Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Do you love books? FREE Books??? Thought so!

Fantastic Thrifty/Frugal/Green Site ALERT! A Thrifty and Creative MUST VISIT! WOW!

In my quest for cool frugal/bargain/green type sites...I ran across This Book for Free! I looked closely and read the blog...Very Impressive and I love it! All you have to do is leave comments on the book you would like to win! At this moment the competition is very realistic to win, so let's give this awesome blogger some business and get yourself some new books to read! Head on over there and start commenting on the books you really like!

I also LOVE this blog for the fact that it is a definitely GREEN THUMBsUP! as the books are from the blogger of this blog's collection! Some are New and Some are Read! What a WONDERFUL way to be green by recycling in this fashion! Loads of fun as well! Kudos to This Book For FREE!!!!!

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