Monday, August 6, 2007

Tax Receipt and the Thrift Store

Hi all!

Yes, Yard Sale is done and over for this year! Yippie! A lot of work goes into it, it is fun and then it is over!!! Whew!

Anywho, I am blogging about the tax receipts you get when making a donation. We donated our leftovers from the yard sale. I only claim/write down some of the items for Turbo Tax to later decide their worth. I had several brand new with tags items and excellent conditions so those are the ones I list. Anywho, the guy still wanted me to claim a specific worth but turbo tax calculates donations differently, you have to tell exact item and condition of the item. Which I don't mind, it calculates higher than I claim. That is all okay, I put an amount and I will still go by turbo tax, because it is the best proof w/ receipt listing items in detail of conditon.

Also, I had to rant that our local thrift store, that I dearly love to shop in, has rearranged and made things nicer looking but GUESS WHAT? They have raised their prices! I am like, I can get that on ebay WITH shipping charges included CHEAPER! I hope they lower their prices like they used to have them, that was the draw of that thrift store, was their large selection and prices and people working as volunteers. Oh well! I guess they saw a profit there for more than the charity. I am sorry, I sound ugly now. Forgive me, I am a major bargain hunter.

Just to elaborate at the risk of boring you; here is an example: their jewelry (costume mind you) is $1-$3 each and some is in the teens! That sounds good, sure! But they used to have quarter-a dollar nothing is below a dollar. Okay, now to compare, I just bought a lot of GOOD vintage costume jewelry on ebay: 30 pieces w/ shipping for $13 ONLY! That is way better than their pricing and shouldn't be. Ebay has went up also, but sad when the local thrift does too! Okay, done! Now I have proven how thrifty and cheap I really am! LOL


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