Sunday, November 20, 2011

TV Update

Well, I did call and found out I am still in a contract from when I added HD for life til June of 2012.  No problem.  They allowed me to lower my bill still by simply changing our programming.  We still get to keep our four tvs and two dvrs.  The only thing we lose that we liked was Disney.  It lowered the bill by $40 per month.  I can't complain.  By June, either we will be doing better, or we cut all TV out like we had originally planned. 

Keep in mind, we lowered our Phone/Internet by $30 per month by making a phone call as well...this all together lowers that bill by $70.  I am happy.  Now onward on making our own Liquid Laundry Detergent. Once I do this...I will write a post update on that one as well.  :-)

Have a Happy Thanksgiving!