Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Yard Sale this Saturday!

I am getting ready for my yard sale that will be this Saturday!

While I was getting ready, I thought, hmmmm....for the thrifty and creative individuals, this might be an interesting topic!

Here are some of my found tips on having a Yard Sale, Successfully!

1-Prepare Early, Plan Ahead! (don't wait til the last minute, you WILL be sorry!)

2-Get Change (About $100 worth I believe is the "rule of thumb", have a twenty or so, tens, fives, a LOT of ones, and of course a roll of quarters and nickels. I promise you, my last yard sale, I am not kidding you, the VERY first customer (at 7am!) had a TWENTY dollar bill! I was thinking, that is crazy; however, at least I was prepared!

3-Label Everything with a price and sometimes, what it IS! (it is what I do, because I personally can't stand to go to a yard sale and have to ask for all the prices or WORSE the person walk around following me talking about everything I touch! I HATE THAT! I am certain I am not the only one!) :-) Sorry threw in a quirk of mine as well! hee hee

4-Have a friend bring his/her stuff too and sell at your place (or whomever has the "best" location...near major roads if possible...you need less advertising this way, I am blessed!). Also, the more people selling at your yard sale, the more appealing it is the customers and not only that, you ALL benefit from more sales!

5-Get the age old "fanny pack!" As cornball as they are, it is almost a yard sale must have! :-) It isn't safe to leave your money laying ANYWHERE, people are sneaky.

6-Doesn't hurt to recycle, so have old bags on hand in case you have a really good customer!

7-Use different stickers from the people selling with you, so it is no confusion for you and your customers when collecting the cash!

8-Speaking of bags, boxes is also a good item for people buying glass items, etc...

9-Eat Breakfast, you will be busy til lunchtime!

10-Have a plan for how you will set up BEFORE the day of the sale! That way you aren't scrambling.

11-Get a chair for the off moments!

12-Have canned or bottle drinks for yourself, well why not sell a few too!

13-Play some background music, so people don't have to hear you talking to your fellow yard selling buddies!

14-Move your cars so you have a good parking spot(s) for customers. Make it EASY to go to your sale!

15-Put up your signs, at least a day or night in advance!

16-Advertise on Craigslist.com for FREE and also any other LOCAL site you may have to advertise on! I, luckily, don't need to pay for ads because I am a good location, but for those that aren't as lucky, DO post ads in your local newspaper! They put them online also when you put them in the paper. You may want to doublecheck however!

17-Be prepared to have leftovers, and have a pen and paper ready at the end (if you feel like it, otherwise, put away for another day)..so you can write down what you have leftover and take to your local donation center and get a nice tax writeoff and help someone out at the same time!

I am sure there is much more that I missed, but these are things that stand out to me the most!

One last thing, don't forget to gather all year long and put in a special place when it is time for that sale, so you don't say later, man I wanted to sell that, oh well!

Til Next Time,

I signed up for PPP!

This is my first PayPerPost POST!

I want you to know what I like/love about PPP (abrv. for PayPerPost.com).

I personally, and first love the fact that this site has given ME the opportunity (and so quickly I might add) to post for them. I have been excited about the idea of posting on my blog for others since I found out people did this and actually get paid for it! I also love the format and ease of using PPP. It has easy to use buttons/links at the top of the screen so you know what and where to look for items such as: "My Posts" "Opportunities" etc... It isn't confusing, and you don't have to "hunt down" what you are looking for. It is so simple to use and attractive to look at!

I would definitely give this site and opportunity 5 gold stars for anyone that is currently blogging or would like to start blogging!

I know I have only been fully accepted into the PPP system/community for a day, but I am that excited about it that I had to go ahead and jump at the first Posting Opportunity available!

Officially, I have made no money yet, but again, I just started! I expect and stand to make $10 from this post alone! Far more than I can say for other so-called "opportunities" I have stumbled upon!

I look forward to my next posting and I hope you do too!
Thank you again PPP for the opportunity to Blog for YOU!


For further complete details:
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Last Day of July!

