Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Thrifty Thursday: Book Fairs

I am excited to report our school is currently running their 50% off Book Fair. Always check your child's school's Book Fairs. You might be surprised at some of the deals on some great books you can get. I know some of the most beautiful and best books I have bought have been from my school's book fairs.

Yesterday I bought Seven (7) books...4 of the seven were hardbacks. I paid total $17.50 for all seven books and that includes tax! Wow! Two of the books are "Curious George!" My son LOVES "Curious George!" $2.00 a piece for those!

Happy Thrifty Thursday! (Psst....Tomorrow is Friday!)

Wordless Wednesday: Art Recycling Projects Display

This is my bulletin board of recycled art projects that my students created.
There are some Fused Plastic pieces, Altered CDs, and a few Artist Trading Cards.
The students are third-fifth graders that created these masterpieces. They had a lot of fun!

Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Tuesday Toot: Flooring and Summer is coming!

My Tuesday Toots this week are:

I am loving my new hardwood kitchen flooring!


I am excited that there is only 6 or so weeks left of school til I am out for Summer Vacation! I am also excited to have a summer vacation as we almost went year-round. Safe from it this year but next summer may be a different story. I will take it one day at a time and enjoy my summer this year and not worry about the rest.

Happy Tuesday Toot to you all!

Saturday, April 26, 2008

Before and After Shots: My New Kitchen Floor!

I love my new kitchen floor! Below are before and after shots of the same area of the kitchen floor. The first set (directly below this typing) is actually during and after...the other two sets are the way the floor used to be and now!

My son enjoys the new flooring as well! Beautiful Ain't it? I love it!

Friday, April 25, 2008

Happy Arbor Day! Happy Friday!

Today is Arbor Day! A day to go out and plant a tree.

Oddly enough today is the day they had available to install our hardwood floors in the kitchen. So I end up with the day off, not so bad.

I just wanted to add a quick post to let you all know that I am a little behind on the blogging due to getting the kitchen prepped for the installers. Just this morning, I realized when I read the paper again...uh ohhh...have to remove everything from the walls too. Ooops! Didn't take too long but still. Now the kitchen looks like we just moved in. When the floor gets put in, it is going to feel like we just moved into a new house entirely. I am hoping all goes well with the installation. I will keep you posted and post before and after pictures....we all love that!

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Wordless Wednesday: Giant Socks in a Giant Dresser

Happy Wordless Wednesday!
This is a picture we took leaving the Hospital where my sister had her baby.

You will have to click on the picture above to enlarge it and take a close look at the giant socks hanging out of the giant dresser drawer. I have seen this many times when I was little and lived home. You will find this site in High Point, NC! They have another very larger bureau also in High Point somewhere else. Thomasville, NC (neighboring city) is the home of the "Big Chair."
Happy WW!

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Happy Earth Day!

How will you celebrate Earth Day?

Today I am wearing a shirt that says "Be kind to our Planet, it's a pretty neat place!" Gift from my sister a couple years ago.

Here are some "Earth/Green" Sites that are celebrating Earth Day:

Plant a Billion Trees Caring for the Earth Lessons/Projects

Living Green Toolbar

Earth Day at

We Can Solve

Design a Green Reusable Grocery Bag for Kroger: Recieve a FREE Reusable Bag and enter for a chance to win a $500 gift card for Kroger!

Earth Day Sites for Kids

The U.S. Government's Earth Day Site

I know there are many many many more great Green and Earth Day Sites! If you have one to share...drop it in the comment jar! :-)

Happy Earth Day!

Say NO to Plastic Bags!
It's Nice outside (here it is): Turn off your heating and air. Perfect Temperature!
Let your hair dry naturally!
I could keep going, but alas, I must go to work! Again, Happy Earth Day!

Tuesday Toot: New Flooring!

Hey all! I have two Tuesday Toots for this week. Yay, Yay!

#1) As I posted earlier, I finally un-lazied myself and am back on Ebay after an 8 month break. (Really hard to find time during the school year.) Within the first 24 hours, I do already have one bid on one of the two items. That is exciting. I have been selling on Ebay for 7 years now, but still...things/rules etc...change so rapidly that you don't know when you come back, how it will be.

