Monday, January 8, 2018

Like and Subscribe to my girl's YouTube Channel!

My 7 year old wanted a YouTube channel.  For fun, I have helped her with it.  Videos are her ideas....whatever she says is unscripted and all her!  She also doesn't rehearse, etc... She just knows what she wants to say, etc...  I did help her come up with her YouTube Channel Title:
Pretty Things with Belle ...This is her channel title because she loves Pretty Things and finds nearly everything around her to be "Pretty!"   Very positive outlook.  I am her editor/promotor/etc...and whatever else is involved beyond on screen talent.  :-)  Mom is everything else. 

I am trying to get my girl up to 100 subscribers.  (She needs this many subs in order to get a better url than a bunch of numbers and letters.  Not easy to share!)
I am also attempting to share until she gets 10K total collective views across all videos.  At this point in time of this post...she has 4 videos and 280 total views.  She has 13 subscribers.  I am placing all of this information here as I believe it will become interesting as time passes and we can document how long it takes her to get wherever she may be when we check on this post in the future.

Thank you for reading my blog here and for checking out her channel and videos.  Likes, Subscribe (hit the bell), and positive comments only (she is 7, although...I will not read to her anything negative or "ugly." She is just having fun. She loves to entertain and is also a dancer.  Surely videos of dancing will happen as well.  Hey, it's pretty too!).

Thank you again!

What I got for Christmas 2017

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