I can't believe it is the last day of July! Well, that means tomorrow is August and I can get my haircut with my Great Clips coupon! hee hee! I have been waiting to use it...haircut for $7.99! It is a coupon for the month of August. Perfect timing, as I go back to work in August! Yippie! (Not really, but my job is a good one still...Elementary Art Teacher!) I just love to be home with my son and of course hate putting him in daycare, but it is good for him to be around other kids! He is two years old now. Had a birthday two weeks ago. He is simply the best kid ever!!! Even at age TWO, believe it!

Well, I am checking in to let you all know that I have signed up for PayPerPost.com and they have approved my blog! YEAH! And that is a REAL YEAH!!! I am looking forward to writing about products, sites, businesses, other blogs, etc...! I love the idea! I will keep you posted on how that works out!

As for the News thing in my earlier blog, it is okay, but you need a VERY VERY high traffic site like CNN or something to get enough hits to make anything. Nonetheless, I will keep the links on my blog and do the "wait and see" thing.

Thanks for reading!

Thursday, July 26, 2007


Helium is a cool site where you can write articles and have Helium Peers to rate you. Somehow you can make a few dollars here and there. You won't get rich, but that is okay, it is more fun than anything! I hear you can; however, make more money if you go to what is called the "Marketplace" and write. If a publisher chooses your article, you get the amount stated next to the title which can be from $16-$100! So any of you thrifty folk out there love to write, you might have something here to make a few dollars! Spellcheck!

Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Article on Recognizing an Antique

I figured since I have been discussing here and there thrift stores, yard sales, ebay, etc... that this article might be helpful and make your shopping a little more exciting should you find an authentic piece!

Friday, July 20, 2007

News Article from The Newsroom!

Just testing The Newsroom's Services! You can supposedly make money from this, I'll let you know! :-)


Testing The Newsroom Site

Thrift Stores

I just wanted to add my favorite Thrift Stores:

One is online as I have mentioned before: ShopGoodwill

And the other is a local place but I love it! The Majority of the Money made goes to Alzeimer's Research! Most of the employees are volunteers! They also give tax receipts upon drop off without hassle! Their site is: Guardian Angel Thrift

Maybe they will get one close to you! Check their site!

Favorite Antique Store!

My absolute favorite Antique store ever is Thomasville Emporium in Thomasville, NC! Home of the "Big Chair!" It is a BIG chair! "Chair City" they call it! We live several hours from this store, but we love to take a drive every now and then because we love the store!

Here is their site: Thomasville Emporium

I have bought a retro table and chairs there, as well as, old collectible bottles to decorate my kitchen with among many other items! It just has everything! It is a HUGE store, I think. Two Levels! There is also a nice furniture (new furniture store) that neighbors it inside...Furniture Market Samples at a reasonable price. We got a dining table in that store as well!

A great little town to shop in and hang out. They have a great $ store as well called Mighty Dollar! That thing is HUGE also and has more than your normal dollar store items. Great little town! Visit if in the area! We do!

Thursday, July 19, 2007

Compact Florescent Bulbs

Compact Florescent Bulbs! A Great thing for the enviroment (Be Green!) and also a money saver in the long run. MOST say they last 7 years! If that is true, over the life of the bulb it is a saver. Also, it is helpful in the summer as your home is cooler as old bulbs are hot! CFBs are not! Also, It takes a LOT less energy, as we all know to run them, saving on your energy bill. NO it isn't going to save you $100s of dollars but still dollars! I like to save everywhere I can, even if it is change, and what an awesome thing to help the environment in the long run! Not a bad deal!

Yes, we have them in every room of our house!

My latest "Deal!"

I just had to boast about my latest deal I got lucky enough to run across! My husband and I love to check the "mis-cuts" section of a popular Home Improvement store each time we go. Well one time, instead of mis-cut blinds, I found two Waverly Curtain Panels (HEAVY Fabric); which is excellent to block sun and keep your home cool in the summer! We are trying to cover all of our windows with beautiful sun-blocking drapes/curtains/blinds, etc... (Hey, it is GREEN and it is COST-effective on your bill!) Anywho, so found exactly two panels of the perfect color of curtains for our dining room. Guess what? No price! I took it to the lady and said, "this was on the mis-cuts table, do you know how much they are?" She found some number on them and punched it in, and they were $35 EACH panel. I said is that the sale price? She said "no, how about $15?" I said for "one or both?" She said "we'll say both" and taped them together for me! When things get returned like that and aren't packaged well anymore, they don't mind cutting deals! I was like man! A $70 window for $15!!! Brand New Brand Named Curtains! Can't beat that! And, of course, you guessed it! They look great in my dining room! My husband was excited about that find as well!