#2) This Friday we are having our hardwood flooring installed in our Kitchen. I am so sooo excited about this. The current floor we have is awful and terrible as far as trying to clean it. It NEVER looks clean, even immediately after it is cleaned. I love hardwoods and am excited that this Friday I will have them in my Kitchen as well! It is going to give my kitchen the facelift it deserves!

Happy Tuesday Tooting!

As soon as I am able to get the Graphic From Mommy Community, I will place it here!

Sunday, April 20, 2008

Back on Ebay!

Just thought I would share that I am back on Ebay! I have two panels of fabric listed. One Cavalier King Charles Spaniel Cameo piece by Braemore and another piece of a Parrot. Both are beautiful pieces and would make great pillows or handbags!

Check out my Ebay Items!

Happy Sunday!

Thursday, April 17, 2008

Thrifty Tip Thursday: Make your own Kite!

Want to make your own kite nearly free? Read below the pictures!
The picture below is of one of three kites I made last night for my sitter's house today. I made one for each of the three that stay with her during the day. I used a toy magazine to make them rather than tossing the magazine. (Green) The rest of the magazine will go to work with me for collage purposes for my students.

The picture below is of all three. I did not use tissue tubes on these because I didn't have enough. I just chopped up a dryer sheet box and punched a hole to tie the string on and wrapped it around the rectangle cardboard.

I love Thursdays!

That is right...Make your Own Kite out of simple "around the house" materials:

*String (yarn, whatever you have)
*Regular sheet of paper
*Bamboo Skewer Stick
*Crayons (for decoration, etc...I am thinking for kids)
*Masking Tape
*Tissue Tube (I use this to hold the string by hole punching one end and tieing the string to it and wrap around the tube. Easy for kids to hold and let the string out.)
*Hole Punchers...nice but not necessary...just jab a hole with the skewer works also.

I know...this isn't complete instructions...that is why I have THIS LINK that tells you step by step on how to fold the kite and attach the stick. I could type all of that out, but in blog world...we love new sites and clicking on stuff.

By the way: I have made these kites with my Kindergartners and some older children as well over the past 5-6 years. Trust me...they FLY as good as any store bought one. Maybe not as cute, but the kids get to say they made it and can decorate them. They are always amazed by how well they fly! Adults are amazed too. :-) You don't even need a lot of wind to make them fly. Cool little kites! Kids love 'em, and so do adults...very little if any cash out of pocket. I make about 100+ a year and it costs me only a few dollars for tape and sticks. I usually have everything else.

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Wordless Wednesday: My Niece at two weeks old!

This past Saturday, we went to see my sister's baby (aka: My Niece).
She turned two weeks on that day! Very proud Aunt here!
Man, I had forgotten how TINY newborns are. Awwww...soo cute and tiny.
She is over 7 lbs here, not sure of the ounces.
And Wow...what a head of hair on that kid!

Happy Wordless Wednesday!

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

My Best Weekend Deal: Children's Books for a Dollar $1.00

This past Saturday I went to my Mom and Sister's town. They have the best dollar store I have ever seen. They have more than the regular dollar store merchandise. They also have "close-outs" and everything is still just one dollar $1.00! Below is three books I bought there for one dollar each. All three are hardback with beautiful illustrations. Absolutely beautiful books at an astonishing price. Most of the time at the dollar stores, you can find children's books; however, I have never seen any quite this nice before. Very impressive. I went in to buy erasers and walked out with a bag full of stuff. :-) I got my son some sand toys, yarn, beads, a cool kid's cup with snow globe on it, the three books, and of course the three books. Just a lot of great stuff for a dollar each. I love that store! The store is MIGHTY DOLLAR!!! Check their website to see if you have one near you, or check out their franchise opportunities. I might...we don't have one around here. The one I go to, again, is at my Mom and Sister's.

I am also making this post my Tuesday Toot as well! Very proud of my purchases!

Monday, April 14, 2008

Final Hours of Tax Season! File to get your Tax Rebate today! I love Turbo Tax!

Below are the things you should know about the government tax rebates: (Information supplied by TurboTax)

*To receive your tax rebate you must file your 2007 tax return
*Your economic stimulus tax rebate is based on your 2007 income and how many children you have.
*Most individual taxpayers will get $600.
*Most married couples will get $1,200.
*Plus, most taxpayers will receive an additional $300 per child.

