Friday, August 29, 2008

100 Days Til Christmas is Rapidly Approaching! Start Shopping Now!

That is correct! We are closing in on 100 days Til Christmas! I can't believe it myself. What I am planning to do is to get a jump start on my Christmas Shopping this year by starting now. Well, this weekend with all the Labor Day Sales. I intend to make my Christmas list early and start buying for one person or one gift at a time or per week. This way not to strain the budget now or at Christmas. It should be like coasting through Christmas and avoid all that shopping stress. One year (about three years ago) I started a little earlier than this, and Christmas was such a breeze and even more enjoyable. We were able to fully enjoy what you are suppose to and we still had great gifts for everyone. We were able to spoil ourselves with better gifts for each other (husband and myself that is) and enjoy the crowds and not "fight" the crowds because it didn't matter because we were "done!"
Now, if we can be that successful this year with a three year old. Hmmmm.....We'll see! I know, I am excited. I enjoy transforming our Dining Room into our "Christmas Room!" I just love it!
Note the Christmas Countdown Banner below in this post and the bottom of the blog. Man, it is hard to believe it is this close again! Wow wee!
Christmas countdown banner
Happy Labor Day Sales and Weekend!

Saturday, August 23, 2008

ArtsCow Free Prints and Photobook Update

I just wanted to update that I did, in fact, receive my first 100 free prints and my free photobook (that looks great by the way). It took about two weeks (due to the fact it is shipped from Hong Kong). I am okay with that because it is FREE! I wouldn't recommend you ordering from here unless you are NOT in a hurry!!!! I don't mind waiting because, can't complain about Free!

I did have one commentor that said he/she never received credits for referrals. I can't confirm or deny this as I have not personally received a completed referral (CORRECTION: I have two completed referrals now and artscow was great and DID give me credits and free prints for the effort!). I will say, it is worth signing up for the free prints and book, especially if you have a ton of vacation or event photos you would love to have printed!

Visit my previous post to get more information. I felt I needed to update and I will release the comment by a visitor now that I can confirm that you will receive your prints and book. I am happy with the quality, etc...myself. Also, I am happy to receive proper credits!!!! I recommend these guys fully now. Free prints, Free books...earn credits for more free stuff and they accept PayPal! I can't complain!

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Free Pet Safety Pack from the ASPCA!

I have been wanting for a long time and for some reason my vet is always out of the fire stickers for animals. You put the window decal in a corner of a window or door in case of a fire to alert rescuers that there are animals that need saving also inside.

My friend emailed me the link and now I am sharing it with you so you can help protect your little furry friends! Also, they will send a magnet with Poison Control for Animals! Can't beat that!

Have a great day!

Free Pet Safety Pack from the ASPCA

Monday, August 11, 2008

How do you get your MP3/iPod Music?

The older I get, the older I feel with technology; however, I try to keep up...but at a somewhat slow pace.

I recently, since returning from Romania a few weeks back, upgraded my cell phone. It has an MP3 player on it. I would like to ask advice on how to save money when adding songs and also, where do you find the best "deal!" I remember sometime back there being lawsuits, etc...about downloads....I really don't want to get into anything that could result in that, simply over listening to a song or two.

What I did, as a recommendation of a friend of mine is: bought a napster Music Download Card for $14.85 and I get 15 songs with no subscription fees and I am done after I get my 15 songs. Now, I would like recommendations, but I am not someone that wants a subscription because I really won't ever download that much music (nor do I know that many songs) nor will I listen to it constantly. So, I don't really want or need a subscription...I would rather pay as I go and only buy when I can. I like to stay on budget and not add monthly bills unless it is necessary or I have planned for it. I realize all the above was unnecessary but I like to every now and again mention how we budget, etc... :-)

Alrighty, I am sure that was a nice and confusing post. Still getting back into the swing of things. Looking forward to any advice from you music listeners out there.

Psst...I have to admit, it is kinda fun surfing for songs! I was thinking....hmm...maybe I want an iPod so I can have this jukebox by Crosley at Target that takes iPods to play music for my kitchen! Now, I could get into buying more songs for that now! I love decorating my kitchen!
But, alas, I am "Thrifty!"

