Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Wordless Wednesday: Caffeine in Romania!

Caffeine in Romania: Quite Popular!
Nescafe is very Popular in Romania. This is a vending machine you will find in many locations in Romania. This was in the entrance at the Aquarium located across from the Black Sea and near the popular Casino Building.

The above is a cappuccino I had at one restaurant in Romania. It was too pretty to not take a picture of. It tastes as good as it looks. I always purchased a water without bubbles to go with my caffeinated beverages.

Thank you for the Welcome Back!

I want to thank everyone for welcoming me and my family back to the states! We had a great time in Romania and will miss all the friends and family we have there. We are still glad to be home as well. It would be awesome if we could move my husband's home country to the U.S. but that just isn't possible. My husband has already went back to work...he went on Monday and will work all the way through Saturday...poor fellow. I believe he works six days next week also. At least he had a three week vacation with his family and friends that he had not seen in seven years. We hope for our next trip to not be that long off again. We are thinking about every two years to go to Romania for a visit like this time.

We hope for his Mom and Sister to be able to visit us here soon. His Dad has visited the U.S. and us three times over the past seven years.

Wanted to post an official thank you for the welcomes as well as a briefing of the trip itself and purpose. I am hoping to begin my normal Thrifty and Creative topic posts soon. I have been getting adjusted back to the time zone and just the way we normally live. I am getting there! :-)

Have a wonderful Wednesday!

Sunday, July 27, 2008

First Day at Home! Getting adjusted back to the time zone!

Finally! We are back home, home! Yesterday we flew in on a 6am flight from Boston as the flight from Boston we were supposed to be on Friday, we missed due to being stuck on the landing strip for thirty minutes. British Airways put us in a nice hotel in Boston for the night with $18 per person for two meals in the hotel and free shuttle back and forth to the airport. So, all in all, it went well considering. I believe we got more sleep in the hotel than we would have at home should we have arrived on Friday night like we were supposed to. Reason: Saturday we had a wedding shower to attend (day after arrival that turnd into the day OF arrival). The wedding shower wasn't next was two hours away. We went to the shower and picked up our pet Toy Poodle, Phoebe yesterday! Now we are all enjoying a nice quiet day at home!!!!!!!!

I can still feel Romania's time even though I know I just ate breakfast, I feel like it is 4pm not 9am! So wierd, even with a full night sleep.

I wasn't able to post as many pictures as I would have liked while in Romania, but I will be sharing some highlights from the trip here and there...probably best on Wordless Wednesdays so I can resume normal topics here at Thrifty and Creative! :-)

It is great to be back home, but naturally we will miss friends and family in Romania! We keep in touch with all these folks with the wonderful FREE service of where you can video conference skype to skype for FREE!!!! :-) Long Distance Relatives? Both sides having high speed internet? Download Skype! You will love it!

Have a wonderful Sunday!

Sunday, July 20, 2008

Final Week in Romania!

This is our final week in Romania. It is a bit more than vacation for us because it is also (for my husband) visiting friends and family that we haven't seen in Seven years....two of those people being my husband's Mother and Sister! Also, they have not seen our son...their grandson and nephew. My father-in-law has came to the states to visit and stay with us three different times for 3 to 6 months at a time. So what I am trying to say is that it will be a bit of a sad departure; however, we have told everyone and mean it (God willing): we will return every other year from now on for a visit. It is a lot better than 7 years from now. Some of the young kids I met seven years ago are now teenagers or all grown up. Amazing! It's like a time warp or something because many things look and feel the same and then you see someone and they have changed or have gotten older than you remember.

I was worried about our son not wanting to go back home but he showed a few signs that home will be okay yesterday and today. He asked for Macaroni and Cheese and Chocolate Milk. :-) Uhhh..not here I say. :-) He loves his relatives here. We will keep up, as we have over the past seven years, with them all on Skype! If you have long distance skype (it's free as long as the other person has skype) and you can video conference. Fantastic service!


Monday, July 14, 2008

Monday Pictures from Romania

Three pictures for today. Naturally, I have taken many many more...I am picking different kinds for different days.
Here it goes:
Above is a popular (actually the only kind I have seen) kind of A/C unit. Air Conditioning is fairly new to many people in Romania. It works very nice...the popular brands are LG and Electrolux.
This is a common entrance to an Apartment/Condo/House building. This particular one is my husband's family's entrance. They are on the third floor! They call it the second floor and the first floor the "ground" floor. I call it the third floor as it is that many stairs for me! :-)
This is a cute little bird that was hopping around today during our lunch at a nice outdoor restaurant in the resort area of Mamaia, Constanta, Romania.
Have a great week!
Buna Ziua!

