Monday, March 31, 2008

Ebates Purchase: Percentage back plus additional $5.00 Promotional Bonus!

I like using Ebates for items I had already planned to buy on the internet anyway. Just last week I bought a cool folding footrest for traveling on the plane this summer. I went through Ebates and got it from Magellan's. I received 5% cash back and $5.00 for being an Ebates promotional purchase (Ebates gives you deadlines for some promotions to make a "qualifying purchase." This was for "first purchase;" however, more like my third! ) :-)

P.S. I have earned $16.94 thus far on Ebates since joining in March.

Friday, March 28, 2008

Sorry for lack of post today: Sister may be having the baby!

That is right friends! My sister May be having the baby as I type. I am waiting for the confirmation call from my mother as soon as they confirm it isn't false labor!

I'll keep you all "posted!" (psst...I will let you know that gifts I give my sis and the baby, as well as, any hospital costs that are incurred.) :-)

Pray for her everyone...speedy, healthy delivery for mom and baby!

Thursday, March 27, 2008

Thrifty Thursday Finds: Found 2 Great Sites that use/make their own Natural Cleaning Products!

Now, I realize many folks may do this, but I will be honest, this is something I have not tried myself. I now am convinced to do so, thanks to these two fine bloggers that make it exciting and something you really want to try!

These bloggers use Lemon Juice, Vinegar and other "natural" cleaning products (self-created)! I love Do-It-Yourself ideas, and am definitely going to give this a go. I like how these bloggers explain their reasoning for using natural items for cleaning...

Without further delay, here are the natural cleaning posts:
(The link on the blog title is their homepage):

Budget Hippies: "Cleaning My Kitchen with Food"

BeCentsAble: "Works for Me Wednesday: Cleaning Your Whole House Naturally and Frugally"

Enjoy! Happy Thrifty Thursday!

Got another natural cleaning supply idea? Drop it in the comment jar! :-)

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Wordless Wednesday: Good Morning! Nice Hair!

What is going on here?

Okay...I get it...Mom is taking my picture! Cool!
Now, is this really necessary?

I thought he was sooo cute with his hair all over the place yesterday morning. I couldn't resist! He is a great little sport!

Happy Wordless Wednesday!
Thrifty Note: Notice the table, chair, and potato/onion bin? I got all of them at an Antique Store and I LOVE them! 1950s Table/Chairs and the chairs were newly upholstered....beautiful. The table is all original. I got the table, 4 chairs with two leafs for $350! I find that to be a steal because it is beautiful! The Potato/Onion bin came from the same mom gave it to me for a birthday gift one year because I really wanted one and not a new one. New will cost you anywhere from $50-$70+! My Mom gave $30! I love it! (psst...this is also considered GREEN! You are recycling furniture instead of buying new! Hey, you also are unique in your decorating! Good luck to anyone who tries to copy you!) :-)

I'm Listed on 5 Minutes for Mom! Yay!

I just wanted to share that I am listed on I am so excited! I love that site. They have a large community and I am so appreciative to be a part of it! Thank you 5 Minutes for Mom!

Here is my interview if you would like to visit:

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Tuesday Toot: Inexpensive Shoes; Bubbles; and Vet Visit Done!

My Tuesday Toot this week is actually Tuesday Toot Plus Two More!

The first and second "toot" is for our trip to Rose's (Discount Department Store...only a few are still a Big Lots kinda). The picture below is of my son and my $6.00 (each) pairs of shoes. Both cute and comfy...both cuter on the feet than pictured! My shoes are the "croc" style material...just that plastic material that is soft and very lightweight. They feel good. I do not recommend the "croc" style shoes to pregnant women. I learned the hard way when I was pregnant...your feet will swell to the size of those things. Wear leather or a fabric (breathable) shoe.

