Wednesday, August 15, 2007

How and/or What do you recycle?

I was just thinking about items to recycle. I thought, hmm, that would be a good thought on Thrifty and Creative and would love to see what you think?

So think about it, what do you recycle that might not be ordinarily thought of?

For example: Printer Cartridges (buying your own ink and reusing it! Yes, you can also buy from folks who reuse cartridges as well! Thought about this because the other day my son got into the ink, and yes, it is still on me and him and the floor! :-)

I know a lot of people do the above, but what do you do? Maybe you can help us all out to be better and greener folks!

Thanks for reading and stopping by!

Ready for your comments!
P.S. I added a "mister linky" Not sure how it works, but if you do, please use it so we can all see! :-)

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