Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Get Paid for Blogging????

I am curious if anyone knows about this Paid for Blogging thing? I am interested; however, it does seems if your blog is younger than 90 days, you have to wait til it is of course! I agree with that. So I will continue to keep mine going and then see if I can be accepted! I would love to talk about products and services as that is what I do anyways! Sometimes I may run out of products/services to talk/write about, I would love the idea of getting paid to do what I love as a hobby! That would be nice. I get VERY nervous when they ask for your social and/or tax ID#! Very hesitant w/ those particular ones.

Anyone out there tried this? Let me know! Bad good, whatever!

The service I most recently visited is:

Any comments from anyone out there about this?


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