Sorry to go on and on. Just a lesson in, doesn't hurt to ask and be nice when doing so!!!!

Til Next Time!

Wednesday, July 18, 2007

My Ebay

I moved my Ebay Widget from here to the bottom of my blog, so you don't have to look at it in the middle of my postings! Do scroll to the bottom to see what HIGH END/DESIGNER Fabrics I have on right now! This is a great way to give your home that Million Dollar Look for a few bucks, because you don't have to buy by the yard! You get just what you need! Also, I am WAY below retail on my fabric panels and yardage even. My fabric would retail in the ballpark of $50-$200+ Check it out!

I had to make sure My Ebay is on the front page! It got shoved to the "older posts" page!



I just signed up for Smorty.com ! This is a Paid to Blog type of site! I hope they approve me! I believe it will be fun! This is the first one I did the full sign up! I would love to see how it works and best of all, have even more to write about! It is like getting a school assignment! Yes, I guess I am still a nerd.

Smorty.com if you are interested for yourself!

P.S. I guess I signed up for this one because of the name. It sounds funny!

A bit about Thrifty Me!

I am a Mom of a two year old! He turned two YESTERDAY! His little/ BIG party is this Saturday! He is wonderful and my life!

My husband is from Romania! Makes and Keeps life interesting!

I love ebay (selling and shopping!)!

Although, seemingly contradictory to my blog (not really) I DO love the finer things in life and the best products. Does that mean I get everything I love and want, of course Not! Who does? Not many! I like being frugal/Thrifty/Cheap whatever you call it on things that I feel isn't necessary for me or my family...as a result, it leaves money for those finer things that would otherwise be just a dream or something I wish I could have. By being thrify we CAN have it all and are on our way to doing so!

Just wanted you to know more about the author of this blog!

Save on Everyday Items

BJs is a great place for name brand Tissue and Paper Towels (and other paper products!). We like Bounty and Scott, and here you get a TON of each and it lasts MONTHS before you have to buy more! BJs is also a great place to buy bulk meats. They also have great birthday cakes for a great price and taste great too! Just got one for my son's Two Year Birthday Party! Only $19.99 for a big one in Marble with his picture on it!

Just a few items for you to ponder!


$5.00 to Review Your Family-Friendly Site, etc..

This is a trial run for me. I give great advice and love to review things! I love to write and I am home for the summer as I am a teacher. If you would like me to write a review on something you have like an Item, Site, Advertisement, etc...I will be happy to do that. Right now, I will say $5.00. Click the button and in that you will be able to let me know what you need reviewing and I will post my review and your information on my blog! Keep in mind, if you found me, someone else will also! (Last IMPORTANT note: Has to be family-friendly, I am a Mom and Teacher!)
Thank you for reading! Visit again! This is fun for me! When my son takes a nap, I surf the net and sell and buy on Ebay! It is when I get to sit down!

I can't seem to get the paypal button to work within a post...so if you would just leave me a comment to email you, I can send an invoice!
I will try the button again!

Thank you for reading!

Word Press?

Still in research mode of the paid to blog idea. Looks like you need a blog with "wordpress"? Anyone? What would this be and is blogger supported with this?

Okay, on with the research!


Get Paid for Blogging????

I am curious if anyone knows about this Paid for Blogging thing? I am interested; however, it does seems if your blog is younger than 90 days, you have to wait til it is of course! I agree with that. So I will continue to keep mine going and then see if I can be accepted! I would love to talk about products and services as that is what I do anyways! Sometimes I may run out of products/services to talk/write about, I would love the idea of getting paid to do what I love as a hobby! That would be nice. I get VERY nervous when they ask for your social and/or tax ID#! Very hesitant w/ those particular ones.

Anyone out there tried this? Let me know! Bad good, whatever!

The service I most recently visited is: PayPerPost.com

Any comments from anyone out there about this?


Checking in!

Just wanted to check in and say, get out there to the yard sales! It is supposed to be a great weekend on the East Coast!