Friday, August 8, 2008

Finally getting Dish Network!

We have not had Dish Network, cable, etc...whatever until sometime today in Two Years! I didn't want to sign up again until I was certain, financially, we could pay the payment without hurting ourselves. Better than that, our phone company and high speed internet service provider are bundling with Dish Network and through a promotional right now...we can have up to four TVs FREE for 12 months! After the 12 months, we will pay the normal price, which is going to only be $50 more than we pay now and it will be four tvs with DVRs on all with Top 200! I am pretty excited about this. I miss my HGTV!!! I only see it online and at other people's houses for now. It will be nice to turn on the TV and actually find something to watch anytime of day, if I wish. Does this mean I am going to sit in front of the TV more than now? Not really, but it will just be nice when I want to wind down, I can find something on TV. My husband, naturally is excited about the sports channels. We all are excited about Disney. We are all Disney Channel Fans here!

Have a great weekend and oh, OF COURSE, we get Dish Network on the SAME day as the Opening Ceremonies of the Olympics! What does that mean? Probably will be watching regular TV tonight! :-)

Enjoy watching the Olympics tonight! I love the opening ceremonies the best of all! I believe Bejing will do a beautiful job with the ceremonies!!!


From Bottle to Box said...

The invention of DVR is right up there with penicillin. Enjoy!

Melanie said...

from bottle to box:

You are so right! I really didn't think that the DVR would be something we would ever just came with the package. On the first day of having it, I saw the benefits already!

I am still convincing my husband it is a cool thing as well. I proved it when we were watching the USA Basketball game on the Olympics and he wanted me to see some "cool" shot and I said...I didn't see it. He said..."oh man!" I said "Ahhh HA!..check this out: Rewind it and let me see!" He was like "AHHHH"; naturally I say something like "told you it was cool!" :-)

I do love it! Never thought I would that much...but it is very useful!

I think back to the times I would miss "The Office" when they would change time slots for one day and play it earlier and I was like, geez...missed it! Not anymore..simply REWIND!!!! (up to two hours apparently!) Awesome!