old even) and is such a happy little camper.

I would not ever force something like modeling on him. I am interested to see if he would like it and if he would qualify. I think it would be cool to do like one or two assignments in the summer months when I am home or around the holidays or something. It would be great to get his college tuition by age 5 with something like this! Oh yes! I am a dreamer! Big time! :-)

I am not actively looking or anything, but keeping my eyes and ears open and open for suggestions! If you know anything about this field, please comment!

Thank you!

Monday, August 6, 2007

B&B Works Sale!

I just posted the following in my other blog but felt it definitely goes with this blog and you should read as well!

B&B Works is having a SALE! Again!
I do love Bath and Body Works! Just thought I would FYI all those fans out there, that they have their hand soaps and luxury soaps on sale now! The Hand Soaps for 5 for $15 and Luxury for 2 for $12!!! I took advantage of their last HUGE sale (in my opinion) and that was on the WallFlowers! I love those things! I bought 8 starters for the house! You saved $7.50 each! My house smells soo good! I love the Brown Sugar and Fig scent! I also bought two hand soaps then, but not for the 5 for $15! Good stuff! Maybe I will take advantage of this sale as well!

Smells good!

Oh yeah, they have the new hot item: FitFlops for Pre-Order also! You can only get them on Ebay at this time for a HUGE price! If you want them, I recommend pre-ordering and being patient! If you have deeper pockets than me...then go for it, bid on them on Ebay!

Helium Update

If you love to write, this is okay; however, don't expect to make much!

I have made 3 cents since I wrote three articles a while back. I know only three articles; however, they took a while to write. Again, if you love LOVE to write, this IS a great site! Go for it!

I may still go back again and write for the publicity. I am guessing it might be a free way to get advertising to your blogs and sites when someone reads and article, they may decide to see the bio of who wrote it, and that is where your sites/blogs can be listed and clicked on.

Just thought I would update!

Tax Receipt and the Thrift Store

Hi all!

Yes, Yard Sale is done and over for this year! Yippie! A lot of work goes into it, it is fun and then it is over!!! Whew!

Anywho, I am blogging about the tax receipts you get when making a donation. We donated our leftovers from the yard sale. I only claim/write down some of the items for Turbo Tax to later decide their worth. I had several brand new with tags items and excellent conditions so those are the ones I list. Anywho, the guy still wanted me to claim a specific worth but turbo tax calculates donations differently, you have to tell exact item and condition of the item. Which I don't mind, it calculates higher than I claim. That is all okay, I put an amount and I will still go by turbo tax, because it is the best proof w/ receipt listing items in detail of conditon.

Also, I had to rant that our local thrift store, that I dearly love to shop in, has rearranged and made things nicer looking but GUESS WHAT? They have raised their prices! I am like, I can get that on ebay WITH shipping charges included CHEAPER! I hope they lower their prices like they used to have them, that was the draw of that thrift store, was their large selection and prices and people working as volunteers. Oh well! I guess they saw a profit there for more than the charity. I am sorry, I sound ugly now. Forgive me, I am a major bargain hunter.

Just to elaborate at the risk of boring you; here is an example: their jewelry (costume mind you) is $1-$3 each and some is in the teens! That sounds good, sure! But they used to have quarter-a dollar nothing is below a dollar. Okay, now to compare, I just bought a lot of GOOD vintage costume jewelry on ebay: 30 pieces w/ shipping for $13 ONLY! That is way better than their pricing and shouldn't be. Ebay has went up also, but sad when the local thrift does too! Okay, done! Now I have proven how thrifty and cheap I really am! LOL


FYI: I have another Blog for your Reading Interest!

Hey out there!

If you are interested in non-thrifty and creative things, check out my other blog! I absolutely love this one also! I love all of my blogs! Blog, Blog, Blog!

As stated before, I like the word Blog, it used to be gross sounding, but now it is a nice "buzz" word for me!

Til next post!


Sadly, I just posted this and am now editing it because I forgot to LINK the new blog! Crazy me! Son's asleep right now, so I am excited to be blogging and passing the time while he sleeps. It is when I get to be me and not Mom! Don't get me wrong "Mom" is the best title in the world! :-)

Here it is:

Melanie R

Sunday, August 5, 2007

Yard Sale Complete! WHEW!

Our yard sale is finally over and done for the year! We do one yard sale a year (because that is how long it takes to have enough stuff to sell and have a decent one)!

I am still exhausted from yesterday! Of course, I did just wake up!

The yard sale was a success! My friend and I both had less stuff from what we had last year! Even though, we still did very well and sold almost EVERYTHING! And this is despite the heat/humidity AND North Carolina's Tax Free Weekend! I didn't realize that when I scheduled the yard sale, but we still did well! Next year we will do our yard sale in October! Cooler and more people get out yard saling in that month it seemed. I just wanted to try a summer one! Not again! :-) Too hot and humid. We stopped at 11am! The good news is, we did sell nearly everything so staying out there til 1pm would have been crazy on our part! I had my husband go get the signs up and then we packed up! Nothing like someone leaving their signs out for a week! That's annoying!

When we came in, it was nice because my husband made us some homemade pizza from scratch!

Let me get goin' for the day now!


Thursday, August 2, 2007

Saving Stuff!

Here is something funny I am going to try to do:

Save Bottle Caps! I am thinking, it is a way to NOT throw something in the garbage and not only that, once I get like a pound or so of them, I am going to sell them as a craft material! No won't make me a millionaire, but may make me $10 bucks! :-) Every dollar counts in my family! For me also, it is fun to see ways to save something from the trash and then turn around and make a dollar. I just thought I would share that funny thing I am doing right now! :-)

Of course, I save box tops and Soup Labels for my school as, if you are going to use these products anyway, give them to your school for them to cash in! If everyone does it, they make a lot of money! I know our school has made in the thousands every year off just the boxtops!

Don't have a school around you that collects them, let me know and you can send them to my school! Each boxtop equals 10 cents each! All those dimes add up!

Okay, enough of my cheap ways today! Blog back to you later!

I have to finish gathering yard sale items and stickering them today along with making my signs! I am doing well, ahead of the time table!

Wednesday, August 1, 2007

New Look to Thrifty and Creative

Hey, I am getting creative over here at Thrifty and Creative. Well, maybe not SO creative seeing that I am using a normal layout from blogger! :-) But, I feel it looks a little neater. I am trying to make my blog look less junky. I hope it is more eye catching and readable! Let me know!

Comments are More than Welcome!

Just wanted to update all you readers/bloggers out there, that I have updated my comments section to accept everyone. I am sorry, I did not realize I basically had everyone blocked!

Would love to know who is here, so comment away.
(FYI: Comments will be moderated if necessary!)

I am constantly trying to improve my blog. Any suggestions on that one are welcome as well! Be nice please! :-)

Just a wild thought on Televisions!

Well, not sure if you would call it a thought, ponder, or it is:

Have you ever wondered what people with some newer homes (past five years or so) what people are going to do with that HOLE in the wall for "old fashioned" giant backed TVs are going to do with that space? I naturally ask and ponder because I am looking and we have a nice HD TV but it is NOT a Plasma and lets get real...that is what we are going to ALL have (according to the major stores' shelves in the electronics section) in the next few years! I know we would have one now if we could afford it!!! It's getting closer though, prices dropping dramatically on these televisions! So what are we going to do with that hole in the wall when we get a nice FLAT TV? It should not be wasted!!! Any ideas out there?

"Something to think about!"