Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Thrifty Idea

Hey all you magazine readers out there!!!

Do you toss your mags when you are done? What do you do with them? Let them sit around and collect dust until they do get tossed? Anywho, I am an Art Teacher (they call us "trash collectors" at times) and we Art Teachers love to get items like Magazines for collage work, etc... for our classrooms! So get out there and donate your old magazines to your child's school or local school! The Art Teacher will love you for it! One thing to remember, Tear Out your Address and Name! I know, when I receive magazines and they have the person's name/address on them, I do tear them off and shred. In the event the person you donate your mags to doesn't do this, do it for yourself!

Also, anything else you have, an Art Teacher would love! People laugh at me all the time, because I say No to nothing anyone offers it seems!

It's recycling, It's "Green", It could be a masterpiece!!!! So donate to your local school or Art Room!

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