Sunday, July 13, 2008

Pictures from Romania

My son with his Aunt (husband's sister) at one of FOUR large shopping malls in my husband's Home Town of Constanta. Many things have changed and one of them is the display and presentation of merchandise. And, of course, the prices are much higher than they used to be, almost equivalent and sometimes higher than the U.S.! I have to comparison shop here as I do back home.
A walkway at one of my husband's many friends house. I love this walkway and garden. Very nice!
Most of the Large Diesel Transfer Trucks are Big Name Brands like Mercedes-Benz and Volkswagen!
That is all for today's post.

Thursday, July 10, 2008

Friday in Romania! Day Five!

Friday Morning has started off quite interesting. Late last night we had to take my son to the doctor (they have 24 hour doctors and pharmacies). He had a fever for three nights. We have Motrin with us and it works, but we decided to take him to the doctor just in case. He went in and was seen immediately. The doctors and nurses were very nice. They gave him a shot and made him feel better within minutes. This morning, we went back for a follow-up and they swabbed the inside of his mouth to see what the problem is. They issued standard medications for him til Monday to keep him feeling good with no temperature. He felt great after both doctor visits. The visit at night costs a total of $57.00. The swab test cost $24.00. The Medications cost $50.00 (that is for four different kinds to last us our trip...not bad with no insurance for this country).

My son is feeling great now and is watching Artistocats (Disney) in Romanian. :-) I also purchased him three cartoons of fairy tales that are in Romanian and they cost $5.00 each. The Disney movie; however, cost $23.00 and will NOT work in the U.S. It is okay we will leave it here with his family for other kids to enjoy.

No pictures today, will try tomorrow. I have already taken like 100 pictures, but am too tired to put the card reader in the computer. :-) I guess Vacationing makes you lazy at times. :-)

Til next time, have a wonderful Friday and upcoming Weekend!

La Revedere!

Thursday in Romania: Day Four!

I am only counting Full Days for the rest of this trip to Romania. As in the title; this is Day Four. Keeping in mind we left on Saturday, Arriving on Sunday Evening. So Monday was our first FULL day!

Now, here is my update: Yesterday I had my hair done at a nice salon. I had highlights all over, cut and style. My hair was $108.00. They spent 3 hours on my hair and did many foil highlights all over my hair. Very nice people too. Now, this price, I realize is very close to that of NC, but all in all, I believe it is still cheaper than home. Also, his (husband's) sister insisted to pay for my hair. Don't worry, we are going to "get her back!"

My husband had his hair done on Monday and his was $5.00 at a different salon but more simple of course. We are going to have my son's hair done today and expect to pay the same.

Last night we went to a local resort and it looked like the beaches back home. Decently priced but not far off from our prices.

We are going SHOPPING today! I am excited! We will be looking for souvenirs, as well as, items we want to bring back for ourselves. For example, I like some towels I have seen people have and the Ketchup! :-) Simple, I know, but we don't have it at home to buy.

Okay, I could type here forever about everything we have done and seen. We have also visited tons of people that my husband knows or grew up with, family etc... All very nice people. My son loves EVERYONE and vice versa, they LOVE LOVE LOVE him because they have never met him.

Here is the Pictures for Today of our Vacation:

This is my son with a friend of ours!

This is at a playground at an outdoor beach restaurant resort...tables and chairs are on the sand! Very beautiful place to eat with much to do while you wait, etc..

Here is myself, husband and son outside a restaurant at the resort where all the tables have SWINGING SEATS on Both sides! Very cool...I am sorry I didn't take a picture of the tables and swings! We will go back again before we leave so I can get that picture.

Til next time! Have a wonderful Thursday!

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

We're Here!!! Second Full Day in Romania!

Son at the first Airport, excited and feeling good with his rolling Spider-Man Backpack.

My son playing in a Romanian Salon with one of the Beauticians!

My son again! Using the playground outside of the salon after Daddy got his hair cut!

Alrighty, this is the second time I have tried to do this post from Romania. Not sure what was wrong before, but glad I am typing freely now.

The travel here was fine and we survived four airports and three flights with an almost three year old. As promised I will post pictures of our trip here. That is, if I don't have a problem posting pictures from here.

Saturday, July 5, 2008

Day of Departure! Countdown: ZERO!

We are only hours away from leaving for the airport. Two out of Three flights changed in the last minute yesterday. I called and fixed the problems and now everything seems okay again. :-) I wasn't able to do the online check-in and that is okay but I was sooo excited about that option. Maybe next time.

