Friday, March 7, 2008

Best Frugal Blogs Lens on Squidoo...

Hey all!

If you are a blogger with a Frugal Blog or have a Favorite...check out my new "Best Ever" Squidoo Lens and add it there! You will need to be signed in and then click on Add to the List, and do just that! :-)

Also, if you are not a Squidoo Lensmaster already...check out this link and become one! It is fast and free to make Lenses and you can make money from it! Odd I know...just check it and addictive! Did I mention FREE!? :-)

Check out my lens


Julie said...


Thanks for adding my blog to your Squidoo lens...that was just too nice of you :)

Anonymous said...

Maybe I'm getting old, but I had a look at the squidoo site & I just couldn't understand how it all

Maybe tomorrow when I've had a good night's sleep and a sleep in :D