Friday, August 8, 2008

Finally getting Dish Network!

We have not had Dish Network, cable, etc...whatever until sometime today in Two Years! I didn't want to sign up again until I was certain, financially, we could pay the payment without hurting ourselves. Better than that, our phone company and high speed internet service provider are bundling with Dish Network and through a promotional right now...we can have up to four TVs FREE for 12 months! After the 12 months, we will pay the normal price, which is going to only be $50 more than we pay now and it will be four tvs with DVRs on all with Top 200! I am pretty excited about this. I miss my HGTV!!! I only see it online and at other people's houses for now. It will be nice to turn on the TV and actually find something to watch anytime of day, if I wish. Does this mean I am going to sit in front of the TV more than now? Not really, but it will just be nice when I want to wind down, I can find something on TV. My husband, naturally is excited about the sports channels. We all are excited about Disney. We are all Disney Channel Fans here!

Have a great weekend and oh, OF COURSE, we get Dish Network on the SAME day as the Opening Ceremonies of the Olympics! What does that mean? Probably will be watching regular TV tonight! :-)

Enjoy watching the Olympics tonight! I love the opening ceremonies the best of all! I believe Bejing will do a beautiful job with the ceremonies!!!

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

400 FREE Photo Prints and a FREE Photo Book! Just pay shipping!

In my opinion, you have nothing to lose but some of your time uploading all of those pictures and a few dollars in shipping here and there! I believe that is a fair deal! I noticed in my account you have time periods in which to "spend" your photo credits. Like 50 or so prints between one date through another. And trust me, it is a ton of prints and they give you a long span of time for them from the time you sign up to almost four months later. There is a mixture of 4X6s and 5X7s in your promotional. You have 100 photos to spend each month in 50 increments. The photo book must be made and purchased in your first month before that deal expires. Truly, plenty of time here!
Let me know if you have used these guys before and what you think!

Monday, August 4, 2008

ER and Rebates

Just realized I had not updated my blog in some time (almost a week), which is strange for me. Usually I keep up with my blog better than this. I guess it is a matter of trying to get back into our old routines. We had not been on any kind of vacation like that since we have been married I guess it should mess us up a little bit on daily routines.

Here are a few updates from the past few days:

ER: Yep, Emergency Room! That is where we went yesterday for my son. He had hives and followed instructions by giving Benedryl, etc...and he seemed fine on Saturday. On Sunday as the day went on, he started swelling in the eyes, bridge of his nose and both is upper and lower lips. He did NOT look like the same child, he acted normal, but he sure didn't look it. So, I called the 24 hour service with the Pediatrician again on Sunday (yesterday)...and, as soon as, I said the lips were swollen...the nurse said...alright, you are taking him to the Emergency Department. She told me of one 20 or so minutes away (we have closer but forget it) that caters to children only! Man, what a nice place and the time flew by as they have a beautiful waiting area and rooms. They had flat panel TV (huge) everywhere with Children's Movies playing like "Happy Feet!" Toys, games, video games, you name it...something there to keep everyone from being scared or bored. They gave him medicine (steroids as one of them for inflamation) and today he is doing great. We will go to his doctor this Thursday for a follow-up, as well as, (ironically also) his "well" check-up. Oh yeah, the reason she quickly said Emergency Department was the fear of the hives going into his throat and thus causing breathing problems.
God forbid us having to go back there for any reason with our son; however, should the need arise, we will definitely go back to the same place.

Now for REBATES: Once we returned from our trip, we decided we deserved an upgrade on our cell phones. Afterall, we have had them a little over 4 years. :-) It was about time. I decided, hmm...let's spoil ourselves a little (not too much though). We got an LG by Alltel that slides out with the keyboard on the side. No, we do not do the texting (silly I know) but I liked the looks of the phone and the MP3 playing capabilities. Also, the keyboard makes it a million times easier to put in contacts. The phones cost $74 each and I am finishing up the rebate forms as I type to get $50 back on each phone. So the phones are really $24 a piece! Not so bad for phones retailing near $200! We have the same phone numbers and same monthly bill. Pretty exciting and I felt we deserved a little splurge for ourselves!

I hope to update again real soon!
Happy Monday!