Monday, August 13, 2007

Monday Mommy Tip

Mommy Community each week hosts "Monday Mommy Tip!" If you post a Mommy Tip in your blog, simply login to Mommy Community Site and link to them by following the instructions!

My Monday Mommy Tip is:
Instead of using the check register that comes with your bank issued checks, invest a few dollars into a "cash" book from WalMart! I like to save up receipts, etc....and put them in the book. It is easier later to go back and flip through pages to see what I paid for something. I also have a spot where my husbands drops his receipts for the day so I can deduct his receipts too. Also, it is nice to leave the left side pages empty, using only the right. That way you can write notes on the left like Confirmation #s etc...for online bill paying or anything for that matter that relates to some item on the right side! I have been doing this probably for 7+ years! I can go back to the previous year to see what I paid for something, or to see what my paycheck was at the same time as the current year, but the past, etc.... Because they are hard back books, it stores nicely and looks good on your home office desk!

I hope someone finds this useful. It really is easier and less messy!
Let me know if you do the same thing, just curious if anyone else out there, crazy like me! LOL


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