Friday, August 10, 2007

Friday Favs with Mommy Community!

This Friday's Fav Topic is PIZZA! What is your favorite topping?

Well, mine is simple: Cheese with Mushrooms, and Jalapenos and Onions, and and and, Everything! Can't choose a Fav!

Join us next Friday for the next topic for "Friday Favs!"


Michelle said...

Jalapeno's are new to me. My hubby would love that. He likes anything hot. I'm a boring pizza eater. I need to try an "everything on it pizza" some time.

Anonymous said...

I love mushrooms on pizza too - I can't beleive I forgot that! But, I have not tried jalapenos on them - hmmm.... something I will definitely try out. Thanks for playing along!

Angela said...

Mmm jalapenos sound good! But I'm the make it from scratch cook in my family... Mine's up too.