Sunday, August 5, 2007

Yard Sale Complete! WHEW!

Our yard sale is finally over and done for the year! We do one yard sale a year (because that is how long it takes to have enough stuff to sell and have a decent one)!

I am still exhausted from yesterday! Of course, I did just wake up!

The yard sale was a success! My friend and I both had less stuff from what we had last year! Even though, we still did very well and sold almost EVERYTHING! And this is despite the heat/humidity AND North Carolina's Tax Free Weekend! I didn't realize that when I scheduled the yard sale, but we still did well! Next year we will do our yard sale in October! Cooler and more people get out yard saling in that month it seemed. I just wanted to try a summer one! Not again! :-) Too hot and humid. We stopped at 11am! The good news is, we did sell nearly everything so staying out there til 1pm would have been crazy on our part! I had my husband go get the signs up and then we packed up! Nothing like someone leaving their signs out for a week! That's annoying!

When we came in, it was nice because my husband made us some homemade pizza from scratch!

Let me get goin' for the day now!


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