Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Using Ebates! Bought a LeapPad!

I am excited because yesterday I used ebates to get to Target.com and purchase something I was going to buy anyways. I want my son to have a Leap Frog LeapPad! I know he is only 2 1/2 but I think he will enjoy it just the same. It is a neat tool for kids in assisting them in learning to read. It has a pen stylis that you can point at words and reads it to the learner. I figure that would be helpful at any age. It is $25 in the store...online it is on sale right now for $17 and some change. I used ebates because I can get 4% back in cash in my ebates account for something I was going to buy anyway. And I have $10 that I have earned waiting for me to make my initial purchase for sign up that really means, I am getting this cool toy for like $8.00! Very nice!

It shipped this morning...so I expect to receive the LeapPad in a couple days. I will let you know about any more deals I run across for books for the LeapPad. I know on the Leap Frog website, they had some books half off!

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Dette said...

Very cool! I actually got the Fisher Price laptop for my little one, just before he turned 3. He loves it!

P.S. I was looking for your Tuesday Toot - wanted to let you know that you got me inspired! ;)