Saturday, August 11, 2007

Great Day for Bargains!

Today started off great! We woke up early (my husband, son, and self) and got ready to go to a yard sale I saw advertised on Craigslist! We got there ON TIME, at the scheduled start time of the yard sale!!! Something I never do! I just can't wake up early to go out like that very well. So anyways, got there, and NOTHING was set up! I can not believe someone advertised a time and everything and had NOTHING out and NOTHING ready! What on Earth! I saw an Empty Table and some bags on the front porch, I told my husband, forget it...just drive on home and we'll have coffee. We'll stop if we see anything that looks good. So in a neighborhood near ours...we stopped in and I purchased some binoculars ($5) and a bracelet ($1) and a rhinestone necklace, beautiful ($1)...both jewelry items still had original boxes which is always nice! The Bracelet is broken, but can be fixed. It is 925 silver with gold plating! I thought, hey its a buck! Not bad.
Then I went to Great Clips (had a coupon for $7.99...hee hee)! I feel so much better! My hair was too long and getting too heavy! Thank goodness I finally broke down and got it cut! And I had a coupon at that! What a thrifty day! Oh yeah, then we went to Lowe's Home Improvement and we checked the infamous "mis-cuts" table and found one that we can use and it was marked down to $5.00!!!! Awesome deal, the regular price is $24.95! I love the "mis-cuts!" P.S. They will recut the mis-cuts to the size you need! We don't always get all of our blinds that way, but it sure is nice when we do! I look at the mis-cuts for my mom's house too! She is changing hers out for new! We are still trying to replace all of ours from the previous owner of our house to nicer ones! Only three more to go!!!!

Have a thrifty day and a Great Weekend!

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