****Remember, you must file your Federal Tax Return to get your rebate.

TurboTax - Choose Easy

We only use TurboTax in our house (now and for the past 4 years)! We do get maximum refunds and everything each year. I also file my Mother's, Sister's and My sister's Co-worker's taxes this way. They were all impressed with TurboTax as well! Hurry up! Time is running out! Get your Refund AND your Tax Rebate!!!! Happy End of Tax Season! (I had ours finished at the beginning of February; Thanks to the speed of TurboTax. It stores your information year to year and after the first year, the next year just flows.)

What will you do/have done with your Tax Refund and will do with your Rebate?

Ours will be used for our trip this summer and to pay down debt (of course)!

Friday, April 11, 2008

Quick Tips on Saving on your Electric Bill in Warm Weather!

I wanted to post a couple of quick tips for saving on your electric bill in warm weather. I have made posts about this last summer as well but it is always nice to have a "refresher" post. Here it goes:

*MOST ceiling fans go counterclockwise in the summer to create the "cool" breeze.

*Good Light Blocking Blinds and Shades help and are even more effective with Light Blocking or thick curtains.

*It is always a good idea to check your electric companies' website for tips on saving on your electric bill and cooling in the summer.

Throughout Spring and Summer I will post tips as they occur to me, so "stay tuned!"

Happy Friday!

Thursday, April 10, 2008

Thrifty Thursday Tip: Want to look good for your trip?

Thrifty Thursday Tip:

I thought I would share what I have done and am going to do as far as getting ready for our trip this summer. I had planned to get my hair and nails done this summer before we go on our trip to Romania. And then it hit me all of the sudden....I decided to have my husband to ask his sister (whom is in Romania) pricing on hair cuts, foil highlights, manicure, and facial there. First I had him to ask about getting my hair cut and foil highlights. She responded all for $40 (around where I live $150)! I said..forget having it done here before I go, his family will just have to look at me like I am now for a day or two. :-) Then I said, hmm....ask her about manicures: $4.00 (about $30 here) then facials (I hadn't even planned on this one): $16.00 (about $30-$50 here)! Case Closed: I will "beautify" myself in my husband's hometown this summer and just hold off on everything until I get there.

I wasn't sure if their prices would still be cheaper as they have been in the Euro for a couple years now and prices have started to increase. Great for them, not for us "budget" travelers. :-) Still, I am excited about those prices for hair and nails AND facial.

Anywho...this is the tip: Before you "get beautiful" for your vacations this summer....give a call to the area or do some research online for pricing of such may have more fun and save a few dollars having this done on your trip. Pretty cool souvenir if you asked me. :-)

Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Wordless Wednesday: My Son and Elmo watch DVDs!

Thrifty note on picture below of My son "watching dvds" with his Buddy "Elmo!"
This "My Size Elmo" cost me $1.00 at the school yard sale! WOW! He loves it! Great condition, has little feet holders so the child can "dance" with Elmo and the Elmo talks! Excellent deal for a dollar and my son has a "friend" his size! :-)

In the picture son and myself just were having our picture taken by "Daddy!" As you can see my son was not excited as he was in mid-chew with his bread. :-)

Happy Wordless Wednesday!

7 Random Things About Me! I was Tagged!

LJ from Mommy Gets Paid has tagged me. I get to share 7 random/weird things about myself with you and then tag 7 more people to do the same.

Here is the 7:
1. I love to watch Beauty and the Geek, Kitchen Nightmares and The Office!!!
2. My husband is from Romania....we got married IN Romania! :-) We are visiting this summer!
3. My favorite art form is Drawing with Pencil; however, time doesn't seem to allow me time to ever exercise this form.
4. No surprise...I love Yard Sales, Thrift Stores, Discounts, and Shopping on the Net.
5. I love decorating my house and take pride in it. I am looking forward to having hardwood flooring installed in our kitchen.
6. I hate Cooking, but I LOVE to eat!!! Terrible isn't it?
7. I teach Elementary Art (am licensed to teach K-12 Art). My favorite projects with the kids involve Altered Art and Recycling. These projects are the ones the kids are most likely to keep and showcase to others. Example: Domino Necklaces, Recycled Plastic Bag Purses, and Altered Puzzle Pieces into a wearable pin. Weaving and Pottery are also recent favorites.