Right now, I am getting ready to double check our luggage and carry-ons as well. My husband will video tape the bags and house and give it to my friend whom is taking us to the airport.

Alrighty, I believe next time I post I will be in Romania!

Have a great Saturday!

Friday, July 4, 2008

1 Day til Departure! Happy 4th of July!

Yay! The Countdown is about over and we are getting closer to take-off! I will be glad to be on the plane and no time to do anything else or plan anything else. I will just have to say...well...time is up! Too bad for anything that might be forgotten. Phew!

I am looking forward to what I assume will be a low electric bill for the month of July. We will be unplugging everything in site and setting the thermostat to 80 degrees. Also, because there won't be any tv watching, laundry, etc...and no going in and out of the house to make the AC work harder than it should and blinds closed and curtains should stay fairly cool in the house just the same. All good, and go green! Any electronics left behind will be moved to the coolest room in the house wherever that is.

I must go and finish laundry, cleaning the floors (one more time), double check the packing, finish packing, and double checking the "to do lists!"

Oh, almost forgot! It IS a Holiday today! Happy 4th of July! Take advantage of the Sales going on everywhere!

I found some USA socks for 25 cents a pair at Target in their dollar section (75% off) yesterday. They also had sale signs and clearance what seemed to be everywhere! I will be staying home today to avoid last minute spending that can get out of control simply due to nerves.

Have a Fab Fourth!

Thursday, July 3, 2008

2 Days til Departure: Phoebe is on Vacation!

The Departure Countdown Continues! 2 Days!

Last night we drove to my Mom's house (well I drove because my husband has to work today and tomorrow and I volunteered) which is two hours away. So two hours there and turn around two hours back. We had to take our pet Toy Poodle, Phoebe to her house for her "vacation!" (Thank you to commenter Karen of "Write From Karen" for helping me see it this way as it is so quiet around here without her.)

I will call today to see how she is adjusting. As of last night, she was fine and whined a little bit. She thinks we are coming right back I would bet. She had a suitcase full of "Phoebe Stuff." We packed her canned food, snacks, pillow, clothes (like socks) of all three of us, a blanket, toys, shot records, rabies tags, her vet's phone number, heartworm meds and flea meds. Oh yeah, and her leash and some familiar mats with her bowls to sit on them, and some spending money. She would not have made it on our flights because her bag might have weighed too much. Hee hee!

I know Phoebe loves my Mom and being at her house because we go about once a month there and it is a must (by my Mom) that she come with us. It is her furry grandchild. Commenter Angie of "The Furry Tripod" knows about this as well with her Mom calling her cat "Grandkitty!" I thought that was very cute!

It feels good to know she is somewhere she is familiar.

Well, tomorrow is the last (I think) Blog Post from the U.S. for a while. Stay tuned!

Wednesday, July 2, 2008

July Sale with Clinique!

Clinique is one of my favorite makeup brands! They are running a July special as you see below for Free Shipping and Travel-size Mascara with any $45 purchase. My favorite item they sale is the Advanced Concealer (That stuff lasts forever). Also, I like the parfume Clinique Happy.

Clinique Online (ELC)

Wordless Wednesday

This is my son having fun in his tent!

Happy Wordless Wednesday!

Many Wordlesses coming soon from Romania while I am on Vacation there!
Check my weather and time widgets to see how it is there!

Countdown til Departure:
3 Days!

I am also sad because tonight we take our pet Toy Poodle to my Mom's house (two hours away) and it is going to be so quiet around here for two full days without her here. It is the best day we could take her and the closest possible to the trip. She will enjoy her stay I am sure at my Mom's. My Mom thinks of Phoebe (toy poodle) like another grandchild. :-)

We are going to really miss her on the trip. Isn't she cute...she is such a member of the family. You know "Animals are People too!"

Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Tuesday Toot: 4 Days til Departure!

Yay! This week my Tuesday Toot is my countdown til we depart for our trip to Romania. I am very excited about the travel and stay there. We almost have everything ready to roll. Tomorrow we take our toy poodle: Phoebe to my Mom's house where she will have her vacation. She loves my Mom's so it is perfect.

We have 3 out of 4 checked bags packed. I have already begun the process for online check in for our flights. Very excited to get things done before arriving to the airport.

I have my son's surprises for the flight along with snacks and activities all ready to go and in the carry-on baggage.

I am truly looking forward to this trip and am very excited as most preparation is done. I can now sit back and enjoy the wait for our departure.

We are still working on getting our Lawn taken care of...but no biggie, we have two backups for that.

Have a great Tuesday!