Also at Rose's we bought our son a huge container of Bubbles(picture below)! $2.00 (I know, you can make your own...but it was a better deal than walking out with a $10.00 Art Set he wanted! :-) Art Sets in our house are unnecessary as our entire hobby room is loaded with Art Supplies...he doesn't need them, and we won't buy them! He can use anything we have (almost...he has tons of his own as well).
Lastly, not a "Thrifty Bargain" but very necessary! Our pet Phoebe (pictured below) had to go for her yearly wellness check today along with every shot you could think of. Poor thing...she is perfectly fine, passed all her tests (she must have studied...hee hee), and didn't squirm or give the doctor or nurse a hard time! Way to go Phoebe! She got a treat once we got her back home. Good girl! Also, don't she look like she had shots!? Poor thing! The Toot? Glad to be done with the visit for the year and she is a healthy little thing.

Got a Toot? Share it here by dropping a comment in the comment jar and visiting Mommy Community using the link included below!

Monday, March 24, 2008

Make use of the After Easter Sales!

While surfing for After Easter Sales...I ran across the following site that has wonderful ideas and uses for items you find at After Easter Sales. They have ways you can use Easter Baskets, grasses, and much more. Use for other holidays and general uses. Now you can make purchases for more than next year's Easter! Be Thrifty by not buying more than you need or can use.

Check out Don't Crack Your Nest Egg!

Also, if you are haven't celebrated Easter yet as it falls at the end of April this year. You can get some great deals on egg dyes, etc... and stock up now before April. (My husband is Christian, some years we celebrate Easter twice! This year is one of those years.)

Friday, March 21, 2008

Bath and Body Works: $6 Wallflowers, Now through Easter!

Hurry everyone! If you love Bath and Body Works and their Wallflowers...they are on sale now til Easter Sunday for $6.00! You will save MORE than that: $6.50! I love those things. My all time favorite is Brown Sugar & Fig! I put them in an hour before guests arrive and house smells great! (I know, too many exclamation points! There it goes again!)

Have a wonderful GOOD FRIDAY! :-)

P.S. Also right now...if you spend over $65...Free Shipping! Time to stock up and save!

Thursday, March 20, 2008

Reduce your Hospital Bill for Childbirth!

Hi all!

Here is a list of some advice I gave to my sister whom is due any day!!!! She asked me for advice on how to save some money on her childbirth hospital bill, and what she needs and doesn't! I hope this big sis gave some good advice and would like for you all (my visitors...regular or not) to leave more ideas or experiences in the comment section. I am going to share any ideas you give me with my sister with hope I can give this information soon as she is ready to go any minute! :-) Yay! I will be an Aunt! I hope it is an Easter Baby! is a fast list of the advice I gave her (maybe it is useful for you as well):

