Wednesday, July 18, 2007

A bit about Thrifty Me!

I am a Mom of a two year old! He turned two YESTERDAY! His little/ BIG party is this Saturday! He is wonderful and my life!

My husband is from Romania! Makes and Keeps life interesting!

I love ebay (selling and shopping!)!

Although, seemingly contradictory to my blog (not really) I DO love the finer things in life and the best products. Does that mean I get everything I love and want, of course Not! Who does? Not many! I like being frugal/Thrifty/Cheap whatever you call it on things that I feel isn't necessary for me or my a result, it leaves money for those finer things that would otherwise be just a dream or something I wish I could have. By being thrify we CAN have it all and are on our way to doing so!

Just wanted you to know more about the author of this blog!

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