So, there you have it….now I get to tag 7 people to share their 7 random things:
(I will fill this in later)

Ok, there we go…now let’s see what these guys come up with for their 7 random things!
(coming soon)

Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Tuesday Toot: New Domain!!!

This week's "Tuesday Toot" is "tooting" my new domain! more typing and switching to ! Much easier to type and remember. I have owned the domain for a while, but it took me that long to find the time to research HOW to apply it to my blogger blog. I still need to figure out how to make sure that will direct to it without the www. Not to can still get here with the old blogspot domain as well.

Monday, April 7, 2008

Visual Technical Difficulties!

Visual Technical Difficulties!

As you may have title area is missing...I had to add a little something to try to figure out what has happened. I have no idea. For a little while the top of this blog may be a bit on the "ugly" side. I apologize, as I don't like looking at it either. I will get it figured out or make something new for the top. I miss my simple coffee cup already.

Thank you for your understanding. I do hope you will still stick around and "read" awhile!

Happy Monday!

Sunday, April 6, 2008

We got half of our Earnest Money Back...what to do?

I don't want to go into this long drawn out I will keep this a short and simple post. Before we bought the house we are in...we put down $1000 earnest money on a house we intended to buy...not this one. Once we recieved the Home Inspection...we withdrew because the cost repair contingency was $3K. The house had over $35K worth of damage no problem. We were told by our realtor we would get our Earnest Money back without issue. Not the both parties (avoiding a REALLY long post here) were stubborn (yep...we being one of the parties)...neither of us would release the money. Nearly two years later...we finally (both parties) just agreed to split it in half (we hate this, because we deserved the entire amount but oh well).

So the good news is we have $500 to spend we didn't know we would ever see again. We are going to apply it to our Lowe's Card bill to pay it almost we can take advantage of their next promotion (starting on April 10th) of another 12 months no interest/payment. We will be having hardwood floors installed in our Kitchen! I am sooo excited! I will have to take before and after photos to share. The detailer will come out to give an estimate sometime this week. We estimate the total cost to be around $2000. If so, we know to divide by 12 and that is our new monthly payment. :-) Yep, it's worth it for me. I do NOT like my current floor as it is near impossible to clean. The worst floor I have ever had to try to keep clean in my life. :-)

We only buy from Lowe's with this kind of deal with their card. We DO pay it off by the end of the 12 it is same as cash. WATCH OUT if you do this and make sure you budget out a monthly payment that you make yourself pay. They won't make you pay in that 12 months. The idea of course...and then hit you with the back interest you accrued. It works for us though because we are disciplined with this. We bought our Stainless Steel (not so stain-less) Fridge this way and paid it off...and now getting ready to pay off the porch swing, son's swing, etc...with this $500! Money well spent.

Friday, April 4, 2008

Yard Sale Season! Yay!

Yay! It is Yard Sale Season again! I know it is where we live (NC). The weather is perfect for having a yard sale and shopping yard sales.

Want to get out shopping tomorrow morning? My favorite places to search for yard/garage sales in order to plan my morning out are listed below:

My first and favorite site to check for yard/garage sales is Craigslist! Where I live, this is the ONLY advertising you need to do as it is popular around here to list your yard sales and shoppers check it to plan their Saturday mornings out.

I check our local television stations' free classified online sections.

I also check our local newspapers' online classifieds.

If you have a local "neighborhood/area" website...these sites are great resources for local yard and garage sales.

Plan your Saturday Morning yard sale shopping Bonanza tonight! Happy Yard Sale Hunting! If you know of a great yard sale planning resource...share it by dropping a comment in the "comment jar!"

Happy Friday Everyone!

Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Wordless Wednesday: I'm an Aunt!

Isn't she a cutie? I see lots of Dolls in her future!! :-)
Her Aunt collects Barbies!
Thrifty Update on Hospital Bill: We won't know the exact charges unless my sister asks for an itemized statement. They automatically send something that LOOKS like an itemized statement but if you want to see the dollar here and dollar there stuff, you have to submit a written request if I remember correctly. You don't get it unless you request it.