Monday, March 3, 2008

Weekend Shopping! Bargains and Deals!

Happy Monday Everyone!

Thought I would post a quick update on my weekend spending. Nothing too exciting but still happy with my purchases.

My best deals were on DVDs for my son's collection that I started just a couple weeks ago as you probably have noticed here on Thrifty and Creative! I believe my weekend shopping update will be my final as far as DVDs for my son goes. I do believe he now has enough to "choose" from or more than that for me to keep my sanity! :-)

At Target this past weekend I purchased Shrek the Third for $10 (regular $19.99) and Madagascar for $6.50 (regular $13.99). I am very pleased with those deals. I hoped to purchase my son the Leapster that someone here recommended and naturally...SOLD OUT of the green...only Pink left! I am assuming this means it is a good purchase since it is sold out! Thank you again for that recommendation blog world! I will keep checking and hope for a deal.

At Big Lots (a store I don't make it to often but do enjoy) this weekend I purchased a Sesame Street Bert and Ernie DVD for $4.00! It was the only Sesame Street DVD in a mountain of DVDs! Very excited to find that one! My son LOVES Sesame Street and Bert and Ernie! I also picked up some nice padded headphones for $3.99 as well for my son's portable DVD player for the trip this summer! Compared to other stores, the same type would be over $12 upward towards $20.

Ooops...about forgot...I finally made it out to my favorite Thrift Store and picked up a hardback book for $.75 for my son and an Egyptian Queen Statue for $2.00 for my classroom when we discuss Egypt! Those were some awesome deals!

Happy Monday!


Struggling Parents said...

I spent 45 dollars on a DVD/CD player for my PC. and then the software disk was warped and bent, so it cost me 60 dollars for them to download the software and make my computer boot off the hard drive and not the CD/DVD around 120 dollars spent to upgrade my PC...thank God I'm starting a new job soon...;) Nice post !!!

Anonymous said...


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