Monday, March 10, 2008

Weekend Shopping: Easter Bunny Picture!

This weekend we went to my Mother’s house for her birthday! We call it “going to Nanny’s!” My son calls his grandmother “Nanny!” So on her birthday card we put Happy Birthday Nanny, Love Nanny’s boy! (In short!)

Anywho, while at Mom’s we went to Walgreen’s and while we were there the “Easter Bunny” was walking around. One lady took her daughter’s picture with the Easter Bunny. I said in passing, “I wish I had my camera.” A worker there heard me and said we can print his picture in the photo processing area. I said “well, I don’t have my camera.” She said we have one and can take it…”I said how much?” “29 cents per print!” I responded “I’ll take four!” J What a deal for a chance picture with the Easter Bunny! He smiled nice and was very natural in the Easter aisle of Walgreen’s! It is a fun picture and something to smile about for a long time down the road! And all for a little over a dollar for four! One for us, grandma, aunt, and other grandparents! We do plan on doing the Easter Mall pictures as well. But this was a fun extra for nearly nothing!

We also went to “Mighty Dollar” where my Mom lives and I bought four medium sized baskets (blue and white) to organize my son’s toys; three nice children’s books (can’t have enough books for your child’s library) and some Velcro (something I needed for an Art Display for my job).

Not a deal or anything, but I did go ahead and buy the Leap Frog Leapster Learning Game System (hand held device for our trip this summer). It is cool and my son does love it thus far!

Looking forward to spring break in two weeks! Also, my sister's baby is due around then as well! I'll be an Aunt! Yay!

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