Saturday, August 23, 2008

ArtsCow Free Prints and Photobook Update

I just wanted to update that I did, in fact, receive my first 100 free prints and my free photobook (that looks great by the way). It took about two weeks (due to the fact it is shipped from Hong Kong). I am okay with that because it is FREE! I wouldn't recommend you ordering from here unless you are NOT in a hurry!!!! I don't mind waiting because, can't complain about Free!

I did have one commentor that said he/she never received credits for referrals. I can't confirm or deny this as I have not personally received a completed referral (CORRECTION: I have two completed referrals now and artscow was great and DID give me credits and free prints for the effort!). I will say, it is worth signing up for the free prints and book, especially if you have a ton of vacation or event photos you would love to have printed!

Visit my previous post to get more information. I felt I needed to update and I will release the comment by a visitor now that I can confirm that you will receive your prints and book. I am happy with the quality, etc...myself. Also, I am happy to receive proper credits!!!! I recommend these guys fully now. Free prints, Free books...earn credits for more free stuff and they accept PayPal! I can't complain!

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