  1. *What I got AT the hospital and should NOT have; Nivea Cream (nothing special....charged me $17.00 for it...few dollars in the store! It was for my son's little cracked heals...wasn't a big deal...they just love to offer things when you ask questions...but they fail to tell you how much or that you are charged for it!)
  2. *Advil (they gave me these like a couple times each day and two at a time and charged me $5.00 PER know a whole jar doesn't cost that hardly)
  3. *I did NOT buy this at the hospital because someone warned me to bring my own: Dermaplast (I didn't need this due to a c-section....this is VERY necessary if you are giving birth the normal way as you are going to have stitches will itch! They will charge you like $20 for a small can of it, and it cost me $3.00 at walmart, same stuff!)
  4. *If you plan to use a BreastPump and have one, Bring It! They kept insisting and brought me one even when I told them I had one. I got charged for the rental of the pump and parts that I didn't use to the tune of over $1000 for everything. I protested the bill (make sure you get an itemized statement) and had it taken off. They didn't give me any trouble.
  5. *You will have a "painkiller" button that they will tell you to press when you feel is just simple medication..and every time you press the button they charge you for it. At the end they come and look at a couter and write it down! I didn't realize it! It was like $5.00 a button press and I got button happy! So push the button if you really are in pain don't sit in pain, they are there to help you afterall, but if it is a normal feeling or whatever don't.
  6. *Big Savings here: ***Whatever you do..DO NOT let them take the baby out of the room unless they say it is for shots or something. That you can't avoid. But if you are just tired and need sleep and want them to take the baby...DON'T DO IT! They charge $500 each time they roll the baby out! And not only that...they will bring the baby back if it starts crying or hungry, or needs a diaper change...they aren't going to do that for you in the nursery..they BRING IT BACK for YOU to do! They did that to me!!!!!! Not worth $500 if you ask me. The whole idea for me was to have peace and quiet...what kind of peace is that? The baby would have slept anyways! If you need sleep, make sure someone is there with you and rest easy!
  7. *My sister had asked me a good question...did she need to bring bottles? I said no because they have little bottles that are disposable for you if you need supplemental milk. They are so cute too!
  8. *Now, if you are going to use YOUR pump while in the hospital, you will need to bring like two or three breast pump bottles, but that is all! I did take the pump and a couple of breast pump bottles and that is all!
  9. *Don't forget to take the items they tell you are Yours in your bassinet! Very useful stuff and you will pay for it regardless!
  10. *It is too late for my sister but for all you out there in blog world not pregnant yet...get yourself some supplemental hospital insurance. I did and it paid the part of the bill I had to pay after my insurance! Technically I paid NOTHING out of pocket! :-) I did have to pay out of pocket until I received the reimbursement check but was paid for! Nice, Very Nice!
  11. *Don't forget to go on your hospital tour to see what is supplied for you and maybe things you could bring like a gown, etc... to cut cost!
  12. *Most importantly, if you feel like being pampered and not worrying about the all means.. DO SO! You deserve it! Every mother needs pampering!
  13. *Don't go cheap on those hospital pictures either! Bring your own camera, video camera, etc...but DO BUY THEIRS TOO! :-) I got the next to the largest do have to pay them right then but you have your pictures in hand with your baby on your way out the door! Hold on to those memories!
  14. *About forgot...don't forget to bring your car seat! You can't leave the hospital with your baby without it! :-)
  15. *Alright Bloggers! YOUR TURN!!! Post Comments to my Comment Jar PLEASE! I want to help my sis as much as possible! We can all learn something from this for the Next time...or First for others! :-)

Happy Thursday!

P.S. I am not against the hospital services...I had wonderful doctors and nurses! Great manners, etc... We bought our nurse flowers. My husband did a drawing for my doctor. We enjoyed our stay. I just wanted to share how I saved some money or Could have, had I known.

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Wordless Wednesday: Bonnet?

This picture is from a little while back. I think it is interesting to how kids interpret things. Look at the hat! He put it on like a bonnet! :-) It is just a regular baseball type hat.

Happy Wordless Wednesday!

Do you love books? FREE Books??? Thought so!

Fantastic Thrifty/Frugal/Green Site ALERT! A Thrifty and Creative MUST VISIT! WOW!

In my quest for cool frugal/bargain/green type sites...I ran across This Book for Free! I looked closely and read the blog...Very Impressive and I love it! All you have to do is leave comments on the book you would like to win! At this moment the competition is very realistic to win, so let's give this awesome blogger some business and get yourself some new books to read! Head on over there and start commenting on the books you really like!

I also LOVE this blog for the fact that it is a definitely GREEN THUMBsUP! as the books are from the blogger of this blog's collection! Some are New and Some are Read! What a WONDERFUL way to be green by recycling in this fashion! Loads of fun as well! Kudos to This Book For FREE!!!!!

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Tuesday Toot: My first "Firing" (Kiln) :-)

This week's Tuesday Toot is about my classroom!

I am excited to report I just returned home from my school kiln's first firing! I will have to get back with you all about how the artwork turned out! :-) It has to cool down 24ish hours before I am willing to take a look at how it all turned out. I have been terrified to use the kiln for a couple years now. I finally got the guts to use it and that is my Tuesday Toot! I apologize that this wasn't related to Thrifty but it is about "Creative" sorta!

A Kiln "Green" Must is to fire your kiln only if it is a full load to avoid excessive electricity usage.
For instance, I loaded an entire grade level's work into the kiln, rather than one class at a time. Naturally this is what every Art Teacher I know does, but thought I would add a "green" idea into the mix!

