Friday, March 7, 2008

School Yard Sale Preview Deals! Yay!

Today my school's PTO were gathering together donations to the school for our spring yard sale! I looked around because I can't go tomorrow morning as I am going to my mom's house to celebrate her and my husband's Birthdays coming up next week!

They let me purchase a few items! I was and am so excited about my deals, I just had to blog about it! I got a "My Size Elmo" for my son for a dollar, a "Shrek" stuffed toy for a dollar and a nice "Silver Tea Set" that I just found out at home whistles even...for a dollar! I was like wow! Three bucks got me all of that! I really hate I can't go tomorrow ( Mom too!). I heard that towards the end of the yard sale the let people get a box and fill it up for $5.00 with whatever will go!!! Now that is a deal! It is always a lot of nice things.

So my advice to my readers? Check your local listings on and newspapers for yard sales for schools, churches, and communities! Tons of stuff! I am excited that Spring is starting to arrive and the Yard Sales are starting to Bloom! :-) YAY!!!! WARM WEATHER IS COMING!


2Forgetful said...

Another great place to pick up deals are local Mothers of Twins Club Sales. My club has a huge one twice a year and I love, love, love the cheap clothing and $2 toys. You can find your local club through

Anonymous said...

Thank you Mommy Brain for the tip! Excellent...I will check into it!

Ayush said...

I completely understand, at times you get these amazing things for amazing prices at these sales.
Recently I have developed this of hobby of keeping track of these sales, visiting and noting the observations.

I have also been working around the web to read through good contents for the sales.
I did come across this guide from Eric Koshinsky at
If you are planning to have one yourself you should go through it.

Anonymous said...

Thank you both for your great advice! I will look into both!

I love Yard and Garage Sales...and was considering having one this Spring! I will read through that site as you suggest before hand ayush!