Tuesday, July 31, 2007

I signed up for PPP!

This is my first PayPerPost POST!

I want you to know what I like/love about PPP (abrv. for PayPerPost.com).

I personally, and first love the fact that this site has given ME the opportunity (and so quickly I might add) to post for them. I have been excited about the idea of posting on my blog for others since I found out people did this and actually get paid for it! I also love the format and ease of using PPP. It has easy to use buttons/links at the top of the screen so you know what and where to look for items such as: "My Posts" "Opportunities" etc... It isn't confusing, and you don't have to "hunt down" what you are looking for. It is so simple to use and attractive to look at!

I would definitely give this site and opportunity 5 gold stars for anyone that is currently blogging or would like to start blogging!

I know I have only been fully accepted into the PPP system/community for a day, but I am that excited about it that I had to go ahead and jump at the first Posting Opportunity available!

Officially, I have made no money yet, but again, I just started! I expect and stand to make $10 from this post alone! Far more than I can say for other so-called "opportunities" I have stumbled upon!

I look forward to my next posting and I hope you do too!
Thank you again PPP for the opportunity to Blog for YOU!


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