Have a wonderful Tuesday!

Monday, March 17, 2008

Weekend Shopping: Deals and Bargains!

Happy St. Patrick's Day! PINCH!

Here is my best deals over the weekend that I am excited to report:

Our former Music teacher always knew the most interesting Children's books and I "all the sudden" remembered one that she had that I wanted for my son! It is called
"The Stinky Cheese Man!" Yes, the book is as funny as it sounds. A parody of fairy tales! A lot of fun to read and listen to for the kids! I decided to challenge myself to find the best deal on this book! I believe I did...I went through Ebates and then Amazon: I found it in Very Good Condition, Used for $1.48...the total with tax and shipping: $5.47 all fees! Not bad! Not to mention it will help me earn another $5.00 bonus on Ebates! I can also add that this is being green as I bought a used book (in very good condition); therefore, I am recycling in a different kind of way! Same way you consider yard saling!

My other exciting deal for the weekend:
At one of my All Time Favorite Stores, Target I decided to check out their Leapster Games and LeapPad books to go with my son's new high tech toys: They were running a great special buy two get one free! This works great for me as I haven't bought any games or books! I bought him a Cars game for his Leapster and a Ratatouille (sp?) book/cartridge for his new LeapPad (love that toy) and for FREE (or $10 savings; however you want to look at it): Finding Nemo book/cartridge for his LeapPad! I am very excited about this savings as buying the games and books will add up. Nice to think you got something for Free! We also bought ourself some luggage items for our trip (not on sale) but because we spent over $50, I had a $5.00 off coupon for Target that I was able to use. All of this added up to a nice trip out to Target!

Happy Monday/St. Patrick's Day to all!

Saturday, March 15, 2008

Want to keep up-to-date with your favorite stores' deals?

You probably already know this but it doesn't hurt to post reminders! I know I need reminders when I can get them for different things! Anywho...if you love a store, like I love Bath and Body Works for example, then you know your store probably has a mailing list or emailing list. You should definitely sign up for those lists but only your absolute favorites. You know like I are going to start ignoring them if you sign up for too much. I only sign up for Tuesday Morning, Bath and Body Works and JCPenney Photography. Those lists I really read when I receive their emails (except when I have email overload or I know I am not interested in buying anything at the moment or just don't have any money to look)!

For example...a day or so ago I received Bath and Body Works' (my favorite) weekly email and they are having a soap sale. What I like is you know from the subject area what the product is and whether or not it is worth my time to open up. If I am not interested in soap right now...I delete. Many times...I look forward to their WallFlowers Sale and love the fact I get these notices...without these notices...I would miss the sale! :-)

Just wanted to share that thought.

I love Bath and Body Works products so much that I created a Squidoo Lens about it! :-)
Others must love them as well; it is my most popular Squidoo Lens!

If you want to sign up for Bath and Body Works email list...simply go to their site and in the upper right hand corner it says small...sign up for email.

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Tuesday Toot: Bought Big Books at a GREAT Price!

I am excited to report in my Tuesday Toot that I purchased two Big Books at my school's book display by Premier Books. The books were only $3.00 each!!! Big Books are just that, BIG Books like three feet tall and two feet wide! I bought "Jack and the Beanstalk" and the "Three Little Pigs!" What a deal!! Check out your school's random book displays. Our school has a different display nearly each and every month. Vendors come in and set up and anyone can order. Teachers many time do the ordering but parents can come in and order as well. They display and sell more than just books. I have bought a picture frame, a baby blanket, and a few other items that weren't books. The prices are always below retail. I bought a cookbook also from a book display at school as well: "Deceptively Delicious" by Jessica Seinfeld.

What is your Toot for the week? Join Mommy Community for Tuesday Toot!

Using Ebates! Bought a LeapPad!

