Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Yard Sale this Saturday!

I am getting ready for my yard sale that will be this Saturday!

While I was getting ready, I thought, hmmmm....for the thrifty and creative individuals, this might be an interesting topic!

Here are some of my found tips on having a Yard Sale, Successfully!

1-Prepare Early, Plan Ahead! (don't wait til the last minute, you WILL be sorry!)

2-Get Change (About $100 worth I believe is the "rule of thumb", have a twenty or so, tens, fives, a LOT of ones, and of course a roll of quarters and nickels. I promise you, my last yard sale, I am not kidding you, the VERY first customer (at 7am!) had a TWENTY dollar bill! I was thinking, that is crazy; however, at least I was prepared!

3-Label Everything with a price and sometimes, what it IS! (it is what I do, because I personally can't stand to go to a yard sale and have to ask for all the prices or WORSE the person walk around following me talking about everything I touch! I HATE THAT! I am certain I am not the only one!) :-) Sorry threw in a quirk of mine as well! hee hee

4-Have a friend bring his/her stuff too and sell at your place (or whomever has the "best" location...near major roads if possible...you need less advertising this way, I am blessed!). Also, the more people selling at your yard sale, the more appealing it is the customers and not only that, you ALL benefit from more sales!

5-Get the age old "fanny pack!" As cornball as they are, it is almost a yard sale must have! :-) It isn't safe to leave your money laying ANYWHERE, people are sneaky.

6-Doesn't hurt to recycle, so have old bags on hand in case you have a really good customer!

7-Use different stickers from the people selling with you, so it is no confusion for you and your customers when collecting the cash!

8-Speaking of bags, boxes is also a good item for people buying glass items, etc...

9-Eat Breakfast, you will be busy til lunchtime!

10-Have a plan for how you will set up BEFORE the day of the sale! That way you aren't scrambling.

11-Get a chair for the off moments!

12-Have canned or bottle drinks for yourself, well why not sell a few too!

13-Play some background music, so people don't have to hear you talking to your fellow yard selling buddies!

14-Move your cars so you have a good parking spot(s) for customers. Make it EASY to go to your sale!

15-Put up your signs, at least a day or night in advance!

16-Advertise on Craigslist.com for FREE and also any other LOCAL site you may have to advertise on! I, luckily, don't need to pay for ads because I am a good location, but for those that aren't as lucky, DO post ads in your local newspaper! They put them online also when you put them in the paper. You may want to doublecheck however!

17-Be prepared to have leftovers, and have a pen and paper ready at the end (if you feel like it, otherwise, put away for another day)..so you can write down what you have leftover and take to your local donation center and get a nice tax writeoff and help someone out at the same time!

I am sure there is much more that I missed, but these are things that stand out to me the most!

One last thing, don't forget to gather all year long and put in a special place when it is time for that sale, so you don't say later, man I wanted to sell that, oh well!

Til Next Time,

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