Saturday, March 15, 2008

Want to keep up-to-date with your favorite stores' deals?

You probably already know this but it doesn't hurt to post reminders! I know I need reminders when I can get them for different things! Anywho...if you love a store, like I love Bath and Body Works for example, then you know your store probably has a mailing list or emailing list. You should definitely sign up for those lists but only your absolute favorites. You know like I are going to start ignoring them if you sign up for too much. I only sign up for Tuesday Morning, Bath and Body Works and JCPenney Photography. Those lists I really read when I receive their emails (except when I have email overload or I know I am not interested in buying anything at the moment or just don't have any money to look)!

For example...a day or so ago I received Bath and Body Works' (my favorite) weekly email and they are having a soap sale. What I like is you know from the subject area what the product is and whether or not it is worth my time to open up. If I am not interested in soap right now...I delete. Many times...I look forward to their WallFlowers Sale and love the fact I get these notices...without these notices...I would miss the sale! :-)

Just wanted to share that thought.

I love Bath and Body Works products so much that I created a Squidoo Lens about it! :-)
Others must love them as well; it is my most popular Squidoo Lens!

If you want to sign up for Bath and Body Works email list...simply go to their site and in the upper right hand corner it says small...sign up for email.

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Julie said... that's what I like to hear, I'm not the only Bath & Body Works addict. Gotta love those semi-annual sales :)