I am excited because yesterday I used ebates to get to and purchase something I was going to buy anyways. I want my son to have a Leap Frog LeapPad! I know he is only 2 1/2 but I think he will enjoy it just the same. It is a neat tool for kids in assisting them in learning to read. It has a pen stylis that you can point at words and reads it to the learner. I figure that would be helpful at any age. It is $25 in the it is on sale right now for $17 and some change. I used ebates because I can get 4% back in cash in my ebates account for something I was going to buy anyway. And I have $10 that I have earned waiting for me to make my initial purchase for sign up that really means, I am getting this cool toy for like $8.00! Very nice!

It shipped this I expect to receive the LeapPad in a couple days. I will let you know about any more deals I run across for books for the LeapPad. I know on the Leap Frog website, they had some books half off!

Monday, March 10, 2008

Weekend Shopping: Easter Bunny Picture!

This weekend we went to my Mother’s house for her birthday! We call it “going to Nanny’s!” My son calls his grandmother “Nanny!” So on her birthday card we put Happy Birthday Nanny, Love Nanny’s boy! (In short!)

Anywho, while at Mom’s we went to Walgreen’s and while we were there the “Easter Bunny” was walking around. One lady took her daughter’s picture with the Easter Bunny. I said in passing, “I wish I had my camera.” A worker there heard me and said we can print his picture in the photo processing area. I said “well, I don’t have my camera.” She said we have one and can take it…”I said how much?” “29 cents per print!” I responded “I’ll take four!” J What a deal for a chance picture with the Easter Bunny! He smiled nice and was very natural in the Easter aisle of Walgreen’s! It is a fun picture and something to smile about for a long time down the road! And all for a little over a dollar for four! One for us, grandma, aunt, and other grandparents! We do plan on doing the Easter Mall pictures as well. But this was a fun extra for nearly nothing!

We also went to “Mighty Dollar” where my Mom lives and I bought four medium sized baskets (blue and white) to organize my son’s toys; three nice children’s books (can’t have enough books for your child’s library) and some Velcro (something I needed for an Art Display for my job).

Not a deal or anything, but I did go ahead and buy the Leap Frog Leapster Learning Game System (hand held device for our trip this summer). It is cool and my son does love it thus far!

Looking forward to spring break in two weeks! Also, my sister's baby is due around then as well! I'll be an Aunt! Yay!

Friday, March 7, 2008

School Yard Sale Preview Deals! Yay!

Today my school's PTO were gathering together donations to the school for our spring yard sale! I looked around because I can't go tomorrow morning as I am going to my mom's house to celebrate her and my husband's Birthdays coming up next week!

They let me purchase a few items! I was and am so excited about my deals, I just had to blog about it! I got a "My Size Elmo" for my son for a dollar, a "Shrek" stuffed toy for a dollar and a nice "Silver Tea Set" that I just found out at home whistles even...for a dollar! I was like wow! Three bucks got me all of that! I really hate I can't go tomorrow ( Mom too!). I heard that towards the end of the yard sale the let people get a box and fill it up for $5.00 with whatever will go!!! Now that is a deal! It is always a lot of nice things.

So my advice to my readers? Check your local listings on and newspapers for yard sales for schools, churches, and communities! Tons of stuff! I am excited that Spring is starting to arrive and the Yard Sales are starting to Bloom! :-) YAY!!!! WARM WEATHER IS COMING!

Best Frugal Blogs Lens on Squidoo...

Hey all!

If you are a blogger with a Frugal Blog or have a Favorite...check out my new "Best Ever" Squidoo Lens and add it there! You will need to be signed in and then click on Add to the List, and do just that! :-)

Also, if you are not a Squidoo Lensmaster already...check out this link and become one! It is fast and free to make Lenses and you can make money from it! Odd I know...just check it and addictive! Did I mention FREE!? :-)

Check out my lens

Thursday, March 6, 2008

Thrifty Tip Thursday: Low Maintenance Hairstyle!

