Monday, August 4, 2008

ER and Rebates

Just realized I had not updated my blog in some time (almost a week), which is strange for me. Usually I keep up with my blog better than this. I guess it is a matter of trying to get back into our old routines. We had not been on any kind of vacation like that since we have been married I guess it should mess us up a little bit on daily routines.

Here are a few updates from the past few days:

ER: Yep, Emergency Room! That is where we went yesterday for my son. He had hives and followed instructions by giving Benedryl, etc...and he seemed fine on Saturday. On Sunday as the day went on, he started swelling in the eyes, bridge of his nose and both is upper and lower lips. He did NOT look like the same child, he acted normal, but he sure didn't look it. So, I called the 24 hour service with the Pediatrician again on Sunday (yesterday)...and, as soon as, I said the lips were swollen...the nurse said...alright, you are taking him to the Emergency Department. She told me of one 20 or so minutes away (we have closer but forget it) that caters to children only! Man, what a nice place and the time flew by as they have a beautiful waiting area and rooms. They had flat panel TV (huge) everywhere with Children's Movies playing like "Happy Feet!" Toys, games, video games, you name it...something there to keep everyone from being scared or bored. They gave him medicine (steroids as one of them for inflamation) and today he is doing great. We will go to his doctor this Thursday for a follow-up, as well as, (ironically also) his "well" check-up. Oh yeah, the reason she quickly said Emergency Department was the fear of the hives going into his throat and thus causing breathing problems.
God forbid us having to go back there for any reason with our son; however, should the need arise, we will definitely go back to the same place.

Now for REBATES: Once we returned from our trip, we decided we deserved an upgrade on our cell phones. Afterall, we have had them a little over 4 years. :-) It was about time. I decided, hmm...let's spoil ourselves a little (not too much though). We got an LG by Alltel that slides out with the keyboard on the side. No, we do not do the texting (silly I know) but I liked the looks of the phone and the MP3 playing capabilities. Also, the keyboard makes it a million times easier to put in contacts. The phones cost $74 each and I am finishing up the rebate forms as I type to get $50 back on each phone. So the phones are really $24 a piece! Not so bad for phones retailing near $200! We have the same phone numbers and same monthly bill. Pretty exciting and I felt we deserved a little splurge for ourselves!

I hope to update again real soon!
Happy Monday!

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