Saturday, August 25, 2007

The Best Diapers to use for night time and shopping!

I know when we go shopping, I do not want to have to change a wet diaper every 30 minutes to an hour. Also, at night time, it stinks to have to change a diaper in the middle of the night and a sheet too! We discovered that it is best (for us) to buy the Huggies Overnites! These things are AWESOME! You will not have a leak! You can go shopping and only if you are out a LONG time will you have to change a diaper! Everyone is happy with these diapers! Also, when we go to my Mom's house (two hours away from where we live); I always put one of these diapers on, and we are all happy the whole way!

The only thing I hate is I didn't know they had them in size 4's! We (husband and I) discovered them when he was in a size 5 already! I highly recommend these diapers! You are looking to spend around $9.99 for 28 or so in a pack! But each one is like buying THREE to the One! Well worth it, and it IS a savings in the long run, as we only invest in two bags (at best) per month...they just last! I love these diapers. Off times, during the day at home, etc...we use the Aldi's Brand diapers...only $5.99 a pack for 36 (same size I am comparing). We love these too, just not for overnight or trips!

I hope I help someone discover these! They are so worth it! Also, they are real streatchy, easy to put on, and looks comfortable on my son! They come in a Purple Packaging!

Have a Super Saturday!

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