Saturday, April 9, 2011

Michael's is having a great sale today!

Today you can print out the usual 40% off coupon.
They also have awesome deals on semi-precious gemstones: 50% off on most! Whoa! I hate I didn't have a lot to spend! :-)
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Sunday, April 3, 2011

Savings in our household update:

Just thought I would write a very quick update as we are getting ready for church this beautiful Sunday morning!

We are currently waiting for our "convenience" center decal (to take our own trash).  Our last trash pick-up was this past Thursday.  I ordered the sticker like two weeks ago.  We really hope it gets here before the end of the week or we shall be taking a road trip all the way to the landfill (20 mins away vs. 2 minutes). :-)  No biggie, as long as they hurry up and send it!

Also, the baby is now a "one year old" and doesn't have to have formula, she is starting to use a sippy cup and eating some regular food not just out of the pricey jars.  :-)  All this adds up to savings.  To any already moms out there...I know you know this, but you also know how refreshing it is.  Phew!  Sigh of relief!

That is my update for now, I am sure there is more, but time is ticking!
Take Care!