Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Tuesday Toot: Inexpensive Shoes; Bubbles; and Vet Visit Done!

My Tuesday Toot this week is actually Tuesday Toot Plus Two More!

The first and second "toot" is for our trip to Rose's (Discount Department Store...only a few are still around...like a Big Lots kinda). The picture below is of my son and my $6.00 (each) pairs of shoes. Both cute and comfy...both cuter on the feet than pictured! My shoes are the "croc" style material...just that plastic material that is soft and very lightweight. They feel good. I do not recommend the "croc" style shoes to pregnant women. I learned the hard way when I was pregnant...your feet will swell to the size of those things. Wear leather or a fabric (breathable) shoe.

Also at Rose's we bought our son a huge container of Bubbles(picture below)! $2.00 (I know, you can make your own...but it was a better deal than walking out with a $10.00 Art Set he wanted! :-) Art Sets in our house are unnecessary as our entire hobby room is loaded with Art Supplies...he doesn't need them, and we won't buy them! He can use anything we have (almost...he has tons of his own as well).
Lastly, not a "Thrifty Bargain" but very necessary! Our pet Phoebe (pictured below) had to go for her yearly wellness check today along with every shot you could think of. Poor thing...she is perfectly fine, passed all her tests (she must have studied...hee hee), and didn't squirm or give the doctor or nurse a hard time! Way to go Phoebe! She got a treat once we got her back home. Good girl! Also, don't she look like she had shots!? Poor thing! The Toot? Glad to be done with the visit for the year and she is a healthy little thing.

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cre8tivkj said...

I read in your profile you love ebay. Great way to be thrifty! There is nothing wrong with second hand. I had mostly second hand when I was growing up and now as an adult, I don't at all mind. It is a way to do your part in going green. I mostly shop for cloths (we have six kids so it helps a lot) at thrifts stores such as Savers and Good Will. Have a great day! Happy TT.

latree said...

buying things in low prices is always an accompilshment for moms. those shoes are so cute!