Monday, March 17, 2008

Weekend Shopping: Deals and Bargains!

Happy St. Patrick's Day! PINCH!

Here is my best deals over the weekend that I am excited to report:

Our former Music teacher always knew the most interesting Children's books and I "all the sudden" remembered one that she had that I wanted for my son! It is called
"The Stinky Cheese Man!" Yes, the book is as funny as it sounds. A parody of fairy tales! A lot of fun to read and listen to for the kids! I decided to challenge myself to find the best deal on this book! I believe I did...I went through Ebates and then Amazon: I found it in Very Good Condition, Used for $1.48...the total with tax and shipping: $5.47 all fees! Not bad! Not to mention it will help me earn another $5.00 bonus on Ebates! I can also add that this is being green as I bought a used book (in very good condition); therefore, I am recycling in a different kind of way! Same way you consider yard saling!

My other exciting deal for the weekend:
At one of my All Time Favorite Stores, Target I decided to check out their Leapster Games and LeapPad books to go with my son's new high tech toys: They were running a great special buy two get one free! This works great for me as I haven't bought any games or books! I bought him a Cars game for his Leapster and a Ratatouille (sp?) book/cartridge for his new LeapPad (love that toy) and for FREE (or $10 savings; however you want to look at it): Finding Nemo book/cartridge for his LeapPad! I am very excited about this savings as buying the games and books will add up. Nice to think you got something for Free! We also bought ourself some luggage items for our trip (not on sale) but because we spent over $50, I had a $5.00 off coupon for Target that I was able to use. All of this added up to a nice trip out to Target!

Happy Monday/St. Patrick's Day to all!

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