Tuesday, August 7, 2007

Another Fun Way to Save Money!

Another way to save money and get some nature is to Grow your Own Veggie Garden!

I had the idea last year before we moved into our now house. Funny enough, my husband jumped right in building the raised garden bed (at our new house) and added irrigation and everything! Of course, it is his obsession! I am totally okay with that! He loves it! We have our own (don't have to buy in the store):

Cantaloupes; Onions; Okra; Cucumbers; Tomatoes; Watermelon; Radish; and Peppers
Next year we hope to add: Squash and Zucchini

It is great to not have to buy these veggies in the grocery store! A Cantaloupe alone is around $1.50 each! It is also a nice healthy thing to do for your family to have fresh veggies available all the time! You are also popular with your friends and neighbors when you have an excess of your veggies!

Get your green thumb going next year! Grow a garden!

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Karen said...

You're right - it's an awesome way to save money. I love my garden! If only it would grow through the snow. haha