One way we save money in our household is Low Maintenance Hairstyles for everyone! "Wash and Go" styling! Thank goodness, pretty much, that is the going fashion or at least one that never seems to disappear. I wear my hair below my shoulders with no bangs "hippie like" if you will. You can see me in the picture to left of my blog here. Now that isn't the best hair day. The great thing about just regular, no style-style hair is if you want to "dress it up," you can! Take a curling iron to it, add clips, etc.... Many ways to dress it up for "dressy" occasions! There are, of course, many ways to get expensive with my plain foil highlights (which I do want this summer for our trip...waiting for a coupon), etc... During the school-year....I just don't worry about it..."Wash and Go" and "Dress up" when needed!

Now my husband (being a dude, not wanting long hair), gets his hair cut like every 3 weeks or so. He goes to Great Clips and most of the time...even has a coupon. For my husband, Great Clips is just fine.

For my son, (2 1/2) husband trims his hair when needed and does a decent job, as we don't even have any kind of trendy hairstyle for our son either. I like him better with the baby look anywho. I am sure when he has a say-so in the matter of his hair, he will want something else. But for now...a $9.00 pair of hair cutting scissors from Wal-Mart is just fine for him! (Nothing more to spend) :-)

The GREEN Effect: we do NOT use a hair blow dryer on any of our hair!!!! "Once in a blue moon" I might blow dry my hair for church or some event that is early in the day! That is RARE! Church, many times, my hair is dry before we go, if we get up early like we normally do!

Happy Hairstyling and Thrifty Tip Thursday!

What is your Thrifty Tip? Drop it in the "Comment Jar!"

Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Wordless Wednesday: When he was a little baby!

This is my son with his "Nanny" (grandmother, my Mom) when he was just a week or so I would guess. Man, they grow up fast!
P.S. Thrifty folks: Notice all the "RED Stickered" items behind my Mom's head! :-) She is a "Smart Shopper" as well! This is where I get all this from! She is the master of Thrift!

Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Tuesday Toot: Cleared off the tables and Counter!

This week's Tuesday Toot with Mommy Community is about clearing up those papers that lie all over the place!!!!

Yesterday when I got home from work, my son wanted to chill and play on his own so I took that opportunity to try and stay motivated to clear up all the financial paper clutter that consumes my kitchen and dining tables, as well as, part of our kitchen counter where I do the bills! :-) I managed most of it! Not going to lie and say it is all done, but my counter and kitchen table is visible and clear! The dining table still has sorted tax papers all over it but in an organized fashion at least. Today when I get home, I will finish the dining table and SHRED a HUGE bag of papers!

Anywho, this is something I am excited to "Tuesday Toot" about as it was long overdue! Sometimes, budgeting etc...can leave a cluttered paper mess!

Happy Tuesday Tooting to you all!

Monday, March 3, 2008

Weekend Shopping! Bargains and Deals!

Happy Monday Everyone!

Thought I would post a quick update on my weekend spending. Nothing too exciting but still happy with my purchases.

My best deals were on DVDs for my son's collection that I started just a couple weeks ago as you probably have noticed here on Thrifty and Creative! I believe my weekend shopping update will be my final as far as DVDs for my son goes. I do believe he now has enough to "choose" from or more than that for me to keep my sanity! :-)

At Target this past weekend I purchased Shrek the Third for $10 (regular $19.99) and Madagascar for $6.50 (regular $13.99). I am very pleased with those deals. I hoped to purchase my son the Leapster that someone here recommended and naturally...SOLD OUT of the green...only Pink left! I am assuming this means it is a good purchase since it is sold out! Thank you again for that recommendation blog world! I will keep checking and hope for a deal.

At Big Lots (a store I don't make it to often but do enjoy) this weekend I purchased a Sesame Street Bert and Ernie DVD for $4.00! It was the only Sesame Street DVD in a mountain of DVDs! Very excited to find that one! My son LOVES Sesame Street and Bert and Ernie! I also picked up some nice padded headphones for $3.99 as well for my son's portable DVD player for the trip this summer! Compared to other stores, the same type would be over $12 upward towards $20.

Ooops...about forgot...I finally made it out to my favorite Thrift Store and picked up a hardback book for $.75 for my son and an Egyptian Queen Statue for $2.00 for my classroom when we discuss Egypt! Those were some awesome deals!

Happy Monday!