Thursday, March 6, 2008

Thrifty Tip Thursday: Low Maintenance Hairstyle!

One way we save money in our household is Low Maintenance Hairstyles for everyone! "Wash and Go" styling! Thank goodness, pretty much, that is the going fashion or at least one that never seems to disappear. I wear my hair below my shoulders with no bangs "hippie like" if you will. You can see me in the picture to left of my blog here. Now that isn't the best hair day. The great thing about just regular, no style-style hair is if you want to "dress it up," you can! Take a curling iron to it, add clips, etc.... Many ways to dress it up for "dressy" occasions! There are, of course, many ways to get expensive with my plain foil highlights (which I do want this summer for our trip...waiting for a coupon), etc... During the school-year....I just don't worry about it..."Wash and Go" and "Dress up" when needed!

Now my husband (being a dude, not wanting long hair), gets his hair cut like every 3 weeks or so. He goes to Great Clips and most of the time...even has a coupon. For my husband, Great Clips is just fine.

For my son, (2 1/2) husband trims his hair when needed and does a decent job, as we don't even have any kind of trendy hairstyle for our son either. I like him better with the baby look anywho. I am sure when he has a say-so in the matter of his hair, he will want something else. But for now...a $9.00 pair of hair cutting scissors from Wal-Mart is just fine for him! (Nothing more to spend) :-)

The GREEN Effect: we do NOT use a hair blow dryer on any of our hair!!!! "Once in a blue moon" I might blow dry my hair for church or some event that is early in the day! That is RARE! Church, many times, my hair is dry before we go, if we get up early like we normally do!

Happy Hairstyling and Thrifty Tip Thursday!

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